wait me (2007) 07/30/2007

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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

Plot: Blinov Sergey, left a request to find a colleague, friend Sergey Tsvetkov.

He wrote: "We had four friends.

Three of us ended the service with colonels and continue to be friends, but the fourth one is gone!

We searched for it through all available channels ourselves, but we could not find it.

At the Kursk railway station, co-workers Blinov S.Е., Kondratov V.L., Slabov I.M.

Sergey Tsvetkov was found, and today, we show a meeting of friends on the platform of the station.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. Starchenko Galina is looking for a friend Karel Michika, born in 1927

Met in Czechoslovakia in 1979

2.Viktorov Sergey is looking for a friend Sergey Alkalochkov, born in 1963, with whom communication was broken in 1986.

3.Galina Koryagina is looking for Elena Koryagin's daughter, born in 1980

Gone in the summer of 2006 in the city of Orel.

Photos and short stories lost during the Second World War.

Photo: Vasily Georgievich Abramov.

During World War II he served in the 49th Guards Anti-Tank Division.

At the end of the war, in Bulgaria, he met a girl ...

In the 44th, 45th year, they had a son, who was named after his father Vasil or Vasily ... V.G. Abramov is no longer alive.

But his Russian son, Yury Vasilyevich, is looking for his Bulgarian brother ...

Photo: Lieutenant Mikhail Kuchkov.

In the 45th year, he served as a translator in the military commandant's office in the German city of Braunschweig.

Here he met Anne Laursen (her photo).

They met for three years - in 1948, Anna announced to Mikhail that she was expecting a child ...

They wanted to get married, but they sent Mikhail to Lubeck, and, as later, she learned to Anna, he was arrested, charged in connection with a foreign "spy" and sent to her homeland.

Photo and letter from Germany: My grandmother Martha (she is in the picture) lived in Zerbst, where she met my grandfather.

He was an officer in the Soviet army, the grandmother said that there were four stars on the epaulets.

They met for four years - from 1948 to 1953.

I am Sasha Bers and my family are looking for my grandfather - my father's father.

We don’t have his photo, and we don’t even know his name ...

Photo: Austrian Franz Vaidlek.

During the war, he worked as a storekeeper at a military unit in the Czech city of Znojmo.

I met a Ukrainian girl Zhenya Boyko.

Shortly before the end of the war, Franz disappeared.

And at the end of 1945, Evgenia gave birth to a daughter, Olga, who is now looking for her father.

In the studio today is Ekaterina Biderina, she is looking for Anthony.

We met in 2000, not far from Dublin, in the small town of Rush.

It was there, in this town, Kate studied English.

And also fascinated windsurfing.

The plot from Ireland.

The coach was a green-eyed, gay Irishman Anthony.

He remembers getting to know Katya.

He tells how they met, and he is ready to meet again.

Six years have passed ...

Anthony was found.

Today he flew to Moscow to meet Katya.

A clip with program fragments and search requests (captions).

The program "Wait for me" is looking for: Anton Sereda, born in 1923, descendants of Ivanov, Alexei, 1890, relatives of Lushnikov Anatoly, relatives of Semchenko Vitaly, participants of the defense of Sevastopol, Dmitriev Sergey, disappeared in 2006, Yuri Vlasenko, disappeared in 2005, Gennady Pavlyuk, disappeared in 2006, Yuri Lukyanov, disappeared in 2007

Continuation of appeals about the search from the studio:

4.Rafael Magerramov is looking for mother Nadezhda Magerramova, who lived in the Tomsk region. 5. Malyushevsky Oleg is looking for his brother Dmitry Malyushevsky, born in 1980.

He disappeared in December 2004. 6. Svetlana Slukin is looking for Yury Slukin’s father, born in 1956, whom he has not seen since 1982.

Marina found her sister Elena, her mother's mother.

When they lived with their mother, they lived poorly, their mother drank.

Then the mother passed Lena to the orphanage, and she soon died.

The sisters are no longer met.

At that time, Marina was 9 years old, and Lena was 4 months old.

The plot of sister Elena.

She talks about her work as a guard on the railway.

All her life she was engaged in hand-to-hand combat, and now her main job is to train children, and the guard is a part-time job.

The sisters finally met and we very much hope that everything will be fine with them.

7.Borisova Kristine, looking for her father, Balayan Harutyun, born in 1956

He left for the USA around 1980.

8.Leonid Danil'tsev is looking for a friend, Bogdan Oleg.

Served together in Afghanistan.

The plot of Sasha Naumov.

Father Yury Naumov came to the studio.

We met him back in 2001, after his son Sasha disappeared.

At that time, Sasha was 11 years old, he left home, and two months later he came to our kiosk at the Kazan railway station.

He said that his mother was in prison, and he himself has been living at the Kazan railway station for 4 years.

Sashka was looking for a “aunt-conductor,” whom he had accidentally met at the station, and which promised to adopt him.

We found the aunt, and we also found Sasha's father and his grandmother.

Sasha returned home.

Six years passed, Yuri Evgenievich was back in the studio, Sashka ran away again ...