Battle for berlin. (1945)

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Scene №1 Battle for berlin

Soviet armored vehicles in the suburbs of Berlin.

Types of sights and historical buildings in Berlin, damaged as a result of shelling, aerial bombardment and street fighting.

View of the Brandenburg Gate, in front of them - burning ruins.

Gunners charge the rocket with mortar shells with the words "According to the Reichstag!".

Night shelling of the quarters of Berlin by Soviet jet mortars.

Nightly street battles in the city, burning buildings, fires in city blocks.

Civilians in a burning street are fleeing from shelling.

Soviet military column on a city street.

Soviet tanks and artillery firing on the streets of Berlin.

Heavy howitzers firing direct fire, infantry firing from behind shelter, tank officers at the observation post.

Civilians are hiding from shelling in the surviving entrances, the Soviet artillery and tanks are firing.

The shelling of urban buildings.

Soviet soldiers firing from captured grenade launchers.

First aid to the wounded, evacuation of the wounded to a safe place in various ways.

Soviet troops are street fighting.

The machine gunner firing from a light machine gun.

Infantry fighting continues along the streets.

Советские автоматчики атакуют, горящий советский танк.

Attack of the Soviet infantry through the ruins.

The officer raises fighters to attack.

Promotion dashes during a street fight.

Panorama occupied by Soviet troops residential quarter.

Moving Soviet units from building to building.

Gunners roll gun up the stairs.

The tank is firing at the building with the Germans entrenched in it.

Soviet soldiers with a banner go to the storming of the Reichstag, climb the stairs to the entrance.

Strengthening the red flag on the statue on the roof of the Reichstag.

The Red Army welcomes the established banner.

Salute of small arms in honor of the capture of the Reichstag.

Those Soviet tankers.

Red banner over the Reichstag.

White flags hung from windows and balconies of Berlin houses.

View of one of the streets, refugees are returning home.

View of the streets of Berlin after the surrender of the garrison, white flags on the windows.

Graffiti "Berlin will remain German!" in German.

The surrender of German soldiers, Soviet soldiers and officers escort prisoners to assembly points.

The commander of the defense of Berlin, General Weidling G., together with the staff officers surrenders.

Columns of German prisoners of war on the streets of Berlin, the faces of the captured officers and soldiers, men in civilian clothes among the prisoners.

The arrival of the Soviet general in the temporary headquarters.

Field Marshal Keitel signed the German surrender at Karlhorst on the night of May 8 to 9, 1945.


Keitel Wilhelm - German Warlord
Weidling Helmut - German Warlord


05.1945 08.05.1945





The storming of Berlin; World War II