Unbelievable stories about life (2008) 13.09.2008

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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina, Chulpan Hamatova

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First episode.

"Escape", or two incredible love stories.

March 25, 1999 Australian Tim Joyce, who rolled tourists on a small helicopter, hired a woman in a wide-brimmed hat.

When the helicopter was over the Silverwater prison, the woman pulled out a pistol, forced the pilot to land and take one of the prisoners on board.

They turned out to be John Killick, a well-known Australian gangster, who was awaiting trial on charges of robbing three banks.

After a short flight, the helicopter landed in a nearby park, the passengers left the pilot tied under the trees and disappeared in the direction of the parking lot.

It was the first such escape in the whole history of Australia, a unique, reckless, almost Hollywood escape.

Prison representatives claimed that their shots were precautionary, however, the owner of the helicopter showed that the bullet holes were serious and dangerous. one bullet damaged a whole block, which made the helicopter uncontrollable, the passengers were lucky that the pilot was able to land the helicopter normally, without an accident.

Following in the footsteps of an unknown kidnapper, police found seven videotapes taken for rent, all films were about escapes from prisons.

So it became clear from where the woman borrowed her script, and that was how she managed to establish her identity: Russian emigrant Lyudmila Zhdanova (after her husband Dudko), a former librarian.

Six weeks of freedom ended early in the morning in one of Sydney’s motels, when officers identified a couple from photographs and reported to the police.

In the opinion of relatives, friends and colleagues, Ludmila has always been a quiet, intelligent, homely person.

What happened?

The details of this story are recalled by pilot Tim Joyce, security systems designer Anthony Smith, Lyudmila Vitaly Viktorovich’s father, Victoria’s girlfriend, writer John Kerr (John Killik’s friend) and other eyewitnesses.

In 1945, Frenchwoman Gisele Kupez, a resistance fighter, fell in love with the Soviet soldier Mikhail Shurygin and fled to distant Russia with him and her newborn daughter.

She knew only a few words in Russian and then did not even suspect that she would again hear the French language and see her homeland only after more than 50 years.

After returning to Russia, Mikhail changed, he turned out to be a completely different person, eventually he left Giselle and left, she was left alone and lived all her life in the village of Rubezhnoye.

She had a chance to return home.

It seemed impossible in those years, but they were really ready to be released from the Union.

The only condition is to leave the daughter here, since she, unlike the mother, was considered Russian.

Giselle refused to give up the child, and then she was given a new condition: never try to reestablish contact with her relatives in France.

The whole world spoke about Giselle when her story was shown first in the Vzglyad program (the Wait for Me program did not exist then), then on the first channel of French television.

Her relatives responded right on the air, and soon the French consul came to the Rubezhniy state farm, accompanied by reporters.

The French brought a mobile phone with them and gave Giselle the opportunity to talk with her sister.

Then there was a reception at the French embassy in Moscow, a trip to Paris and a long-awaited meeting with the family.

But despite everything, Giselle never returned to her homeland.

She otplakal everything that was supposed to otplakat at the meeting, falling from french to russian, told about herself what she considered necessary to tell, and went home to Russia.

Having lived here all her life, she was so used to it that she did not see the point of abandoning the well-established lifestyle, neighbors and friends, and especially children and grandchildren.

The plot featured Ekaterina Mikhailovna Shurygina (daughter Giselle, Victoire at birth), friend Taisia ​​Andreevna and other fellow villagers.


Moscow region
Samara region

Family; International cooperation