Unbelievable stories about life 10/22/2008 (2008)

Telecast №82194, 1 part, duration: 0:51:58
Production: VID
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Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Fifth series.

"A man without a past."

The program "Wait for me" is often addressed by people who do not remember anything about themselves - neither names, nor relatives, nor addresses.

These stories are sometimes quite unbelievable.

People found themselves in the most unexpected places, it was sometimes difficult to understand how they got there at all, because in most cases no one had any documents with him.

It is very difficult to help such people, because even if you somehow manage to find their loved ones, they still do not feel that they are in their family, since they don’t remember anyone and don’t know.

This is exactly the story that happened with Nikolai from Lithuania: he went to work in Italy, suffered from a mafia there, was beaten and lost his memory.

Thanks to the help of various people around Nicholas, he was able to return home.

Medicine has not studied amnesia to the end, but one thing is certain: only love and care of loved ones can help a person remember himself.

Natalya Yaroslavtseva, who lives in Italy, told about Nicholas.

The woman went to the kiosk at the Kazan railway station and reported on this case, and also that the man was in a psychiatric clinic for several months. with a diagnosis of "partial post-traumatic amnesia," he confidently calls the surname Tsoi, is inclined to think that his name is most likely Nikolai, his place of residence is Belarus.

Program staff found Nicholas’s daughter, Tatiana.

She said that her father came to Italy from Lithuania, worked on orange plantations with her, but after a conflict with her employer, Tanya returned home, and her father stayed.

He later called his daughter and said that he was in trouble because of his refusal to cooperate with smugglers.

After some time, an unknown person called and introduced himself as a friend of Nikolai, and said that they tried to kill his father, then they took him unconscious to the hospital.

Tanya knew nothing more about her father and was very worried.

The film crew flew to Italy to understand what really happened.

With the help of Russian and Lithuanian television, Nikolai was able to return home.

At first, he didn’t even recognize his daughter, it’s very difficult for him to get used to other relatives, but doctors are sure that sooner or later he will be able to remember all the details of his life.

The film was shot by employees of the Italian police and rehabilitation center, nuns from the Carmelite monastery and other residents of the province of Calabria, relatives and acquaintances of Nicholas in the city Obelai.

In the preparation of the plot, excerpts of the programs “Wait for me” and an interview with the Deputy Director of the Center for Social and Forensic Psychiatry named after V.P. Serbsky Zurab Kekelidze are used.


Kekelidze Z.I. - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation.

Calendar: 01.2000 2001 2002 2007

Locations: Italy [110] Lithuania [128] Kaluga region [779] Crimea [981] Volgograd region [773]

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