Unbelievable stories about life 11/05/2008 (2008)

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The sixth series. "Sevastopol Waltz".

On November 6, 1941, the last medical transport left Sevastopol.

On board were 5,000 wounded, employees of the main military hospital and family defenders of the city.

The ship was called "Armenia".

On this ship, midshipman Leonid Naida sent a family to the evacuation - his wife Alexander and two sons, the eldest Albert was 6 years old, the youngest Boris was only 2 months old.

The attacks on the city did not stop for a minute, but "Armenia" was able to go to the open sea.

They went to Yalta to pick up the wounded there, and then go to the Caucasus.

At about three o'clock in the morning, the ship entered Yalta, but the loading of the wounded was delayed; it was only possible to get out of the bay at dawn.

Five kilometers from the coast, German bombers flew, the ship sank, the passengers were in the water.

There was nowhere to wait for help.

Alexander Nayda of the last strength supported in the water of little Boris, Alik kept himself.

A seriously wounded commissioner, one of his father’s friends, swam up to them, gave the woman his lifebelt and a revolver and said: “Shura, I’m not a tenant, take the circle, save the children”.

Mother put on the circle of Boris, Alik kept on the other side.

Commissioner drowned.

Four hours later, Alexandra saw some ships on the horizon and began shooting in the air.

They were noticed, two ships approached, lowered boats and began to rescue people.

It turned out that Alexander and Boris were put in one boat in his arms, and Alik found himself in another.

On the shore, the mother rushed to look for her eldest son, but did not find her.

People said that some woman stole a crying boy, because she decided that he was left an orphan.

Leonid Naida was able to return home from the war.

He participated in the heroic defense of Sevastopol, one of the few who managed to survive and not be captured.

He and his wife were looking for Alik in all the shelters of the Crimea, but no one knew anything about the boy.

Leonid Evstigneevich died, without waiting for a meeting with his son.

As an adult, Boris also joined the search, but they came to nothing.

In 2001, he wrote a letter to the program "Wait for me."

When this story was shown on the air, the response did not come immediately, but as a result, Alik's son wrote to the program.

At that moment, his father was seriously ill, his state of health was critical, but he still firmly decided to fly to Sevastopol.

After meeting with his brother and his mother, Albert spoke about his wanderings.

That unknown woman brought him back to Sevastopol and gave him to be raised in an Armenian family.

In 1944, by order of Stalin, all Armenians were expelled from the Crimea to Siberia.

Alik remembered that he was from Sevastopol, so he ran away from the adoptive family and tried to return home on foot.

He was caught, returned, he ran away again ... eventually, he went to an orphanage, stayed there, then returned to Siberia and found a foster family.

To find relatives in Sevastopol, he despaired, because he did not remember anything except the name of the city.

In 1956, Alik, together with his adoptive parents, left for Yerevan, where he lived all his life.

After meeting with his relatives, he decided to move to Sevastopol with his wife to take care of his mother, because, due to his age and state of health, Alexandra Arsentevna would not have survived the move, and Boris could not leave the service in Kamchatka.

They lived together for three years, they left almost at the same time too - Alik, and mother, and Boris.

The director of the museum of the Sevastopol hospital Alexander Zubarev, the captain of the first rank Valery Volodin, the journalists Irina Likhanova and Tatyana Zakharova, were shot in the film.

Yulia Budinayte, chief editor of the “Wait for me” program, Alexander Stjazhkin, cardiologist, Tatiana Mironyuk, ambulance doctor, Anatoly Privotsky, pilot-instructor, neighbors and friends of the Naida family

Calendar: 1940s 2001-2003

Locations: Crimea [981] Armenia [12] Kamchatka Krai [760]

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