wait me 02.28.2005 (2005)

Telecast №82237, 1 part, duration: 0:52:02
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

Photos and brief stories of recently lost children.

If you recognize someone, call us.


The story of the lost Sergey Kuznetsov, 13 years old.

His father speaks of him.

The plot of the search for Sergei.

He and his friends left Kolchugino by bus to Stavrovo.

They were seen at a disco there.

Then the two friends returned home, and Sergei and a certain Mikhail went to Moscow.

There they were detained by the police.

In the studio, my father and grandmother meet with Sergey.

The plot of the lost Viktor Gorkov. 15.09.04 he went to St.


Says his friend Nikita.

They walked late and yawned, got into the car, and were treated to wine.

Nikita doesn't remember anything else.

He found himself in another part of the city.

Sasha (another friend) was found on Vasilievsky Island.

And Victor doesn't know anything yet.

If there is anything you can do to help, please call us.

Requests for help in the search from the studio:

1. A mother is looking for her daughter Daria Yutlandova, born in 1983. 10.01.2001 she left her home in the Tver region and did not return.

2. Alexandra Afonina is looking for Nikolai Shamonov, whose connection was interrupted at the end of 1945.

3. Svetlana Krutygina is looking for her son Vitaly Smirnov, born in 1977. 8.08.2002 went to work in Moscow and does not make himself known.


The story of Yulia Belova, who found her half-sister Valentina.

Plot from d.

Myski, where the Bodrin family lived.

They had a daughter, Valentina.

In 1941, Father Zakhar died.

His wife, Ekaterina, married Fyodor Agruch, and they had a daughter, Yulia.

The mother soon fell ill and died.

Sister Valentina has been trying to find her sister all these years.

After 55 years, Valentina and Julia meet in the studio.

Continuation of search requests from the studio:

4. Yaroslav Burchak is looking for relatives named Burchak, whose connection was interrupted in 1986.

5. Anna Biletskaya is looking for her son Vasily Biletskiy, born in 1955. 3.03.88 He went to work in Russia and does not make himself known.

6.Angelika Golub, whom Misha met on the Internet, is wanted.

Probably lives in Washington, USA.

7. The father is looking for his son Kirill Bobrov born in 1986.

Disappeared on 19.11.04 near Mytishchi, Moscow region.


Brother found brother Alexey Kovalenko, born in 1957.

In 1985, he went to work in the Mykolaiv region and did not make himself known.

A story from the city of Cherkessk, Stavropol Territory about his brother Alexey, who has been working for three years in the kennel of service dogs, a cement factory.

He talks about himself, about his work, about how he got lost.

After 20 years, the brothers meet in the studio.

Continuation of search requests from the studio:

8. A mother is looking for her son Boris Chudnov, born in 1971.

He disappeared several years ago in Moscow.

9. Nina Shorina is looking for relatives of Father Nikolai and Sofia Solovyov.

10. A mother is looking for her son Alexey Strelnikov, born in 1985. On 31.10.04, he left his home in Nizhny Novgorod and did not return.


Maria Biten is looking for her brother Ivan Biten, born in 1987 and son Alexey, born in 1990. 5.01.05 They left home and disappeared.

Plot from p.

Svatkovo, Moscow region about the search for teenagers Ruslan and Oleg, who left home in search of adventure.

Oleg's mother and Oleg himself tell the story.

They were detained by the police in Sergeyev Posad.

Oleg was sent to the Tushino hospital, and Ruslan to another one.

Soon their parents came to pick them up and took them home.

Ivan and Alexey Biten, whom Maria Biten is looking for, were also in the Tushino hospital.

Three weeks later, the relatives meet in the studio.

Calendar: 02.28.2005

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