Lord of the mountains 14.04.2007 (2007)

Telecast №82293, 1 part, duration: 0:54:39
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Plyuschenko Evgenij

Reel №1

Mont Genevre Ski Resort, France


Sun in the mountains, views of the ski resort.

Episodes from past competitions.

Tourists, the streets of the town of Mont Genevre.

Program header.

Views of the mountains and the resort.

Building teams.

Introduction of coaches and team captains:


Coach-Olga Slutsker.

Captain-Igor Bochkin



Captain-Nikolay Tishchenko

The plot of the preliminary results of the game.

Fragments of past contests.

Team members ride a ratrak uphill.

Jury: Yves Lenoit, Robert Wust, Delphine Forest (all France).

Russian team: Alexander Oleshko, Ivan Zhidkov, Anna Legchinova, Regina Miannik, Ilgar Mammadov, Pavel Boloyangov

About the team and about the plans: captain I. Bochkin and the fans.

Team of Ukraine: Yulia Mishchenko, Alexander Kutsvalov, Alexander Litvinenko, Yuri Kiselyov, Ilona Radzivil, Nikolay Sprugov

E. Plushenko talks about the upcoming contest.

1st "Slithering Snake" contest.

Six participants from each team.

They need to get to the sledge as quickly as possible, get in it and go down the mountain.

Before the start, players get acquainted with the track.

Preparing teams for the start.

I. Bochkin and O. Slutsker talk about the competition.

The fans support the team.

A start is given.

The players of the teams run one by one to the sled, sit down and go down.

According to the sum of three races, the team of Ukraine won.

Fans and players discuss the reasons for the defeat.

Replays of the most dressed-up moments of the contest.

The jury removes one player from each team, according to the rules of the game.

E. Plushenko about the next contest.

2nd contest "Guess the melody".

Participants at the start listen to the melody, who guesses its name, immediately starts from the mountain on skis, goes down and writes the name of the melody on the board.

The teams are preparing for the start. O. Slutsker gives advice to the players.

Fans ' wishes.

A start is given.

Participants listen to the melody in headphones and guess the right way down on skis.

Then write the name on the board.

Episode of the fall and injury of R. Miannik.

She is given first aid on the descent and sent to the hospital.

To identify the winners, the judges assign an additional race.

The Russian team won.

Says O. Slutsker.

Players enjoy success.

The doctors send R. Miannik by ambulance.

The jury removes one player from each team.

E. Plushenko talks about the next competition and shows the device of the ball "Zorbi".

3rd contest "Giant Bowling".

One participant is in a large ball "Zorbi", the second pushes it down the mountain.

At the finish line, at the bottom you need to shoot down the inflatable skittles. O. Slutsker announces the composition for this competition.

The players are getting ready to start.

A start is given.

Ukrainian players are the first to enter the track.

One participant pushes the ball down, the second inside, tries to direct it to the pins.

At the distance, the Russian team.

The judges, players and fans of the teams discuss the moments of the competition.

The result of this contest is a draw.

The jury removes one player from each team.

E. Plushenko talks about the next contest.

4th contest "Snow Storm".

Three participants from each team in a bat suit, collect the maximum number of flags from the ice panels, which are not allowed to get close to a powerful fan.

Participants prepare for the start.

They put on their gear.

Start is given.

The Ukrainian team starts first.

In turn, the players make their way to the flags and carry them down.

At the start, the Russian team.

Players and fans discuss the moments of the competition.

I. Mammadov speaks about his unsuccessful performance.

The jury removes one player from each team

E. Plushenko talks about the next test.

Captain I. Bochkin gets acquainted with the dogs that will take the participants to the first stage.

The final competition "Lord of the Mountain" consists of two stages:

1st stage.

One participant overcomes the distance on a dog sled

stage 2.

The second climbs a vertical mountain, equipped with climbing equipment.

The Russian team was represented by:Ivan Zhidkov and Pavel Boloyangov.

From Ukraine started:Alexander Litvinenko and Yuri Kiselyov.

The Ukrainian team won.

The winner of this qualifying round, for the right to reach the final of the game "Lord of the Mountain", was Yuri Kiselyov (Ukraine).


Slucker Oljga, Bochkin Igorj, Oleshko Aleksandr, Legchinova Anna, Mamedov Iljgar

Calendar: 14.04.2007

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