Hunter cannibals. (2004)

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On request Pervij kanal

Director: Igorj Voznesenskij

Operators: Konstantin Kryakov

Anouncers: Igorj Voznesenskij

Other authors: Leonid Solovjev


The film is about a military doctor and bear hunting cannibals Oleh Boycheva.

Geography and Nature | Biography

Reel №1

A military unit preparing to combing the forest on the Kamchatka Peninsula to search for a missing person.

Woodland (top).

Herders herd their reindeer.

Brown bear catches salmon in the river.

The human impact on nature of Kamchatka.

Delivery to hospital of the person attacked the bear.

The operational group from the body of a fisherman killed by the bear.

Photos of human remains buried by a bear in the snow.

Shot a man-eating bear.

Pictures of the victims bears-cannibals.

Prisoners in maximum-security cells.

Skinning with carcass of a dead bear.

Hunters killed bears.

Hunter shoots a gun with a telescopic sight.

A military doctor Oleg K. walking down the street to the service in the hospital.

Photos Boychev different years.

K. at work in the cardiology Department of the hospital.

Kamchatka landscape.

View of the building of the military hospital.

K. goes on inside the hospital.

Patients Boychev talk about how he cured them.

K. examines patients in the Department, fills out medical history.

K. with a hunting rifle.

K. demonstrates claws on the paw he had killed the bear.

The head of the hospital Dmitry Romanov and his wife Boychev Love talking about the psychological difficulty of hunting on the bear.

Hunters Love and Sergei Troubitsyna, Michael Seaver talking about Boycheva as gorgeous and experienced hunter.

The priest father Basil says about the nature of Kamchatka.

Photos Boychev on the service and on the hunt.

Helicopter over one of the volcanoes of Kamchatka.

Landscapes Of Kamchatka.

Man catches deer with a lasso.

Hunter parses skins.

The locals are riding.

K. tells about his reasons to serve in Kamchatka, about people living next to him (synchronously).

Landscapes Of Kamchatka.

Local residents help Boycheva to load the snowmobile in the back of the jeep.

Boychev snowmobile out of a snowbank in tow.

Landscapes of Kamchatka, the types of geysers.

Photo Boychev with the loot.

View of the village (above).

FR Yaroslav talks about his encounters with bears.

Landscapes Of Kamchatka.

K. walks into an Orthodox Church.

K. Converses with the priests about the benefits of hunting in his life and work (synchronously).

K. examines one of the patients.

Medical certificates Boychev.

K. during the meeting the doctors in the hospital.

K. talks about his fascination with hunting, about the attitude to hunt down the beast, to visit the Church (synchronous).

Photos Boychev with the booty and his trophies.

K. charges the rifle with a telescopic sight.

K. is riding a snowmobile.

The performance of the bears in the circus.

K. examines the area through binoculars.

Pictures of victims of bear attacks.

K. says about his attitude to bears, because of the person in trouble against the bears, about the reasons for the bear hunt per person (synchronously).

Bear on the trail, the bear's tracks.

Hunter Vladimir Dentovskaya tells more attacks to bear on the man (synchronously).

Love Maria Tsygankova talks about the specifics of hunting on the bear, the behavior of the hunter while hunting.

K. driving car goes on the hunt.

K. among hunters.

K. examines the area through binoculars.

Head of ketoprofene Anatoly Piskovetsky and hunter M. Seaver talk about the danger of a cornered bear-rod (synchronously).

Seaver shows the skin of the slain bear-eater.

Father Yaroslav talking about getting the hunter's blessing for the destruction of a bear-rod.

K. watching the area through binoculars, close - Trubitsyna.

Michael Seaver talks about the pagan belief of evens about the bear, about eating Boycheva heart killed a bear.

A hunter with a spear kills a bear with a knife.

K. eats the heart of slain bear.

Photo Boychev from the carcass of a dead bear.

Father Yaroslav criticizes the act Boychev with bear heart (synchronously).

K. during his service in the temple.

Hunters and wife Boychev say about him and his human qualities (synchronously).

Patients and colleagues Boychev at the hospital talking about him as a wonderful doctor (synchronously).

K. says about his prospects of bear hunting (synchronously).

K. at work in the hospital and during the hunt.

The police officer in the duty of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Bear with cubs.

Kamchatka landscapes, bear in the river.

The report in the newspaper about the death of hunter and photographer Vitaly Nikolaenko.

Photos Nikolaenko and Boychev.

Bears in the woods.

K. equipping hunting cartridges.

K. with a hunting rifle.




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