The great dispute (2006) 2006

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Nagiev Dmitrij

Reel №1

The guest of the program: Natalia Krachkovskaya, honored artist of the Russian Federation

The story and the issue.

It is alleged that 150 musicians that never saw each other during the program, you will be able to play "Kalinka-Malinka". N. Krachkovskaya believe in it.

If she loses, then the punishment will be to sing "Kalinka" on the stage.

Live broadcast from the Kiev railway station, which brought together 150 musicians and they are trying to play together, but is not very good.

2nd wranglers, Brothers Valery and Alexander Ponomarenko, entertainers.

The subject of the dispute: it is Alleged that several fire using jet hydrants, will be able to raise on the platform sedan.

Brothers Ponomarenko don't believe it.


Connect fire hydrants to the dais.

Give pressure.

Machine on the platform rises a few feet into the air.

Brothers Ponomarenko in the sentence, organize the team from the audience and engaged in a tug of war.

A musical number.

On stage Peter Dranga and "Shiny"

3rd debater - Marina Aleksandrova, actress of theatre and cinema.

The leader offers to look at the bed, standing on the stage and settle down on it to everyone.

On the scene the 100 people in pajamas.

The subject of the dispute: it is Alleged that on this bed in 3 minutes can accommodate 100 people. M. Alexandrov believes that it will be done.

If she loses, then dressed in pajamas to sit until the end of the program.


The process of placing 100 people, they do everything to fit on the bed.

They did it in 1 min 50 sec

A musical number. O. Gazmanov performs the song "What is love"

Live broadcast from the Kiev station, where there were 150 musicians, and they continue to rehearse.

While this is reminiscent of the cacophony.

4th debaters Brothers Askold and Edgard Zapashny, animal trainer, honoured artist of the Russian Federation.

The leader offers them to try to pass the map(playing) by mouth with a suction of air.

Guests pytajutsja to do it.

The subject of the dispute: it is Alleged that 15 people in 2 minutes to pass a 40-card deck, mouths sucking air.

The brothers zapashnye say it's impossible.

Plot.15 people pass each other cards mouth.

They gave 66 cards.

It's a record.

As punishment the brothers zapashnye and M. Aleksandrova in the few minutes he had to do some trick with a small dog.

The end of the first part of the program.


Krachkovskaya Natalya Aleksandrova Marina Ponomarenko Valeriy Ponomarenko Alexander, zapashnye Askold and Edgard