Serve my Homeland (2003) 27.04.2003

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Producer VID
On request Pervij kanal

Director: Vitalij Fadeev, Vladimir Shteryanov

Anchorperson: Boris Galkin

Operators: Konstantin Kryakov, Vitalij Bubnenkov, Nikolaj Chetvergov, Igorj Glotov, Kirill Kornilov

Other authors: Andrej Kirisenko

Reel №1

Fragments x/movie "In the zone of special attention".

Newsreel: the rise of a heavy strategic bomber.

Reset bomb.

An explosion at the site "New earth" during the test, the world's most powerful nuclear charge.

An expert on nuclear weapons Victor Lukyanov talks about the nuclear testing and the reasons for the development of nuclear weapon of great power, the development of nuclear weapons systems, talks about the advantages of the Soviet system.

The Director of the Federal nuclear center radium Ilkaev says the work on the further development of nuclear weapons in Russia, the presence of it in all branches of the Armed forces of modern nuclear weapons, their technical capabilities, the quality and quantity of the produced nuclear weapons.

Andrew Kirienko talks about the world's first hydrogen bomb and its modern analogue, deactivated.

Panorama of the city of Sarov (Arzamas-16).

The views of urban streets and buildings of the Federal nuclear center.

The center equipment.

Site test No. 42.

The plot of the 76th guards airborne division, passing on a contract basis.

Video footage: an officer shows the internal layout of apartments for the military.

Sergeant-contractor Mikhail Zaytsev said about his service, wages, of their official duties (synchronously).

Contract servicemen in the gym during training for the jump training.

Sergeant Zaitsev and his colleagues in the cafeteria during lunch.

Olga Zaitseva said about the device at the new location and future plans for improvement.

Daily life of the family of Sergeant Zaitsev in the hostel.

Hares peeling potatoes.

The construction of housing for servicemen.

The interiors of new apartments.

The construction of the temporary tent camps.

One of the contractors talking about their future plans and intention to remain in the service.

Interior views of barracks for contract servicemen.

Deputy division commander Michael teplinskaya said about the peculiarities of relations of contract and the absence of hazing.

The arrival of the candidates in the location division survey of candidates.

Paratroopers leaving the aircraft.

The landing of paratroopers.

The landing of paratroopers during the winter teachings, the fulfillment of combat training tasks.

Guest in Studio - the commander of the airborne troops Colonel-General G. I. Shpak tells of the experiment of transition to contract service, you receive a housing contract, the peculiarities of manning the Russian army, unlike the Russian army from foreign, the merits of Russian soldiers and the heroism of Alexander Lays in Chechnya and the return of the star of Hero of the mother A. Lais, that is the glory of the army.

The story of private Alexander Lais, who died in Chechnya, covering the commander and was posthumously awarded the Star of Hero of Russia.

Video footage: Marines conduct combat during a RAID in Vedeno district of Chechnya in 2002.

Colleagues Alexander Lays tell about the events (synchronous).

Marines are fighting.

Captain Shabalin talks about the feat of A. Laysa (synchronously), alternates with footage of the battle.

Reconstruction of the events.

Photos By Laysa.

A military priest father Michael during the sermon tells about the feat of A. Laysa and the salvation of the soul of a warrior.

Photos Of Lais.

The story about the visit of the pop singer Alexander Marshal flight school where he studied.

The singer Alexander Marshall talks about the Stavropol Higher military school of pilots and navigators, where he studied from 1974, gives an autograph to the girl at the entrance to the school.

Video: cadets go marching on the parade ground of the school.

Alexander Marshall talks with students and teachers in one of the classrooms.

Cadets welcome guest, Marshal talking with them.

Marshall takes part in a lesson in physical training, on-the-go talks about studying at the school.

Marshal in the cockpit in the hangar tells the control system.

Marshal in the school canteen having lunch at the same table with students, remembers their outfits for the dining room.

Marshall stands in front of the students performing the song.


Georgy Shpak Ivanovich-commander, statesman
Marshal (Minkov) Alexander V.-singer, musician, songwriter