Serve my Homeland 26.03.2006 (2006)

Telecast №82376, 1 part, duration: 0:26:03
Production: VID
On request: Pervij kanal
Anchor:Boris Galkin

Reel №1

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Guest in the Studio - the commander of the Separate division of operational purpose of Internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia the General-major Sergey Melikov said on daily combat activities of the Internal troops, the separation of the warring parties in international conflicts, on the objectives of the division and its units located in the North Caucasus, the standards necessary for putting on a maroon beret, the acquisition of parts of special purpose, about the requirements for a special forces soldier, congratulates servicemen and veterans of the Interior troops on the occasion.

Video: exercises and military routine of the Internal troops, classes in hand-to-hand battle, fire preparation.

Internal forces are fighting in Chechnya.

Demonstration performances of military men of Internal troops on the parade ground of a military unit.

Class assault training.

The plot of the prevention of terrorist acts in the Stavropol region.

Video footage: the battle with the terrorists in the village of Tukuy-Mecab Stavropol region.

Rescue the civilians from the zone of fire.

A special forces unit of the Ministry of interior is fighting with the terrorist group.

The two terrorists and seized weapons in the yard of one of houses.

Classes conditional detention of terrorists in Stavropol detachment of militia of special purpose.

The lesson on climbing and fire training.

Detective Sergey Sevrukov says about the specifics of the actions of special units to apprehend the criminals.

Rapid shooting action group in Chechnya, the arrest of militants.

The men of the squad are preparing for the next operation.

Commanders develop a plan of action.

The detention one of criminals.

The corpses of members of illegal armed groups and seized weapons.

The story of the women soldiers of the Central communications hub of the strategic Missile forces (RVSN GCC).

Video: missile launcher "Topol" nominated for the position.

The commander gave the order to launch ballistic missiles.

Officers of the combat crew at the controls carry out commands to the missile launch.

The launch.

Shift supervisor Julia Samutina says on its mandated tasks and the specifics of the service, their colleagues.

The work of the GCC strategic missile forces.

Female soldiers communicate with the command centers.

The chief of the strategic missile forces of the GCC Mikhail Solntsev said about the fighting qualities of female soldiers taking into account the specifics of the service.

The arrival of women.

General sun gives the straps of one of his subordinates after the assignment of the next military rank.

Congratulations women, stood up to combat duty at the command post, on the 8th of March.

Duty shift goes into place.

Captain Olga Berezovskaya talks about the features of one of the hardware data processing.

Berezovskaya home with the children, tells them.

The eldest son Dmitri Berezovsky says his deceased father and his choice of profession of officer.

The story of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the submarine fleet.

Video footage: view of the Bay and the city Vilucha in the Kamchatka region.

The Grand building of the personnel of the squadron of submarines in honor of the anniversary.

Opening and consecration of a monument to seamen-submariners in the House of officers.

Photograph of the designer of submarines Dzhevetsky.

Paintings depicting naval battles.

Drawing of the submarine Drzewiecki design 1876

Newsreel of the early 20th century warships of the Imperial Russian Navy at anchor.

Sailors scrubbing the deck.

Climb aboard the training torpedoes.

Painting the ship, interlaced with drawings of submarines Dzhevetsky and photos Drzewiecki during the test boats on Silver lake in the presence of Alexander III and his family, behind the scenes is a story about the work Drzewiecki on submarines.

One of the submarines Drzewiecki design at the naval Museum in St.


Submarines of naval forces of Russia in the combat campaign.

View of the Central post of the submarine.

The view of the Bay on the Kamchatka Peninsula, the submarine in the Bay.

The festive event at the submarine base in Vilucha.

Calendar: 26.03.2006

Locations: Moscow [820]

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