theme 18.07.1995 (1995)

Telecast №82501, 1 part, duration: 0:38:48
Production: VID
Anchor:Dmitrij Mendeleev

Reel №1

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The theme of the issue is risky travel.

The conversation is devoted to expeditions to different parts of the world, where sometimes not only scientists, but also the most ordinary people go.

Everyone has their own reasons to one day break away from their usual place and devote the rest of their lives to exploring the amazing corners of our planet in an attempt to solve the innumerable mysteries of nature and history.

Despite the obvious dangers, difficult climatic conditions, hard life, the corresponding physical and psychological stress, travelers are again and again ready to throw themselves into all this with their heads.

They are not deterred by financial difficulties, nor by the understandable fear that everyone periodically experiences, nor by injuries, nor even by the possibility of death in the Arctic ice, African deserts, or somewhere on the high seas.

What makes all these people travel around the world, sometimes climbing into places where literally no human foot has ever set foot?

A simple desire to test yourself?

Lack of adrenaline?

Longing for the times when every expedition turned into a scientific breakthrough and shocked with an abundance of new knowledge about the world in which we live?

Or the opportunity to rethink your life in isolation from civilization?

The host of the program "Travelers ' Club" Yuri Senkevich and polar explorer Vladimir Chukov are guests of the program.

Honorary polar explorer Vitaly Volovich, mountaineer Vladimir Bashkirov, hydronaut Alexander Molodyka, speleologist Alexander Efremov, and Austrian traveler Alexander Schachner also shared their impressions of their travels.

In the preparation of the program, the materials of the program "Travelers ' Club" about the expeditions of Vladimir Chukov, Yuri Lishaev, Thor Heyerdahl, Mikhail Malakhov and Richard Weber were used.


Senkevich Yu.A. -- doctor of Medical Sciences, Colonel of the medical service, academician of the Russian Television Academy, President of the Association of Travelers of Russia, host of the TV program "Travelers ' Club". Chukov V.S. -- professional traveler, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR in tourism, Master of Sports of international class, Honorary polar explorer of Russia, outstanding traveler of Russia, General Director of the Festival of Great Travelers, President of the Arctic Expedition Center of the Russian Geographical Society. Volovich V.G. -- doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Retired Colonel of the Medical Service, Honorary polar explorer, parachuting instructor, member of the Union of Journalists of the Russian Federation, the Russian Geographical Society and the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics named after K. E. Tsiolkovsky. Bashkirov V.L. -- master of Sports of the USSR in mountaineering, Master of Sports of international class, holder of the title "Snow Leopard", a leading specialist of RSC Energia. Malahov M.G. -- doctor of Medical Sciences, ecologist, traveler, statesman and public figure, Hero of the Russian Federation.

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