Guided By Courage.. (1979)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Derbysheva L.

Script writers: Derbysheva L.

Operators: Frez I.

Text writers: Kapitanovskiy V.


The film is the 60th anniversary of the Central Museum of the Armed Forces of the USSR.

Museums and exhibitions | Army | Anniversaries

Culture and Arts | Defense and internal security

Reel №1

Marching guard of honor of the museum.

Report Lieutenant Afanasyev.

Colonel gives the order for the issuance of banners.

Battle flag.

Aerial view of the Central Museum of the Armed Forces.

The tank at the entrance to the museum.

Adults and children come to the museum.

Blackboard with the name of the museum.

Students at the museum.

A painting of the revolutionary battle.

Portrait A.I.Cherepanova.

Alternation: A.I.Cherepanov talking to young soldiers, fragments of paintings.

The revolutionary banner in the window.


Pages of newspapers revolutionary time.


Colonel writes in a notebook.

People on the tour in the hall of the museum.

Museum exhibits.

Sculptural group: Lenin and the Red Army.


Adults and children visiting the military field kitchen.

Photo and track record of the division.

Spectators near the panorama.

Fragments of the panorama.

Museum exhibits.

Photos, drawings, documents.

Weapons VIChapaev.

Burke VIChapaev.

Regimental harmony. N.M.Hlebnikov conducts a tour of the museum.

The museum opens storefront.

N.M.Hlebnikov gets an accordion and plays.


Photos, drawings, cartoons, museum exhibits.

Adults and children on trips.

Photos in the hall of the Second World War.

Article about the heroism V.V.Talalihina.

The wreckage of downed Nazi plane V.V.Talalihinym.

Adults and children are considering the plane.

Photos and documents.

Museum exhibits: German weapons, helmets, drum.

Museum staff at the meeting.

Discussion found military lists.

The photo.

Sculpture I.M.Kaplunova.

Picture describing I.M.Kaplunova feat.

The young man in front windows.

Portrait I.M.Kaplunova and order the troops of the Southern Front.


Cherepanov AI - Soviet military commander, member of the First World War, the Civil War and the Great Patriotic War, Lieutenant-General, Chief Military Adviser in China, a senior lecturer of the Academy of the General Staff. NM Khlebnikov - Soviet military commander, member of the First World War, the Civil War and the Great Patriotic War, Colonel General of artillery, Hero of the Soviet Union.




Spring [825]

Reel №2

People on the tour.

The tank on the background photo panoramas.

Veteran of Stalingrad touches the ground with sleeves and shrapnel.

People's faces.

Museum showcases.

The photo.

Map of hostilities.

Portraits of heroes fighting on the wall.


The photo.

Foreign delegation in the museum.

Photos fighters.

Foreign visitors with a guide.

The widow of the commander of a tank company A.Gamaryana lays flowers on display.

Veterans stand.

Gala takeaway battle flags.

People sit on the ground.

At the microphone of the museum.

Member of honor with a banner 254-th Guards Rifle Regiment.

Those listeners.

Map Front (behind the scenes story of the heroism of sounds A.M.Matrosova).

Weapons and Komsomol card A.M.Matrosova.

The photo.

Those listeners.

Sculpture A.M.Matrosova.

The museum completes the story.

A member of the honor guard with the flag in his hands.

People walk through the halls of the museum.


Portrait of a test pilot B.I.Ryabtseva.

Portrait of ordinary T.Yuldasheva.

Display cases with artifacts and photographs.


Arrows and armored personnel carriers are going to attack.

The commander is talking with the soldiers.

Build soldiers snowing. V.I.Popov for a walk with the family.

Bust V.I.Popova on Samotechny Boulevard.

V.I.Popov conducts a tour for schoolchildren.

WWII veterans at a ceremony at the museum on May 9. M.V.Kantariya in the honor guard.

Stones Reichstag painted Sinev Sgt.

Sergeant Sinev.

Victory Banner.


Victory Banner, panorama photo.

The ceremony of changing the guard of honor.

Veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

A quote from the speech of Soviet Defense Minister Ustinov on the background of the frame shift of honor.


Popkov VI - Flying ace, a veteran of World War II, Lieutenant General Aviation, Hero of the Soviet Union. Kantariya MV - Sergeant, the Great Patriotic War, Hero of the Soviet Union.




Winter [823] Spring [825]