wait me 31.08.2009 (2009)

Telecast №82547, 1 part, duration: 0:50:04
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Excerpt of the program from 29.06.2009: the story about the district police officer Alikhan Gaziev, who sheltered Sergey Vasilyevich Zubanov from the Omsk region, helped to find his relatives and gave the idea of operation "District police Officer".

In addition, Alikhan Gaziyev and his assistants found every third person on the list of people who are wanted in the Shelkovsky district of Chechnya in a matter of days.

The program is hosted by the Deputy Head of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Police Colonel Yuri Maslov, and the head of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Police Department for Transport of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Police Colonel Grigory Tkachenko.

The first district police officer who responded to the call of the program was the senior inspector for juvenile affairs of the Slavgorod district of the Mogilev region, Sergey Maslakov.

The second call came from Elena Arkhipenko in Norilsk.

Then the district police officer of the Kalachevsky district of the Volgograd region Sergey Gladyshev responded, who is trying to help a man who became a victim of an apartment scam in Volgograd.

Excerpt of the program from 29.06.2009, video with search requests from the Chechen Republic.

Khasra Manchayeva is looking for a son: Suleiman Musayevich Manchayev, born in 1976, studied in Moscow in 1996, took a sabbatical in 1998, worked somewhere on a construction site, sent the last telegram in 1998 from Malakhovka, Moscow region; the man is registered in the village of Drobino, Tula region, did not come to exchange a passport.

Wanted Turpal Saadbekovich Kulchiev, born in 1976, disappeared on December 23, 1991, three years later he was seen in Astrakhan.

Halimat Magomedovna Musayeva is looking for a relative: Zaurbek Obusultaevich Musayev disappeared in 2001, allegedly abducted.

Said Sadullayev is looking for a friend: Radik Khalitovich Nuriyev lived in Kazakhstan, last seen on July 12, 1997.

Said Sudallayev came to the shooting of the program, because his friend responded and sent a short video message from Taraz (Dzhambul); meeting in the studio.

Kristina Henrikovna Davityan is looking for a brother: Armen Henrikovich Davityan, born in 1973, went to work in Germany in 1996, then to Spain, last called home on July 6, 1997.

The family is looking for a son: Maxim Borisovich Pushkarev, born in 1982, disappeared on June 17, 2005 in the Saratov region, the city of Rtishchevo.

Alexey Timoshin is looking for a cousin of his wife: Dmitry Alexandrovich Malyutin, born in 1984, worked in Moscow, left on August 8, 2008, did not return home.

Aziza Nigmatullovna Urazgulova is looking for a brother: Anvar Nigmatullovich Abdullin moved from the village to Ufa and got a job at the collective farm market, presumably he could go to Kyrgyzstan.

Video message from Osh region: Deputy head of the Tele-Kurgan rural district Zakirjon Isakov says that Anvar arrived in 1993 together with the villagers who went to trade in Ufa; district officer Munarbek Mamataliev confirms that Anvar has been living with the Isakovs for a long time, as a family member, can not return home, because he has no documents.

All of Zakirjon's relatives speak warmly of Anwar, who has become almost their own brother, and no one wants him to leave at all.

The program helped Anwar to restore his documents, and he was able to come to Moscow.

Meeting with my sister in the studio.

Ksenia Nikolaevna Potova is looking for her niece: Ekaterina Vitalievna Tkachuk, born in 1994, disappeared on June 6, 2009 in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Irina Derebezova is looking for a fellow traveler from Samara, whom she met on the train "Moscow - St.

Petersburg" on May 9, 2009.

Nadezhda Vasilyevna Zarubina is looking for her son: Sergey Vyacheslavovich Zarubin, born in 1975, left Magnitogorsk by car on August 5, 2007, presumably to Samara, and disappeared.

The family is looking for an uncle: Artur Sultanovich Ochilov, born in 1964, left Dushanbe for Moscow in 2004 to work, last time he called home from Shatura.

Photos collected as part of Operation Hospital, patients with memory loss:

An unknown man, apparently about 27 years old, was taken to the hospital in May 2009, can not report anything about himself, he is afraid of everyone.

An unknown man was admitted to the hospital in July 2007, arrived without documents, speech is broken.

Unknown man living in a boarding school, no data available.

Unknown man found in April 2009 at the railway station Golitsyno, Moscow region.

Unknown elderly woman who has been in the hospital since 2007.

An unidentified man who has been in the hospital since November 2006.

An unknown man with tattoos on his chest was admitted to the hospital a year ago.

A deaf-mute girl, about 15 years old, was admitted to the hospital 4 years ago.

Unknown woman who has been in the hospital for 2 years.

The unknown man, who was taken to the hospital in March 2008, allegedly came from the Donetsk or Luhansk region.

Unknown elderly man found in a suburban area of Omsk on September 3, 2008 without money and documents.

An unknown man, apparently over 70 years old, was found at the train station in Donetsk, remembered that he lives in St.

Petersburg, has a daughter Natalia and a son Sergey.

An unknown man was found in St.

Petersburg in November 2008, and has been in the hospital since that day.

A young man who lost his memory as a result of an electric shock.

Tatyana Sergeevna Bulycheva applied to the program kiosk at the Kazan railway Station with a request to find her husband, Vyacheslav Ivanovich Bulychev.

He disappeared on April 1, 2009, suffering from partial memory loss and speech impairment.

During the recording of the program from 04.06.2009, his photo was shown in the operation block "Hospital", Tatiana recognized him, but did not dare to announce it immediately, as she was not completely sure that it was him.

Shooting at the center for social adaptation in the village of Filimonki, Moscow: the head of the department of mercy, Svetlana Bushueva, says that Vyacheslav was admitted to them on April 21, 2009, but because of illness could not tell anything about himself, then they turned to the program"Wait for Me".

Excerpt of the program from 13.07.2009: Tatiana came to the center and met with her husband.

Artur Sutlanovich Ochirov was also found in the same shelter.

Social worker Nadezhda Ziberova says that Arthur came to them in the summer of 2005 with a traumatic brain injury and speech disorders.

A car has been prepared for Arthur's family, and they are going to the shelter.

Videopismo from China: Ji Wan-Chuan is looking for a pen pal from Russia, Lyudmila Danilova, correspondence with her lasted from the summer of 1959 to the end of 1962; the whole family wants to see Lyudmila not only in photos, she is invited to visit.

Photos of children:

Islam Khaladov, 6 years old, disappeared on May 30, 2009 in Grozny.

Kristina Semenova, 15, disappeared in April 2009 in the village of Kardai, Kazakhstan.

Vadim Lin, 7 years old, disappeared on May 24, 2009 on the bank of the Karatal River, Kazakhstan.

Tatiana Pila, 13 years old, after the death of her mother got into a boarding school, lives there for 3 years, wants to find her father.

Ekaterina Safonova, 17, disappeared in March 2009 in Rostov-on-Don.

Alyona Guskova, 18 years old (pictured 15 years old), disappeared in 2007 in Pinsk, Belarus.

Dunyo Halimova, 18 years old (pictured 6 years old), disappeared in 1997 in Dushanbe.

Igor Sokol, 19 years old (pictured 12-13 years old), disappeared in 2003 in Kazakhstan.

Shooting in Minsk: the master of repair and maintenance of office equipment helped to find the escaped teenager.

Excerpt of the program from 08.06.2009: announcement of the search for 15-year-old Denis Kochemaykin, who disappeared in August 2008 in Bobruisk, allegedly fearing punishment for a stolen scooter.

Recognizing Denis from the photo, his friend called the program.

Denis met with journalists in a cafe and said that his escape occurred for completely different reasons, in fact, he did not have a relationship with his stepfather, who beat him and his younger brother; the young man does not want to return to his mother.

Denis ' own father started a search, and when he was informed that his son had been found, he did not hesitate to go to meet him.

Calendar: 06.2009-07.2009

Locations: The Chechen Republic [756] Belarus [2] Krasnoyarsk Territory [762] Volgograd region [773] Kazakhstan [114] Kyrgyzstan [120] China [46]

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