Telescope 26.04.1997 (1997)

Telecast №82614, 1 part, duration: 0:38:46
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Dmitrij Krilov, Igorj Kirillov, Valentina Leontjeva

Reel №1

TV revelations in masks and without-who needs it.

The plot tells about the fashion for revelations in various TV shows, about the heroes of these revelations and what it can lead to, where the limits of what is permissible on the screen and what pushes people to sessions of the so-called "soul striptease", to what limits you can reach and why.

These and other questions are answered by psychologists Olga Serdobova and Mary Nazari, TV presenters Valery Komissarov, Vladimir Posner and Maria Arbatova, as well as participants of thematic programs Olga Vasilyeva, Alyona Ganchikova and Ilya Staroverov.

The audience is introduced to the TV news by Valentina Leontieva and Igor Kirillov:

On April 10, the Planeta Hollywood restaurant hosted a festive event dedicated to the opening of the Russian server " Russia.

Net", comments of the project manager Vadim Shamarin and Oleg Nesterov (Megapolis group).

An experimental interactive computer television has been launched, says Alexander Akopov, Deputy Director of Video International.

Viewers of the ORT channel were presented with a television version of the show "Miss Red Star" (a beauty contest among female policemen and military personnel).

The April Fool's edition of the program "Full House" will be seen by the audience on May 1.

In mid-April, the "Take a Step" program celebrated its first birthday.

TEFI News:

On April 14, Anatoly Lysenko turned 60 years old.

Sponsors of the ceremony support (the president of the company "Green Line" Gennady Laskovsky and Vice-president of the company "Wimm-Bill-Dann" Mikhail Ashumov).

On April 10, the finalists of TEFI-97 were presented at a press conference.

Traveling through TV kitchens: how to shoot the programs "Smak" on ORT with Andrey Makarevich and "You'll Lick your Fingers" on TV-6 with Tatyana Lazareva.

The program "Telescope" continues to accept applications for participation in the competition of folk presenters.


Komissarov V.Ya. -- TV presenter, writer and entrepreneur. Arbatova M.I. -- Russian journalist, TV and radio presenter, writer, publicist, translator, public figure. Pozner V.V. -- Soviet, Russian, American journalist and TV host, writer, first President of the Russian television Academy (1994-2008). Borisova D.A. -- Russian TV presenter, public figure. Dubovickaya R.I. -- Russian journalist, TV and radio presenter, editor, scriptwriter, Director and presenter of the program "Sold out." Milyavskaya (Gorelik) L.M. -- singer, actress, Director, television presenter. Cekalo A.E. -- musician, actor, Director, screenwriter, broadcaster and producer. Nesterov O.A. -- singer, poet, composer, writer, broadcaster, music producer, leader of the band "Megapolis" and the project "Kapella of Berlin postmen", the teacher. Grushevskij M.Ya. -- entertainer, impersonator, broadcaster. Yakubovich L.A. -- actor, screenwriter, writer, presenter, people's artist of the Russian Federation. Kozhuhov M.Yu. -- Russian journalist, TV and radio presenter, writer, producer, entrepreneur. Aguzarova Zh.H. -- singer, former lead singer of the group "Bravo", "Nochnoy Prospekt". Lisenko A.G. -- journalist, Director, presenter, producer, Honored art worker of the Russian Federation, General Director of Public television of Russia. Sagalaev E.M. -- a major figure of the Russian TV journalist, President of the National Association of broadcasters, member of the Russian Academy of television. Yarmoljnik L.I. -- the actor, producer, television and radio presenter. Maslyakov A.V. -- TV presenter, producer, Honored art worker of the Russian Federation. Svanidze N.K. -- doctor of historical Sciences, Professor, journalist, broadcaster, public figure. Razbash A.L. -- the operator, Director, anchor, producer, one of the founders of TK "VIEW". Malkin A.G. -- producer, TV presenter, producer, academician of the Russian Academy of television. Makarevich A.V. -- musical and public figure, Honored artist of the RSFSR, people's artist of the Russian Federation. Lazareva T.Yu. -- Russian actress, singer, TV presenter of entertainment programs, and public figure. Selezneva N.I. -- actress of theatre and cinema, people's artist of Russia, Honored worker of culture of Poland. Petrosyan (Petrosyanc) E.V. -- entertainer, writer, comedian, television presenter, people's artist of the RSFSR.

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