The consequences of the earthquake in Armenia (1988)

Footage №82699, 1 footage, duration: 0:11:32

Scene №1 The consequences of the earthquake in Armenia

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama of the city of rescuers who arrived from the Kazakh SSR to help victims of the earthquake in Armenia.

The chief of the detachment gives an interview.

Distribution of food from the field kitchen.

Debriefing of one of the buildings, rescuers at the fire.

Faces of rescuers.

The head of the rescue team gives an interview.

A cave in the camp of rescuers, cooking.

The face of the head of the rescue team.

Type of field kitchen, the chef gives a signal for dinner.

Local residents tell rescuers about the disaster that has befallen them.

View of the passage of the Leninakan plant "Microelectrodevigator",

a man with two sacks emerges from the door.

Analysis of the obstruction on one of the streets of Leninakan.

People with sacks come out of the factory entrance.

The injured resident of Leninakan on the street gives an interview to a correspondent.

People on the street talk about everyday difficulties after the earthquake, people's faces.

Distribution of food to people affected by the earthquake.

The face of a man.

Military men on one of the ruined city streets, soldiers standing in cordon.

Faces of soldiers.

Analysis of debris.

Rescuers specify the work plan.

Things and documents of people who died under the rubble.

Extraction of the body of the deceased under the rubble.

The face of a crying elderly woman.

Panorama of the wall of the destroyed building.

Rescuers during the rest.

Helicopter in the sky.

Faces of people.

The rescuer gives an interview.

Rescuers are photographed against the ruined house.

Extraction of bodies of the victims from the destroyed apartments, the descent of the body on the ropes.

The body is covered with a sheet, put in a coffin.

Military engineering technology in the analysis of blockages.

The view of one of the destroyed houses, the collapse of part of the wall.

People on the streets of a ruined city.

The view of the destroyed and damaged buildings, rescuers dismantle the next blockage.

Store survivors.

Ruined buildings in one of the squares.

Rescuers and firefighters on the analysis of blockages.

The driver of the crane in the cabin.

People are loading things in the car that survived the earthquake.

Debris analysis, rescuers in respirators.

Making coffins in a carpentry workshop.

Analysis of debris.

Distribution of hot food and products affected by the earthquake.

People tell the correspondent about their problems.

People stand on the street with the received grocery sets in plastic bags.

Distribution of products from the truck, crush during distribution.

The faces of people waiting their turn.

Calendar: 12.1988

Locations: Armenian SSR Leninakan

Seasons: Winter

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