Nicaragua: the Failure Of Dictatorship.. (1979)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Lavrova T.

Anouncers: Kolychev U.

Text writers: Nikanorov A.


A film about events in Nicaragua and the dictator Somoza.

Foreign policy

Temporary description

1 hour - Sandinista patrol checks the documents of passengers on a bus, a teenager. A. Samos accepts a gift. Residence of Samos. Managua: streets, building of the hotel, a quarter of the poor. Refugees on the street. Education National Guard soldiers. Commander Bravo. Forest Camp Sandinistas. The building of the National Palace. The operation of the blockade of the national palace. The Sandinistas shot. 2 hours - Bombing of the city. Fight for Managua. Samos with approximate out of hiding. The Sandinistas are rejoicing, firing into the air. Solidarity rally in Costa Rica.

Reel №1

In 1936, A. Somoza US-backed coup d'etat and seized power; Nicaragua established a brutal military and police dictatorship; the decisive force in the defeat of the dictatorial regime was Sandinista National Liberation Front, which arose in 1961 .; FSLN waged a long struggle against the Somoza regime,  domination of the American monopolies; 19 / VII 1979 under the blows of the Patriots collapsed Somoza dictatorship; dictator fled the country.

National Guard soldiers with machine guns patrol the Somoza on the road; searching, checking documents; looking boy; Patrol scours the rider; check passengers in the bus.

The State of Nicaragua on the map of Central America. A. Somoza is congratulated on his birthday; hands with Somoza had given him an envelope.

Time is closed gates of the palace Somoza guards at the gate.

National Guard detachment takes place in a bunker Somoza.

A sign on the fence possessions Somoza; possession of Somoza.

Managua, city street with traffic.

A sign on the fence of the United States Mission building.

A sign at the site controlled by US monopolies.

A sign in a foreign language, the hotel building.

Streets quarters of the poor; children of the poor; Women wash clothes; looking girl; passes refugee family; refugee camp; children in a refugee camp; refugees are carrying a tank of water.

Somoza in the unit; Somoza passes in the form of a paratrooper.

Education National Guard soldiers.

Soldiers Somoza next to the bodies of the dead or people; corpses.

Somoza in hospital room talking with the patient.

Children digging in the landfill.

Boy chews bread.

The Sandinistas receive weapons.

Photo: AS Sandino.

Photo: Sandino among the participants of his party.

Sandinista squad sneaks through the thickets; forest camp Sandinistas; Sandinistas and the Sandinista in the ranks; Sandinistas take out of the car captured weapons.

Newsreel 1978 .: one of the successful operations of the Sandinistas, blocked the National Palace; the building of the National Palace; Patriots in the palace; woman lowered on a rope - evacuated from the building of the palace; International Red Cross workers are carrying on a stretcher one of the Sandinista party transactions; Plane takes off with political prisoners; Plane takes off with the Sandinistas parties operations.

The general strike in Managua; strikers; Closing a Business; National Guard soldiers dispersed people, shoot the strikers.

Somoza sits in a helicopter (Somoza personally commanded the suppression of strikes); helicopter in the air; on the strikers, sending curses against Somoza.

Patriots go on the offensive, shooting; plane in the sky; Sandinistas pass in the truck; Sandinistas hugging on the street liberated the city to display its flag.

Pass the demonstrators in Latin America with the slogan "No intervention in Nicaragua!".

Participants of the demonstration in Venezuela are carrying banners with slogans denouncing Washington's attempts to isolate the National Liberation Front them.


A meeting of students and teachers in the University of Madrid in support of the liberation struggle of the people of Nicaragua; slogan in Spanish ("Long live the liberation struggle of the people of Nicaragua! "); a girl is; cheering and chanting rally participants.

Reel №2

The bombing of the city, explosions; National Guard soldiers spoke field telephone; from the standpoint of the National Guard shooting guns; shelling and bombing of the city; planes in the sky; pounding the streets; Street people are fleeing; city with flying aircraft; destroyed homes; family in the yard of a ruined house; bodies of dead family members on the floor of the house; crying women; residents are digging graves to bury the dead.

The National Palace; corpses tortured patriots; birds circling above the beach; girl with an amputated leg on the bed (frame from the last reporting US television journalist Hey BBC, Bill Stewart, who was killed somosovtsami).

Press conference about the murder of American journalist; eyewitnesses say murder caught on tape massacre against them, the murder of journalist USA; Guard soldiers held Somoza; the street leaves the tank; National Guard soldiers in vehicles.

The Sandinistas build barricades; Sandinistas at the barricade before the fight; watching the street; flying a helicopter.

Battle for the city of Managua; burning car on the street; run the soldiers of the National Guard; shooting guns; National Guard soldiers are hiding behind the machine; feet, trampling portrait Somoza; Somoza supporters to go out of the bunker.

The victorious Sandinistas shoot in the air; run jubilant Sandinistas; passes smiling girl-Sandinista; people welcomed the passing in the car Sandinistas; empty prison cells; Sandinistas at the entrance to a secret underground concentration camp; former prisoners out of the camp; photograph, the face of former prisoner underground concentration camps; passing car with people; former prisoner shows signs of torture on his face and back.

Two captured soldiers of the National Guard shot at the American journalist; Street hold captured soldiers somosovskoy Guard.

The rally of solidarity with the victory of the people of Nicaragua in Costa Rica; Participants of the rally chanting slogans; rally of solidarity with the people of Nicaragua in Spain; slogan in Spanish; speaker at the rally; people shouting slogans.

The Nicaraguan people with flags on the balcony of the building; jubilant people in the area; the dome of the building raise the flag of the Sandinistas; triumphal meeting of the new government; members of the Provisional Democratic Government of National Revival are among the jubilant people; victory celebration in Managua.