And a Motor Vessel is Sailing. (1979)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Zhukovskaya I.

Operators: Sokolnikov L.

Text writers: Fere G.


About the voyage of the best Soviet pioneers around Lenin's places.

Childhood and youth

Social life

Temporary description

Landscape of the Volga. Floating ship. Children in the captain's cabin, in the engine room. On deck, children listen to veteran Shoto Tatareshvili. Valery Chekhov conducts a session of chess. Composer V. Shainskij among children. Feast of Neptune. Open-hearth shop, the Gorky. Children in Gorki. Solemn line at Smolny. Cruiser "Aurora".

Reel №1

Landscapes of the Volga River, sailing ship, the pioneers of the deck greet passing boats - LS., MS.

The girls on the boat - MS., CU.

Children in the ship cabin, the cabin - MS.

Children in the captain's cabin - MS.

Steering - CU.

Navigator tells children - MS.

Card on the table.

Children in the engine compartment, at the helm - LS., MS.

WWII veteran tells Shota Tataroshvili boys kids listen veteran - LS., CU.

Simultaneous game of chess with the boys holds an international master Valery Chekhov - MS.

Composer Vladimir Shainskij the piano accompaniment to the guys, the guys sing (synchronously) - MS.

Neptune Holiday, children laughing, the boat landed Neptune and his entourage - MS., CU.

Seagulls fly off the ship - CU.

Dancing on the deck of a girl and a boy, the guys stand around and applaud - MS.

Children paint - MS.

Landscapes of the river (the church on the shore) - LS.

Girl says (synchronously) - CU.

Pioneer duty on one of the decks - LS., CU.

Inside the ship guys produce wall newspapers - LS., MS., CU.

Gorky - Riders on the beach there are "bread and salt" Pioneers - MS., LS.

Children on the waterfront - LS.

Children's Railway - LS.

Children conductors, child passengers - MS.

Train passes - MS.

River landscapes - LS.

Cherepovets - passing trucks with scrap metal and banners - MS.

Hearth shop at the metallurgical plant - LS., MS.

Union Pioneer is melting, children watch as cooks metal.

Scrap metal is poured into the oven - MS., CU.

Ulyanovsk - view from the river - LS.

Memorial Lenin children go to the house, the birthplace of Vladimir Lenin.

The living room and bathroom of Lenin, where he spent his high school years - MS., CU.

Kazan University building, a solemn line outside the University - MS.

The audience, which was engaged in Lenin - MS.

Children visiting the audience - MS., CU.

Desks - CU.

Children visit the house-museum of VI Lenin in Gorki.

Children with flowers - MS., CU.

Alley - LS.

Leningrad - the river Neva.

Children on the cruiser "Aurora» - LS., MS.

Smolny, the children go to Smolny - LS.

Solemn line at the Smolny Institute - MS.

Place spill - a monument - LS., CU.

Grand scale - LS., MS.

Girl says (synchronously) - CU.

Children escort ship - MS.

Motor vessel - CU.

Sailing ship - LS.