Our Good Customs. (1979)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Fedorchenko V.

Script writers: Surkova S.

Operators: Lebedev A., Lomakin A.


The film is about new Soviet civil ceremonies.

Temporary description

1h. -Rites of marriage, birth, passport delivery, dedication to youth workers. 2h. - Rite golden wedding at the Wedding Palace.

Reel №1

The city of Moscow: the Kremlin, Gorky street, Kalinin Avenue; people are walking along the streets.

Young people are applying to a Civil Registry Office.

A fiancé and a fiancée are entering the Wedding Palace.

The wedding ceremony.

An employee of the Civil Registry Office is speaking.

The young married are riding in a wedding car along the streets.

The Lenin Library (the old building).

Mountain ash branches.

The Luzhniki Stadium.

The new district of Moscow.

Two baby carriages are standing at the house.

Young parents with their children.

The Christening.

A representative of the Executive Committee of the Counsil of People’s Deputies is speaking at the ceremony.

The representative of the Executive Committee is speaking

Other young parents with their newborn child.

Young model makers are assembling a plane.

Young people are attending the meeting.

A representative of the Executive Committee is speaking

Young people are getting passports.

Guys are marching.

A file with the flag is marching.

Ceremony of laying flowers to the Red proletarians who fell during the Great Patriotic War (Soviet People’s participation in World War II in 1941-1945.

The ceremony of initiation to the workers of the machine-tool plant “Krasny proletary” [“Red Proletarian”] at the monument to the perished soldiers.

A foreman is speaking.

A worker is speaking.

A young worker is reading out the oath.

The fellows are repeating the oath.

A shop of the plant “Krasny proletary”.

A young man is working.

A foreman is explaining the task to a young worker.

Workers are listening to an aged foreman.

Reel №2

The city of Moscow: the Kremlin, Kalinin Avenue, the monument to Alexander Pushkin, fountain at the Bolshoi Theatre – people are walking, young people are standing by the fountain, an aged couple is walking along the park.

The Golden Wedding congratulations at the Wedding Palace.

The Golden Wedding Congratulation ceremony.

An employee of the Civil Registry Office is speaking.

The spouses Volovsky and guests, the guests are speaking, V.E. Volovsky is speaking.

The spouses are entering the restaurant, they are dropping flowers in front of them.

The waiters are congratulating them.

The guests and spouses are sitting at a festive table; the newly married couple is greeting them.

They are presenting medals to the heroes of the day.

The spouses and the newly married couple are dancing waltz.

The spouses Volovsky are dancing waltz.

A dancing girl.

The newly married couple is kissing.

A child is holding father’s hand.