On the historical film "the Youth of Zhambyl" (1990-1991)

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Scene №1 On the historical film "the Youth of Zhambyl"

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A team of illuminators sets equipment on the set x/film "Youth of Zhambyl".

Assistant cameraman carries the coffer with the camera.

Clearing snow on the set.

The assistant carries the tripod.

A team of illuminators unloads the spotlight.

Installing cameras.

The operator verifies the exposure.

Preparing the camera and lighting to filming.

Panorama of the set, the crowd on horses and camels.

The assistant Director gives instructions to the participants of mass scenes.

The members of the crew of the car.

Make-up artist at work.

Actors clarify their actions in the scenario.

Works camera crane.

The film is directed by K. Kasymbekov on set giving instructions to the actors.

Operator soleev A. and the Director put up the frame, give instructions to members of the crew.

Actors crowd scenes ride a camel across the desert, the camel's head.

Camera crew the camera.

Panorama of the set, shooting the crowd scenes.

The process of shooting.

Director Kasymbekov on the set.

A caravan of camels moving on the snow-covered steppe.

The operator removes the close-UPS of the moving caravan.

Snow removal on the area with the help of a bulldozer.

The types of set.

The caravan moves through the snowy hills.

Clearing of snow on the ground, working windlifter.

Panorama of the set, working time of filming the movie.

The caravan during the filming of another brace, winter mountain landscape.

Kasymbekov and sleev discuss current issues with members of the crew.

Unloading camera crane.

Clearing of snow on the ground.

The caravan during the filming of another double.

Kasymbekov discusses the shooting of another scene.

Operator sleev sets the camera.

Automotive engineering and windlifter on the set.


Sleev Aubakir Kaliyevich -- Kazakh cameraman Kasymbekov Kasymbek-Kano -- Kazakh film Director, screenwriter

Calendar: 1990-1991

Locations: Kazakhstan

Seasons: Winter

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