On the set of the film "Kyz-Zhibek". (1968 - 1969)

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Scene №1 On the set of the film "Kyz-Zhibek"

Shooting one battle scenes x / film "Kyz-Zhibek."

Horse riding and camel riding.

Director Sultan Khodzhikov directs the shooting of the next double.

Actress Utekeshova while applying make-up.

Horse crowd forcing the river ford.

Actors Tastanbekov K.N. and Ashimov A.A. riding horses during the filming of the next scene.

Utekeshova face.

Ashimov, Utekeshova and Tastanbekov on horseback during filming.

Tastanbekov and Ashimov on horseback on the river bank.

Ashimov after shooting another double.

Horse race on the banks of the river.

Utekeshov riding, Ashimov, Tastanbekov and Utekeshova during the filming of the next double.

Utekeshova and Tastanbekov during filming.

Ashimov during filming.


Ashimov Asanali Ashimovich - Kazakh actor and director of theater and cinema
Utekeshova Meruert Karataevna - Kazakh theater and film actress
Tastanbekov Kuman Nurmaganovich - Kazakh theater and film actor
Khojikov Sultan-Ahmet - Kazakh film director, screenwriter







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