27th Congress of the CPSU. (1986)

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Scene №1 27th Congress of the CPSU

Members of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee, representatives of fraternal Communist parties in the presidium of the Congress, Ligachev EK, LM Gorbachev sits next to him, in the second row - Yaruzelsky V., Castro F.

Shevardnadze E.A. among the members of the presidium.

Ligachev is in session, Yeltsin BN is sitting behind.

Gorbachev goes to the rostrum, delegates of the congress applaud.

The type of the meeting room, the cameraman is filming.

Gorbachev appears from the rostrum, the kind of part of the presidium.

The face of the corporal of the Soviet Army - delegate to the congress.

Delegates of the congress are talking among themselves during the break of the meeting.

Gorbachev, Gromyko AA, Ligachev, Ryzhkov NI go into the hall, go to their seats in the presidium, delegates standing welcome the leaders of the party and the state, the panorama of the hall.

Ligachev, Gorbachev, Gromyko and members of the presidium sit down in their seats.

Gorbachev stands in his place.

Gorbachev on the podium.

Delegates in the foyer of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses talk at the break of the meeting, exchanging addresses, faces of delegates.

Tereshkova V.V. among the delegates.

Delegates give autographs.

Delegates of the Kazakh SSR during a break in the foyer.

Types of foyer during the break (top).

Type of conference hall, delegates.

Members of the Kazakh delegation at the State Historical Museum.


Gorbachev Mikhail Sergeevich - state and political figure
Ligachev Egor Kuzmich - state and political figure
Shevardnadze Eduard Amvrosievich - statesman and politician
Yeltsin Boris Nikolayevich - statesman and politician
Gromyko Andrey Andreevich - state and political figure, diplomat
Ryzhkov Nikolai Ivanovich - state and political figure
Jaruzelski Wojciech - Polish statesman and politician, military leader
Castro Rus Fidel - Cuban statesman and politician
Tereshkova Valentina Vladimirovna - pilot-cosmonaut, public figure