Serve my Homeland 15.05.2011 (2011)

Telecast №83972, 1 part, duration: 0:26:05
Production: VID
Anchor:Boris Galkin

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Our report: in April, the 60th anniversary of the formation of the city of Severomorsk, the main base of the Northern Fleet, was celebrated.

On the eve of the holiday, the film crew visited the units and formations of the youngest fleet of the country and during the exercises made sure that the northern sea borders are under reliable protection.

Filming took place on the basis of the Kola Flotilla.

Interview: commander of the steering squad Alexey Narizhny, communications mechanic Gagik Danielyan, commander of the mine-torpedo warhead Artem Savin, Acting Assistant Commander for Supply Vitaly Baranov.

Our equipment: units of the fight against the invisible enemy, troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection.

Their skills become relevant every year, especially recently, when large-scale environmental disasters and accidents at nuclear power plants have become a reality.

The shooting took place in the Transylvanian Training Center of the RKHBZ in the Noginsky district during the winter and spring exercises, during which the correspondents got acquainted with the means of operational camouflage, chemical reconnaissance vehicles and the order of actions in various situations.

Interview: commander of the aerosol counteraction company Alexander Borshchov, commander of the chemical intelligence unit Alexander Morozov, reconnaissance chemist Andrey Bogomolov, disinfection chemist Yevgeny Shtepo, Senior Assistant to the head of the radiation Examination Department Alexander Parunov, commander of the unit Artur Biryukov.

Our report: the motto of the Airborne Forces - no impossible tasks.

These are not just words.

The paratroopers proved in practice that they can be assigned the most difficult combat tasks, they will perform them even at the cost of their own lives.

At the headquarters of the Airborne Forces in Sokolniki, work is in full swing to restore the military church of the Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos, it is intended to become a memorial to the paratroopers who died in hot spots.

The priests of the temple jokingly call themselves the church special forces, and the soldiers respectfully call them batkami, among them there is no one who would not jump with a parachute and had no combat experience.

In the preparation of the plot, the footage of the chronicles of the war years (the Vyazma operation of 1942) was used.

Archpriests Mikhail Vasiliev and Dmitry Smirnov, and Priest Andrey Shelomentsev talk about the restoration of the church.

Visiting the program is the deputy chairman of the Synodal Department of the Russian Orthodox Church for Relations with the Armed Forces, the rector of the Annunciation Church, Archpriest Mikhail Vasiliev, comments on the story.


Smirnov D.N. (protoierej Dimitrij) -- Chairman of the Synodal Department of the Russian Orthodox Church on interaction with the armed forces, Church and public figure.

Calendar: 1942 02.2011 04.2011

Locations: Murmansk region [789] Moscow region [788]

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