Serve my Homeland 14.06.2015 (2015)

Telecast №84091, 1 part, duration: 0:26:05
Production: VID
Anchor:Galkin Boris.

Reel №1

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In the studio, the presenter is Boris Galkin.

Video about the open championship of the FSB among special forces units in practical shooting from combat weapons.

Leningrad region, shooting range of the regional Department of the FSB of the Russian Federation.

The soldiers in the equipment are preparing to perform a combat mission.

The soldiers go through the training ground, shoot at targets.

Alexander Krylov-commander of the special unit "Grad" of the FSB of the Russian Federation in the Leningrad region, speaks about the tournament.

The soldiers lined up in a row.

Fighters compete in shooting different weapons at targets.

Sergey Gubanov-correspondent, shows the different types of weapons of the participants.

A shot target.

A shooter with a submachine gun.

Metal targets.

The shooter and the judge on the range.

Hit targets fall.

Yevgeny Efimov, the chief judge of the competition, speaks about the correction for the wind when shooting.

Fighters perform shooting exercises in pairs.

Yevgeny Efimov-the chief judge of the competition, speaks about safety.

The judge makes a remark to the participant.

Sergey Gubanov-correspondent, comments on the competition.

Fighters perform shooting exercises in pairs, targets fall.

Mikhail Nemykin - the judge of competitions, about performance by fighters of different types of exercises in shooting.

A fighter at the training ground shoots from a machine gun.

Andrey Vikharev - the judge of competitions, speaks about the correct breath when shooting.

The baton of shooting balloons at the training ground.

Yevgeny Efimov-the chief judge of the competition, speaks about the winners and participants of the competition.

Video-Sports companies in the Russian Army.

The medical part.

The doctor checks the vision of the conscript.

Conscripts receive and wear uniforms.

Abdulkaderov Rushan-a soldier of a sports company, a master of sports of international class in running, talks about serving in the army.

The officer examines the recruits.

Soldiers on the parade ground wear gas masks.

Sokolovsky Sergey - the commander of a sports company, speaks about new athletes.

Recruits at the Military oath ceremony on the square of the sports village in Sochi.

Sergei Shoigu passes the flag to the head of CSKA Mikhail Baryshev.

Shoigu Sergey receives a parade of recruits.

Alexander Zubkov carries the CSKA flag in the ranks.

Sergei Shoigu delivers a speech from the rostrum.

New recruits march through the sports square.

Chronicle-CSKA athletes of the past years.

Oleg Kuznetsov-head of the Military Heraldic Service of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, speaks about the flag of the CSKA military formation.

Dmitry Sautin talks about the athletes of CSKA.

Anatoly Serdyukov signs the documents.


The soldiers come out of the building of the sports company, are built in rows on the parade ground.

Mikhail Baryshev-the head of CSKA, speaks about the system of sports training of military personnel.

Video about the exhibition of the Russian military industry at VDNH.

The soldiers receive an order from the commander and sit in the cab of the tractor launcher "Topol".

Yuri Belyaev-Head of the Department of Launcher and Missile Designs of the Serpukhov Branch of the Peter the Great Academy of Strategic Missile Forces, speaks about the Topol launcher.

The Poplar launcher is moving along the highway.

Installation of the Topol complex on the territory of VDNH.

Vladimir Grebenkin, Deputy General Designer of the manufacturer, speaks about the uniqueness of the Topol complex.

Samples of military equipment stand on the square in front of the pavilion.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and accompanying persons inspect samples of military equipment.

Denis Kravchenko, head of the interdepartmental working group on the organization of expositions at VDNH, speaks about the exposition of military equipment.

Samples of military equipment.

Visitors to the exhibition.

The fountain of "Friendship of Peoples" at VDNH.

Pavel Nefedov, a historian of VDNH, author of the VDNH guide, talks about the history of VDNH.

The historian Kirill Alexandrov speaks about the First World War and the reasons for the retreat of the Russian Imperial Army in the summer of 1915.


Shojgu Sergej Kuzhugetovich — rossijskij voennij i gosudarstvennij deyatelj, Ministr oboroni Rossijskoj Federacii. Zubkov Aleksandr Yurjevich — rossijskij bobsleist i sanochnik, serebryanij prizer Olimpijskih igr 2006 goda v chetvyorkah i bronzovij prizer Olimpijskih igr 2010 goda v dvojkah, chempion mira 2011 goda v dvojkah, chetiryohkratnij chempion Evropi. Zasluzhennij master sporta Rossii. Na Olimpijskih igrah 2014 goda v Sochi, bil znamenoscem sbornoj Rossii na ceremonii otkritiya Igr. Kuznecov Oleg Vyacheslavovich - nachaljnik Voenno-geraljdicheskoj sluzhbi Vooruzhennih Sil Rossijskoj Federacii - glavnij voennij geroljdmejster, kandidat istoricheskih nauk. Sautin Dmitrij Ivanovich — sovetskij i rossijskij prigun v vodu, dvukratnij olimpijskij chempion. Serdyukov Anatolij Eduardovich - Ministr oboroni Rossijskoj Federacii (s 15 fevralya 2007 po 6 noyabrya 2012 goda). Barishev Mihail Nikolaevich - nachaljnik Federaljnogo Avtonomnogo Uchrezhdeniya Ministerstva oboroni Rossijskoj Federacii «Centraljnij sportivnij klub Armii». Sobyanin Sergej Semenovich — rossijskij politik, Mer Moskvi. Aleksandrov Kirill Mihajlovich — rossijskij istorik, zhurnalist, pedagog i publicist, kandidat istoricheskih nauk.

Calendar: 14.06.2015

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