Here the rear was the front (1975)

Documentary №84121, 1 part, duration: 0:09:53


The film tells of the labor exploits of the Soviet citizens, who worked at the enterprises of the Kuibyshev during the great Patriotic war. Many of these enterprises were evacuated there from Moscow.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Views of Kuibyshev in winter: people walk from the tram stop, buses and cars pass by.

TU-154 aircraft at the airport.

Boarding passengers on the plane.

The plane takes off.

General views of the building of the 4th State Ball Bearing Plant in Kuibyshev and one of the new districts of the city with multi-storey residential buildings.

Memorial in memory of those who died during the Great Patriotic War and the eternal flame on the Square of Glory.

View of one of the streets of the city, along which a group of kindergarten students together with a teacher passes.

Veterans of the Aviation Plant for the restoration of the IL-2 aircraft in the workshop of the Great Patriotic War.

Veteran of the 4th bearing plant Matryona Klimentyevna Kuznetsova in the shop behind the machine.

Interview with the foreman of the 1st front-line brigade of the Aviation Plant Gavriil Fedorovich Izvekov (synch. and behind the scenes.), which tells about the selfless work of front-line brigades during the war.

Newsreel footage of the Great Patriotic War:

air battle of Soviet and German aircraft.

Military parade in Kuibyshev in November 1941: columns of troops and military equipment pass through the central square of the city, the leaders of the party and the city on the government podium; among them: M. I. Kalinin, K. E. Voroshilov, etc.

Trains with military equipment are sent to the front.

Workers of the defense enterprises of Kuibyshev at work in the workshops: collect rifles, planes.

Women workers of sewing enterprises sew uniforms, quilts, blankets, put in stacks of finished products to be sent to the front.

The workers of one of the collective farms of the region are milking cows in the pasture, loading flasks of milk on a cart, harvesting grain and hay in the fields.

The mower works in the field, the women on the current rake the grain.

Movement of military trains with equipment on the Kuibyshev railway.

General view of the Batraki station and the railway junction.

Evacuated women with children ride in the train car.

Arrival of the train at one of the stations.

Planes at a military airfield, in the air.

Brigadier of the 1st front-line brigade of the Aviation Plant G. K. Izvekov and members of his brigade at work on machine tools.

An employee of the plant at the board with indicators of the implementation of the plan by the front-line brigades of the plant.

The director of the plant congratulates the winners of the competition, presents the Red Banner to the foreman G. Izvekov.

General view of the aircraft in the assembly shop of the plant.

Fanfarists play the gathering.

Major General hands the Red Banner of the Guards to one of the military units on the square in Kuibyshev.

Troops march through the square.

Students of Kuibyshev pass through the streets of the city.

General views of the monument to V. I. Chapaev and the building of the Kuibyshev Drama Theater.

A geography lesson in one of the classes.

The boy at the globe answers the lesson.

Volleys of artillery pieces.

The floating hospital located on the ship "Klement Voroshilov" approaches the pier.

Women with bouquets of flowers climb on the ship, talk to the wounded who arrived from the Stalingrad front, take care of them.

Wounded soldiers sit at the dining table on the deck.

Women prepare gifts for the front-line soldiers: they fill tobacco pouches, pack felt boots and hats with earflaps.

Bags of warm clothes for the front-line soldiers on the shelves in the room.

Transfer of the IL-2 aircraft, made at the expense of Kuibyshev Komsomol members, to one of the aviation units.

The pilot thanks for the plane, sits in the cockpit of the plane, the plane takes off.

Key words

The rear

Calendar: 1941-1945

Locations: Kuibyshev [893]

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