Wings 03.03.2004 (2004)

Telecast №84191, 1 part, duration: 0:26:04
Production: VID
Anchor:Andrej Razbash

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In the prewar period, the dominant view was that aircraft would become much more important in future events than in the First World War, but no one could even imagine how significant the contribution of the most brutal air war of the XX century would be in the course of all operations on all fronts of the Second World War, and most importantly, in 1939, it was impossible to think that by 1945, air supremacy would become an indispensable condition for victory.

Many thousands of pilots took to the air to gain this superiority, bombers and fighters-they all did it.

What is an air war and what is it really like?

The real answer is only known to those who have been there, or to those who prepare to be there every day.

The Lipetsk Aviation Center is the main training base for military pilots of front-line aviation.

Here, in the sky and on the ground, they work out and bring to automatism the complex techniques and tactics of air warfare of the XXI century, here the pilot and the plane learn to give everything they are capable of for a common victory.

The main stories of the issue:

The commander of the military unit 16651 Yuri Sushkov talks about air battles.

Program host Andrey Razbash talks about the effectiveness of the MiG-29M2, about the work of the tandem fighter pilot and the operator of the navigation and weapons systems of this powerful two-seat vehicle.

Major General Alexander Kharchevsky on the increased requirements for conducting air battles in the XXI century.

Senior Lieutenant Alexander Dyadyura on the system of training Russian military pilots, including with the help of the "Stripe" system of the Su-27 digital training complex.

Senior Lieutenant Oleg Kilyas on the relevance of the golden rule of Pokryshkin.

The MiG-15 is the best production fighter of the 1950s.

Modern weapons, R-27ER and R-73 air-to-air missiles.

Alexander Kharchevsky on the use of the Su-27SM multifunctional aircraft.

Colonel Igor Basov on the digital complex of objective control.

Senior Lieutenant Sergey Aksenov on the rescue of the plane after the control lever jammed.

Advisor to the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy for Aviation Vladimir Deineka about Timur Apakidze and his style of close combat (non-standard maneuvering, air combat at extremely low altitudes and steep turns).

In the preparation of the program, the personnel of the chronicle were used:

November 1913-the world's first dogfight over Mexico.

1914-air battles of the First World War.

1914-the first use of the "ram".

1928 - the first air machine gun PV-1 (based on the Maxim machine gun).

1932-the first aviation machine gun "SHKAS" in the USSR.

1939-the first combat use of the SHVAK cannon on Khalkhin-Gol.

November 1, 1950 - the first jet battle in world history in Korea (four MiG-15s against eight F-80 Shooting Stars, 1: 0 in favor of the USSR).


Sushkov Yu.A. -- candidate of technical Sciences, military pilot-sniper, Honored military pilot of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant General of the Russian air force, the commander of Lipetsk aviation center (2016). Harchevskij A.N. -- major General of aviation (retired in 2015), candidate of military Sciences, Honored military pilot of the Russian Federation, chief of the 4th Center for combat employment and retraining of flight personnel (2012-2015). Dejneka V.G. -- candidate of military Sciences, Colonel-General, retired air force, distinguished military pilot of the Russian Federation, the commander of naval aviation Navy (1994-2000), Advisor to the Chief of the Navy for Aeronautics.

Calendar: 11.1913 1914 1928 1932 1939 1941-1945 01.11.1950

Locations: Lipetsk [892] Lipetsk region [786]

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