Be Prepared to Serve Your Motherland! (1980)

Documentary №8423, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:09
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Sofronov V.
Screenwriters:Aleksandrov A.
Camera operators:Komm R., Kondakov S., Kochetkov A.
Anouncers:Khlebnikov A.


The film is about the role and importance of DOSAAF in patriotic education of youth, training of military and technical professions.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Natural scenery.

Chronicle of the Great Patriotic War:

Shoot rocket launchers.

The crew sits in the tank.

The tank is in the woods.

Fires Artillery.

Tank attack.

Marines climb the slope.

A squad of teenagers walking along a forest road.

War memorial in Khatyn.

Those teenagers.

The monument to Vladimir Lenin in Novozybkov.

An employee of the printing works in the printing press.

Veteran S.P.Smolyakov away in the printing. S.P.Smolyakov goes through the garden to the house.

Monument in Novozybkov: howitzer purchased S.P.Smolyakovym.

Veteran tells teens about the war.

The inscription on the pedestal.

A school trip to the museum.

General view of the monument-howitzers.

Central Museum of the Armed Forces of the USSR, A.I.Cherepanov conducts a tour.

Alternation: face the audience, the museum exhibits. A.I.Cherepanov talks about his participation in the battle against the background of the picture.

Buryatia, the city of Babushkin, alley military equipment.

Museum exhibits.

Visitors to the museum.

Monument pilots.

War memorial and flowers at the Eternal Flame.

The obelisk in the square.

Union campaign rally winners of the Komsomol and young people in places of revolutionary, military and labor glory of the Soviet people, the celebrations at the stadium.

Live pictures of the stands.

Panorama stadium.

Spectators with balloons.

Military parade.

The line veterans.

Speech by motorcyclists.

Veterans led the column.

The stadium marching schoolchildren DOSAAF. Young people in the classroom, training to work with the various means of communication.

Naval School, workshops for students of liquidation of the accident on the ship.

Area with parking in front of the home of the military-technical training DOSAAF, prepare teenagers for racing cars.

Theoretical lessons on driving, modeling traffic situations.

Classes at the gym.

The group of drivers in the parking lot, a class is a reserve officer.

The teacher gives a signal.

Cadets fed back signal and sit on the machines.

Practical training in driving, a column of trucks on a mountain road.

Off-road vehicles on the slope.

Off-road vehicles across water obstacles.

The convoy on the road.


Cherepanov AI - Soviet military commander, member of the First World War, the Civil War and the Great Patriotic War, Lieutenant-General, Chief Military Adviser in China, a senior lecturer of the Academy of the General Staff.

Calendar: 1980 1941-1945

Locations: USSR [863]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Theoretical lessons on driving on mock-ups in the classroom.

Engineers at the company.

Mechanics are studying the tractor.

Area of agricultural machinery.

Shooting competition.

Story cadets at the airport.

Manager sends commands.

The plane begins to run.

The aircraft is maneuvering in the field.

Chronicle of the Great Patriotic War:

Air battle.

Propeller plane.

Odnopolchane meet A.I.Pokryshkina after landing on his hands and shake.

On-board the aircraft. A.I.Pokryshkin standing next to the plane.

Performance figures of aerobatics.

Students fold parachutes.

Story cadets.

Students board the plane.

Out of parachutists from the plane.

The landing parachutists.

People go on the field with parachutes on their shoulders.

Car Racing.

The mechanics repaired the car.

Engineers work in the design office.

Mechanics will improve the design of a racing car.

The car on a winding road.


In the air, spinning aircraft model.

Teenage race on carts.

The landing parachutists.

Parachutists leave the plane.

Man with binoculars.

Group skydiving: the planning and construction of the circle.

People look up.

Military-sports game "Eaglet": Passage obstacle.

Chemical attack.

Removal of the wounded from the battlefield.

People take off masks.

Passage of the next obstacle.



Out of a tank column.

Attack Marines.

The combined tank and infantry attack.

The helicopter in the sky.

Commander watching the game.

Sanitary Battalion with the banner.

Helicopters over the field.

Shooting into the air.

Students at rest.


Union finals games "Eaglet": Parade participants in the square.

Commanders tour the area in an open car.

A general view of the area.

Those cadets.

Cadet lights the torch.

A squad of girls.

Burning Torch.

By area, riding a tank.

The march of the parade.

Build troops, the commander of the order reads.

Column BTR passes through a flooded road.

Plane takes off.

Anti-aircraft battery.

Fighters in the skies.

The attack infantry in winter camouflage.


A military helicopter flies over the field.

Tank goes through the undergrowth.

Face tanker.

Out paratroopers.

Reset cargo.


Pokryshkin AI - Flying ace, fighter pilot, Air Marshal, three times Hero of the Soviet Union, Chairman of the Central Committee DOSAAF.

Calendar: 1980 1941-1945

Locations: USSR [863]

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