But the April Revolution.. (1980)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kuzin E.

Operators: Pestrolyubov A.

Temporary description

Republic of Afghanistan, Kabul. City view from the top point. Distributors of newspapers on the streets. Tank Hero Revolution Watanjar on a pedestal. Trade in fruit and vegetables at the market. Tinsmith shop. Patrol on the evening the streets of Kabul, the patrol officer searches the passenger cars, rifles and ammunition found during a search, questioning spooks. Hospital in Kabul, the doctor examines a patient in the operating interview with the wounded (synchronously). Fighters volunteers swear an oath to the cemetery at the graves of fallen comrades. The fighting men-volunteers and soldiers of the People's Armed Forces against the bands of counterrevolutionaries in the hamlet of Hell. Type of identity card of one of the members of the reactionary groups. Meeting tankers in remote villages. Meeting residents vacated the village of Hell; serves elder-mullah. Mosque. People pray at the mosque. Mullah tells about his visit to a mosque in Dushanbe (Tajikistan) (synchronously). Mosque in Mazar-e Sharif. Defense Minister talks about weapons of mercenaries fighting in Afghanistan (synchronously). Lesson in Kabul lyceum "Inkilob. One of the students tells about an event associated with exposure to the Lyceum with poison gas grenades, then killed 4 student of the Lyceum (synchronous). Newsreels of the mercenaries of chemical weapons. The trial of an Egyptian Z. Mahmoud, Iranian M. Rezai, who passed special training, carried out on the territory of Afghanistan counter-insurgency operations (synchronous). The village of Ghaziabad. Peasants working in the fields, planting orange trees, harvest olives. "Garden of Friendship", planted together with Soviet specialists. Factory farm machinery "Zeitoun", built by Soviet specialists. Build buses in the shop plant for the production of buses in the city of Jangalak. Students in schools promote literacy in the classroom for a lesson. Students in the audience. Unloading bales of cotton bales on nitrogen plant, the Soviet specialists talk with the employees of the plant. Afghan-Soviet transport undertaking "Afsotr. The movement of vehicles in convoys escorted by Soviet soldiers in armored personnel carriers. city of Kunduz. Streets. The youths, members of the Democratic Youth Organization of Afghanistan, talk about themselves (synchronously). A group of girls in uniform receive the cartridges. Kabul. Construction of new homes in the area. Story of a teacher of the Lyceum of his family, which actively participated in the struggle for revolution (synchronously). Production department printers. Meeting of the Congress of Journalists and writers address delegates. Presentation of the flag of the World Federation of Democratic Youth and the banner of Lenin Komsomol youth leaders of Afghanistan at the conference, speeches B. Karmal. Visit the Party and government delegation of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, headed by B. Karmal to Moscow. Meeting at the airport. The talks in the Kremlin; participate: Leonid Brezhnev, B. Karmal, members of the Politburo and members of the delegation of Afghanistan. Soviet-Afghan treaty of cooperation. Pioneer parade at the stadium in Kabul. children in the kindergarten of the city. Children ride the carousel during the national holiday. The nurse has a newborn baby. Those happy parents.