№ 8 The Party Organizer (A Newsreel Of The Baikal-Amur Mainline).[BAM film chronicle] (1981)

Documentary №8481, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:27
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Troshkin V. P.
Screenwriters:Nikolaev L., Troshkin V. P.
Camera operators:Durandin V., Cherkasov S.
Composers:Sultanova A.
Anouncers:Batalov A.


Film # 8 from the chronicle of the Baikal-Amur Mainline. The film tells about Anatoly Podzarei, the party organizer of the 11th tunnel group, who builds the Severomusky tunnel, the biggest in the world.

Temporary description:

Film is dedicated to the activities of the party organizer of one of the sites BAM - "Bamtonnelstroya" - AI Podzareya. Of North tunnel. Mt. AI Podzarey among workers, talks about his childhood (synchronously). Work in the tunnel. Meeting. Says AI Podzarey. Installation of equipment, new equipment, which arrived at the construction of the tunnel. Engineering work. The road leading to the village Nizhneangarsk. Heavily loaded cars on the road. The tractor pulls the car out of the ditch. Stalled car. AI Podzarey in "Rafik" on the road to the village. Monument "rover" to the founders of the town of North. Head of landing on the northern Lake Baikal VI Zhurbin, expelled from the party for negligence, for the work in the tunnel. Says AI Podzarey (synchronously). Construction of houses in Severomuisk. Residents of the village. AI Podzarey playing volleyball, cleans his gun, hunting with his son. Winter landscape. A stream of hot water. Workers are working with water. The water in the tunnel. Avalanche plavuna. Ran workers. Meeting of the Party Committee. Says AI Podzarey. Solemn assembly. AI Podzarey congratulates workers, gives them awards. Laying ways.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

They run deer (helicopter).

Land, mountains (Sayan) (helicopter).

Construction of North-Tunnel.

Party organizer of the 11th tunnel squad AI Podzarey in a helicopter, following the work of the workers, talks about his life (synchronously), sitting in the car.

Trolley ride.

Trucks on the road, road traffic accidents.

Monument - terrain vehicle (monument to the founders of North-).

Felling, AI Podzarey talking to loggers.

The former head of troops in Northern Baikal VI Zhurbin A. Podzarey in the tunnel.

Building houses in Severomuysuk; report of the city.

AI Podzarey playing volleyball, at home with his son, on the hunt.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

AI Podzarey with his son on the hunt.

Winter landscapes taiga.

Jobs Severomuisk tunnel in difficult conditions (water, etc.), workers tell of accidents (synchronously).

AI Podzarey and Deputy Minister Comrade Koshelev in the tunnel.

The meeting of the Party Committee, receiving the party VI Zhurbina, AI Podzarey a recommendation (synchronously).

Says V. Zhurbin (synchronously).

AI Podzarey with the workers in the tunnel, and others, talking about himself (synchronously).

Solemn assembly.

AI Podzarey awards worker.

Secretary of the Communist Party of the Buryat area BAM NI Hooks with the workers at the meeting, tells the AI Podzaree (synchronously).

AI Podzarey reindeer herders.

Construction on the shore of Lake Baikal.

AI Podzarey talks about his work (synchronous).

AI Podzarey and NI Hooks on the shore of Lake Baikal.

Laying the tracks.

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