Box. The Olpympic Games-1980. (1981)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Ivankin A.

Script writers: Rossoshik L.

Operators: Gutman A., Donec V., Mass M., Yusov V.

Composers: Garanyan G.

Anouncers: Frolov O.


About the Boxing Competitions within the Olympics of 1980 held in the city of Moscow.

Historical background

Olympic torch lit on the ruins of an ancient Greek temple of Hera. Light the Olympic flame Moscow Olympic Games, Olympic bear. Olympic boxing tournament, the final battles, Val Barker trophy as the most technical mastery handed boxer P. Oliva (Italy), the closure of the Olympics, the song sounds.

Olympics 80


Reel №1

A woman lights a fire -

Woman with Olympic flame - PNRM.

Legs -

Woman running with the Olympic flame -

Spasskaya Tower CU.emlya -

The opening of the Olympic Games - athlete lights the fire - MS. pl.

Athletes releasing doves - PNRM.

Olympic Bear with flowers - removed from the left.

Luzhniki - removed from the left



PNRM. at the sports complex "Olympic» - CU. mp (from left)

The people at the gym -

Judge Donald Hall (USA) - removed from the collisions

Judge Nikolai Nikiforov-Denisov (USSR) - PNRM.

Judge Bernard Resta (France) and Danilo I. (Yugoslavia) -

Judge Ferdinand Duarte (Peru) - PNRM.

It takes an athlete with as seconds - PNRM.

Gym -, shot from above.

Boxer before the fight -

Other boxers before a fight - MS. Sq., PNRM.

Boxers shake hands and disagree - LS. pl., shot from above.

Different boxers before the fight -, PNRM.

Different fights boxers -

The judge stopped the fight -, PNRM.

Fights different boxers -, CU. pl. (Rapid)

Gym - LS. pl.

Boxer -, PNRM.

The judge raises his hand winner -

Boxer Andres Aldama and vice-champion of the Olympic Games in Montreal, world champion Jose, PNRM.

Judge says - removed from the left

It should be a boxer -

Boxer comes to the seconds -

Coaches embrace boxer -

Boxer and the audience -

A boxer throwing a hat, he wears it -

Boxer and a viewer (removed from the collisions)

Boxer and the seconds -

Boxer with arms raised -

Fight Victor Demyanchenko, European champion and Viktor Savchenko, the world champion -

Judge considers -, Departure

Boxer up from the floor, the judge said -

Boxer -

Fight between Peter and Alexander Koshkin Zaev -

Judge schitant, PNRM. on the TV screen, which shows a fight -

The judge raises his hand winner, boxers diverge (shot from above) -

Boxer led away from the ring -

Boxer and the seconds -

Gone boxer is a boxer -, PNRM.

It takes a boxer -, PNRM.

Runs crying boxer -, PNRM.

Boxer - (Removed from the collisions)

Boxer, boxer falls -


Boxer up from the floor, the judge said -


PNRM. the ring -

Correspondent -

Boxer Gene Mogen and Siriakkibe -

Boxer rises, the judge said -

Boxer - MS.,

The judge raises his hand winner -

Boy - Shot from above,, (Boxer Lee Byong-Uk, Iraqi boxer Harumi Jawad)

The judge and the boxers -

Viewer -

The judge said.

Spectators wave their hands.

Boy -

Referee -

Boxer up from the floor, the judge said -

Spectators wave their hats, boxer and second (Jose Pinyango from Venezuela) -

Spectators wave their hands - PNRM.,

Boxer, boxers hug judge looks.

Coach hugging boxer, boxers embrace -

Reel №2

Looks coach.

See other coach -

Watching the seconds - CU.,

Sitting judges -

Second runs to the boxer -

Wipe boxer -

Boxer and the seconds - shot from above -

Boxer give sniff -

Boxer and the seconds before the fight -

Gym -

Boxer goes Stevenson (Cuba), undresses and runs to the ring - PNRM.,

Wipe Stevenson - CU.,


In the ring, Stephenson and Solomon Amara (Nigeria) - removed from the collisions, PNRM.,

AtagaZriteli -

, Amara rises coach thinks.

Knockout Atagi -

Stevenson raises his hands and walks around the ring -

Stevenson hugs coach, then says -, Departure

Cameraman -, PNRM. Stevenson at the speaker -

Gym, TV equipment -

Referee -, PNRM. the operator

Woman lipstick -

Home match Teofilo Stevenson and Peter Zaeva -, with the departure of

Fight Stevenson Zaeva -

Cameramen - PNRM.,

Zaev wiped wipe Stevenson -

Fight Stevenson Zaeva -, Rapid

Zaev and the seconds -

Fight Stevenson Zaeva -

End of the fight - a judge raised his hand Stevenson -

The audience -

Fight Savchenko and Jose Gomez (Cuba) - LS.,

Referee -

The audience -

Savchenko waff -

Fight Savchenko and Shkaro - srpl.

Shkaro with the coach -

Fight Savchenko and Gomez -

Savchenko up from the floor, the judge said -

Fight Savchenko and Gomez, removed from the departure

Knockdown Savchenko -

Raise the flag -

The judge raises his hand Gomez - MS. Sq., PNRM. the coach

Gomez with a medal - PNRM.,

Reel №3

PNRM. the scoreboard in the ring.

Battle Cat's and Martinez - LS.,

Fight Martinez and Gasevskogo -

The audience -

Viewers are women -

Battle Cat's and Martinez -

Looking women -

Judge looks -

The judge raises his hand Martinez Martinez shaking hands -

Fight Sabirova and Ramos - LS. MS. pl., filmed from the collisions and the departure

Ramos and the seconds -

Bry Sabirova and Ramos -

The judge wrote - MS.l.

The judge boxers -

The judge raises his hand Sabirov -

The audience applauded -

IOC president Lord Killanin -, PNRM.

Killanin hangs medal Sabirov shakes hands and raises his hands -

Killanin and AIBA President Donald Hull

Scoreboard -

Operator television -

Fight Fink and Orta - LS.,

Legs boxers -

Fight Fink and Orta - (Removed from the collisions)

Legs boxers -

End of the fight Fink and Orta -

The judge raises his hand Finca -

Judge holds hand Fink zaiem boxer embraces s second -

Boxer comes with s second -

Scoreboard -

The audience applauded -

Fight Errera and Demyanenko -

Hands on with the camera -

Demyanenko and second -

Fight Errera and Demyanenko - (removed rocking)

The audience -

Demyanenko -

Errera hugs second -

Deyanenko, coach and second -

Down flags -

Reel №4

The viewer looks through binoculars -

Fight Miroshnichenko and loess -

Miroshnichenko -

Judges - PNRM.,

Miroshnichenko wipe -

Gym -

Scoreboard -

Fight Juan Hernandez (Cuba) and Jose Pinyango (Venezuela) - different plans

Spectator screams -

The judge raised his hand Hernandez -

By Andres Aldama (Cuba) and John Mugabi (Uganda) -, with the departure and arrivals

The judge raises his hand Aldama (shot from left)

TV equipment -, PNRM. on the TV screen.

Fight Slobodan Cachar (Yugoslavia) and Paul Skshecha (Poland) -, removed from the collisions

Werth drives -

Fight Patrizio Oliva and Serik Konakbaeva -, impact

Fight olive and Anthony Willis (UK) -

Oliva before the fight -

Fight olive and Konakbaeva - MS.plany

The end of the battle olive and Konakbaeva, boxers embrace -, impact

Oliva raises second -

A man with a beard -

Olive jumps and raises his hands -

Olive embraces coach, coming down from the ring, he was presented with flowers, he throws the flowers to the audience and pass -

Oliva jumping and hugging -, freeze

Olivet handed cup -

Olive goes - PNRM.,

Hang medal boxer - NPL, a boxer - PNL, Boxer shows medal -, removed rocking

Sports complex "Olympic" - from above

Olympic flame -

Stadium in the evening -

Olympic Bear with a tear -

Olympic rings -

Extinguished the fire -

Balloons and Teddy Bear -

Bear climbs on balloons in the sky -

A woman cries, hugs her man -, PNRM.

Salute - ob.plany