Materials for the film "Afghanistan: the hard way to peace" (1987)

Footage №85271, 4 footages, duration: 0:39:00

Scene №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Kiln brick.

The man beats the hammer on the wood piece.

Teenagers make the blockage of logs.

A man throws wood into the furnace, the fire burns.

From the furnace smoke.

Pile of bricks near each furnace.

Coal development.

From the mine go carts with coal.

The miners, machinists.

Men upset the cart.

The nomadic pastoralists.

Around the tents there are donkeys.

A woman collects firewood.

A woman walks into the tent.

The girl and the lambs under the canopy of the tent.

The hill rounded up a flock of sheep.

On the ground are sitting the children.

The girl throws the oil in the jar.

Folded blankets.

Small children.


The shepherds distilled sheep.

Market cattle, trading sheep and cows.


Caravan of Bedouins.

Bike plowing.

Plowing with oxen.

The cultivation of the land with hoes.


Lambs at Adobe walls.


APCS and tanks on the road next to the field.

Donkeys near the wall.

Greens in the fields.

The man with the machine gun sits on the stone wall, stand near the children.

A girl collects water.

Children ride the donkeys.

Residents walk the village, meet, talk.

The street chase sheep.

Shepherds shake hands.

Ditch, flowing water.

A man washes himself from the column on the street.

Soldiers with young children.

Calendar: 1987

Locations: Afghanistan [250]

Scene №2 Agriculture of Afghanistan

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Street of the village, the line posts.

The well pump.

A village house.

Children on the street.

In the village of Vathek sitting members of the provincial Committee of the PDPA and the elders of the village (party Secretary, the commander of the defenders of the revolution, the village headman, mawlawi, Chairman of the local organizations of the Fatherland front, Chairman of the peasant cooperative, etc.).

In the village square handing out seeds from the General Fund, dekhanin puts on document fingerprint.

The distribution of land holdings.

Celebrate hashar, marks the peasant male dance.

Soviet doctors carried out a consultation in the village.

Concert for villagers, dancers accompany the Soviet soldiers.

Men, women, teenagers, from self-defense units in ambush; shooting from machine guns.


Village school under the trees.

The girl at the blackboard.

Students at their desks.

Calendar: 1987

Locations: Afghanistan [250]

Scene №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Snow-covered mountain slopes.

Panoramas of the surroundings of Kabul, snow-covered roofs of houses.

Blossoming garden.

Orange tree.

Panoramas of Kabul and surrounding areas (fields, gardens), poor neighborhoods on the slopes of mountains and in the lowlands between them.

Maiwand Avenue; roads and buildings in the Central part of the city, traffic and pedestrians (top view).

Kabul river embankment (top view).

A man cleans a Bicycle with sand on the beach.

People wash their car in the river.

A man washes the wheel.

Drivers wash buses in shallow water.

Poor neighborhoods, traffic and pedestrians.

Women with children sitting on the side of the road, passing by transport.

Administrative buildings and parks around them.

Flowering shrubs.

US Embassy in Kabul.

Calendar: 1987

Locations: Afghanistan [250]

Scene №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Streets of Kabul, trading from stalls, shooting from different points (sell grain, fabrics, cigarettes, bananas, pottery).

Souvenir and flower shops, radio products.

Trade in metal utensils.

Street vendors ' stalls selling fruit (bananas, oranges).

Merchants at the entrance to the shops, bicycles tied to trees.

City bazaar.

Pigeons in the square.



Deserted streets on the outskirts.

Flowering tree.

Children return from school, swim in the river.

An armored personnel carrier is passing along the street.

Cars, passers-by, a horse-drawn cart.

A carpet merchant pulls a cart with goods and children.

Trade in vegetables, fruits, and meat.

Birds in cages.

Bird fights.

Laundry is being dried on ropes stretched across the street.

In Kabul's dukans, tortillas are fried and bread is baked.

Work at the city bakery.

Calendar: 1987

Locations: Afghanistan [250]

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