For the Denuclearized North (1981)

Documentary №8545, 1 part, duration: 0:09:49
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Katanyan V.
Camera operators:Usanov V., Filatov I.
Text authors:Vasinskiy A.


About 7 peace days of the North Calotte (this is a region of the European Arctic shared by the Nordic countries and the Kola Penninsula of Russia) in Norway which is located over the Polar Circle, about the participation of the Delegation of the Soviet Committee for Protection of Peace in the meeting in the city of Alta.

Historical background:

July 26-28, in the city of Alta (Norway Polar) were held VII Days of Peace North Calotte (public 4 countries - Finland, Sweden, Norway and the USSR). The conference was attended by a delegation of the Soviet Peace Committee headed by the Chairman of the Committee of the Soviet Northern Calotte Dubrovin.

Temporary description:

Norway. Seascape. Tromsø. Norwegian port. The struggle for peace. Soviet vessel Claudia Glanskaya "from prichalka port. city of Alta. Cultural Center of Alta-Halle, where various activities were held VII Days of the world public four countries - Finland, Sweden, Norway and the Soviet Union - Northern Calotte. Type the courtroom, the speeches of delegates, including speakers, the Chairman of the Committee of the Soviet Northern Calotte A. Dubrovin and others. Delegates in Conference Room on the various sections - the youth, the environment. Delegates during the Conference for Peace and Security "held at the closing days of the world. Kirkenes. Chronicle - View the Norwegian city destroyed during the 2-nd World War. Soldiers entered the liberated city, conducting demining. Laying wreaths at the monument to Soviet and Norwegian soldiers who died during the liberation of Norway. Speech by the Mayor of the Finnish town of Kemi Einav Estilya, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the City Council of Murmansk Yu Balankin at a conference on Nordic cooperation, held in the days of the forum. Member of the Finnish parliament M. Ekkore opens an exhibition of children's drawings. Visitors during the inspection of the exhibition during the conference. Type of books presented at the exhibition of children's books from the countries participating in the forum. Statement by the participants of amateur concert with bands from 4 countries participating in the forum. Members of the Northern Calotte plant trees near the municipality of Alta.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Gulls in the air - MS., CU.

Norwegian landscape - MS., Departure.

Port, ships in port - different., PNRM.

Area of ​​Tromsø - MS.

The streets of the city - different.

Standing, smiling men - MS.

Report on the streets, standing, talking two elderly women, the girl sees the flowers in the flower bed - MS.

Alta - MS., PNRM.

PNRM. the building of the cultural center "Alta Hallep."

Applaud the conference - LS.

The Conference welcomes the mayor of Alta Jacob Oruen - MS., CU.

Chairperson of the Norwegian North Calotte Professor Paul Simonsen - MS.

Listen to the conference - MS., PNRM.

Governor Says Finnish Lapland Asko Oinas - MS.

Chairperson of the Soviet Committee for the North Calotte Alexander Dubrovin - LS., CU.

Swedish is the main editor of the newspaper "Norshensflamman" Alf Levenborg - MS., CU.

Meeting participants with youth - MS., CU.

The conversation with the participants of the section on environmental protection - are different.

Town of Kirkenes - LS.

Newsreel 1939-1945.:

Destroyed by the Germans during the second world war, the city of Kirkenes: Soldiers clear of mines town - MS., CU.; City are soldiers who liberated the city, cuddling with residents - different.

Monument to Soviet soldiers liberated the town of Kirkenes (from left).

The inscription on the monument in the Norwegian and Russian: "In memory of Soviet soldiers who died in Norway in 1941, 1945.", The people at the monument - Various., Flowers are laid at the monument - different.

Monument Norwegian soldiers - resistance fighter - MS.; Laying flowers to the monument, the monument to the people - different.

PNRM. participants in the audience.

Mayor speaks Finnish town of Kemi Eino Estilya - LS., MS.

Chairperson of the City Council of Murmansk Yury Balaklashin - MS.

Applauds room - LS.

The opening of the exhibition in Alta Children's Art: Exhibition opens a member of the Finnish parliament Mikko Ekkore - MS.; Listen to children - CU.

Visitors view the exhibits - different.

Exhibition of children's books - PNRM., MS.

International amateur concert; PNRM. with the orchestra at the dancing girls - MS.

Dance parties Soviet amateur - different.

Cheering in the hall - LS.; Applaud members amateur - MS.

The building of a cultural center in Alta - LS.

Closing Days North Calotte - LS., MS.

Chairperson of the Committee of the Finnish North Calotte tuple Shinkai - MS.

Were members of the Soviet Peace Committee Georgy Kuznetsov - MS.

Chairperson of the Swedish Committee for North Calotte Esta Lindgren - MS.

Said a Norwegian Gunnar Garbo - CU.

Listen to the conference participants - CU.

The final document reads Professor Simonsen - CU., MS.; Applaud the conference - LS.

Delegates to plant trees in city hall - LS., MS., PNRM.

Applaud the conference - MS.

Landscapes of Norway - LS.

Flying gull - MS.

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