The Plans and Life. Episode 8. "The Land of Kuban". (1981)

Documentary №8578, 3 parts, duration: 0:29:48
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Khoryakov A.
Screenwriters:Chernysheva I.
Camera operators:Rusanov A.
Anouncers:Khlebnikov A.


The film about the Krasnodar Territory, about its industrial and agricultural development.

Temporary description:

Film about the Krasnodar region. Landscapes of the Azov Sea and the coast, the Kuban River and the coast. Harvesting of wheat (day and night shooting). Tea plantations. Dust storm. Cleaning polegshih loaves. Alpine landscapes. Mountain rivers. Flooding. Flooded village. Channels. Krasnodar Reservoir. Irrigation of fields and orchards. Kuban Delta. Priazovske smoothly. Reclamation and the smoother plowing under rice fields. Harvesting of rice. Village of rice farmers. Family rice farmers AA Kotivtsa. Subsistence farming and smallholding. Hospital. Kindergarten village. Music School. Speech by circus performers. Holiday House rice farm. Sovkhoznaya art gallery. Sovkhoz racetrack. Construction of the stadium. Research Institute of Rice. Director of the Institute EP Aleshin gives interviews (synchronously). Harvest tomatoes. Production of canned tomatoes at the cannery. Production processes at a textile factory. Oil fields. Treatment Facilities. Fishing. One of the fishermen on the Sea of Azov. The resort of Anapa. Beach. Streets, buildings of the city. Children rest in a camp. Sochi. Beaches. Health. Hotels. Parks. Construction of a tourist center Dagomys. Krasnodar. Streets and buildings. Orthodox church. Celebrations in honor of the 100 th anniversary of the village "Privolnoe."

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The Azov Sea, the waves.

Monument to the landing of the Black Sea Cossacks.

The Barrens, tumbleweed.

The dry earth, mud springs smoothly.

Station Taman, household residents.

Tea plantations.

River Kuban (from helicopter).

Wheat fields, harvesting combines (by helicopter).

Sunset in the field.

The dust storm, the grass bends.

The sun shines through the clouds.

The clouds of dust, cracked earth.

The rain is falling.

Hands take hailstones, they get the ears of corn, beaten by hail, polegshy bread.

Tractor collect hay.

Fertilization, tractor harrow the ground, plowed land.


Best combine operators presented with the sheaves, "bread and salt".


The mountains covered with snow.

The origins of the Kuban in the mountains.

Flood, flooded the village.

Tractor pulls out another of their dirt.

The dry bed of the river, earthen wall fencing around streams.

Channels, water tanks (with helicopter).


Krasnodar Reservoir.

Irrigation of gardens.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Smoothly and reeds in the delta of the Kuban - Various.

People and the tractor in the thickets of reeds and grass, working tractors and excavators, turning the land, equalize the ground for rice plantations.

Flies a helicopter.


The layout and alignment check with laser installation.

The distributor of water for irrigation of rice.

An employee at the console, a plan of water distribution.

The distribution channel.

Rice fields - Society.

Rice Research Institute, his work says the director of the Institute, Corresponding Member of Academy of Agriculture and EP Aleshin (synchronously).

Computer, insert the punch card, people have a computer.

Rice field, rice harvesting combines on the tracks.

Director of rice-based farm "Red Army" AI Maistrenko and others at the combine.

Of rice fields, village of rice farmers (by helicopter).

Home and Family mechanic AA Kotivtsa, AA Kotivets about his family and State Farm (synchronously).

Sons AA Kotivtsa sit in the car, wash the bike.

Part-time farm family (ducks, etc.).

State farm village area, building hospitals, kindergarten, music school, in school.

Circus artists, acrobats, animal trainer - speak to state-farm children.

State farm holiday house, art gallery, racecourse.

The construction of the stadium, the House of Culture, houses at the farm.

A herd of cows.

The vineyard, grape harvest combine.

Collection of tea.

Collection of tomatoes through the combine.

Presentation on the banks of tomatoes, tomato paste, cans on the conveyor.

Package eggs, cans of caviar.

Shop weaving factory, a worker at the control panel.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Mechanism works the oil rigs, pumping of oil.

Sewage treatment plants.


River Kuban (from helicopter).

The shore of the Azov Sea, the fishermen take out the network.

Flying birds, birds on the lake, the Caucasus Mountains - Society. (helicopter).

Bear eats berries and other animals.


Beach, children swimming, playing in the sand.

Anapa: reportage on the city.

Children playing, climbing on rocks.

Pioneer Camp, children playground.

The port in Sochi, beach - Society.

Sanatorium, a swimming pool.

Flowers, palm trees, parks.


The building of hotels and motels complex Dagomys (inside and outside).

Evening Sochi, fountains.

Report on Krasnodar: fountains, old houses.

The masked trio going.

The village "Privolnaya", celebrating 100 years of the village: in favor chorus, dance, ride trucks, horses.

Golf, gardens, village, River (from helicopter).

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