From the history of world aviation (1910-1979)

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Scene №1 From the history of world aviation

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Part of the structure of the airplane taken in a cart from the hangar.

An airplane flies over the airfield.

Export at the start of one of the first helicopters.

The unwinding of the propeller helicopter manually.

Check engine helicopter before running.

The helicopter with its spiraling screw.

The gyro at the airport after landing.

Formation flying gyroplanes.

The autogyro flies over the ancient castle.

The gyrocopter was taxiing to Parking after landing at the castle.

The pilot of the gyroplane in the cockpit.

The gyros in flight.

Gyroplane taken to the launch site.

Preparation of the autogyro for takeoff, removing a wheeled chassis.

Start the engine of the gyroplane.

Take-off autogyro, flying at low altitude.

The gyroplane hangs in the air.

Test twin screw French helicopter.

Take-off and landing helicopter on the ground near the hangar.

Test twin screw German autogyro, gyroplane in flight.

The landing of a gyroplane.

Tests of the gyro over the stadium.

The autogyro flies backwards, lands on the stadium.

Airships over the forest.

Forest landscape, away flies the airship.

Transportation of the tree trunk with the help of the airship.

The engineer controls the winch of the airship.

Airships in the air.

Flying Soviet fighters, pilots get combat mission.

The pilots took seats in the cockpits of fighter jets.

Aircraft "Maxim Gorky" flies accompanied by two fighters.

Attack aircraft "Il-2" flying over the airfield.

Beria L. P., GM Malenkov, AI Mikoyan, Kosygin A. N. watching an airplane during the air parade in Tushino.

A squadron of twin-engined bombers in the sky.

The crews of the heavy bombers "TB-3" in the ranks in front of the aircraft.

Fighters I-16 before takeoff.

Commandos Board the bomber.

The bomber begins to run.

The release of airborne troops during the maneuvers in 1936.

Paratroopers in the sky, revealed the canopy.

The leaders of the party and the Soviet state see the falling parachutists.

Paratroopers descend on the airfield, spectators watch the jumpers.

A skydiver on earth "extinguishes the" dome of a parachute.

Pick up an American pilot Charles Lindbergh with his wife after his transatlantic flight.

Lindberg with bouquets of flowers in his hands is responsible for greeting the greeters.

The faces of the girls.

Hands with flowers.

Meeting in Moscow of Valery Chkalov after the successful flight over the North pole in June 1937.

Chkalov with his wife and son riding in an open car on Gorky street.

People greet Chkalov balconies of buildings, flying leaflets.

Solemn meeting of the M. M. Gromov

Gromov is responsible for greeting out of the car.

View of the Gorky street (above), flying leaflets.

Shestimotorny passenger plane was taxiing to the runway.

Fighter "MIG-21" in flight.

Strategic missile in flight.

Aircraft of the Soviet air force for various purposes.

The rise of the strategic bomber.

Supersonic fighter "Yak" in flight, performing aerobatics, the views from the cockpit of the fighter, the link of "MIG-21" in flight.


Beriya Lavrentij Pavlovich -- state and political figure, head of the state security Malenkov Georgij Maksimilianovich -- state and political figure Mikoyan Anastas Ivanovich -- state and political figure Kosigin Aleksej Nikolaevich -- state and political figure Lindberg Charljz -- American pilot Chkalov Valerij Pavlovich -- test pilot Gromov Mihail Mihajlovich -- test pilot, commander

Calendar: 1910s 1936 1937 1941-1944 1960s 1970s

Locations: Germany [84] France [77] USSR [863] Moscow [820] USA [851]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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