Workers of Railways (1936-1955)

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Scene №1 Workers of Railways

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The flow of the engine under composition.

The wheels of the locomotive.

Grachev machinist in the locomotive cab.

The slinging of the locomotive to the composition.

Grachev gets out of the cab, checks the coupling of the locomotive with the composition and connection of air hoses back to the cabin.

Test the action of the brakes, Grachev gives a beep.

Brake pad on the wheel.

Species composition of fuel, Grachev gives a beep.

View of a locomotive under steam.

Greaser runs oil into the knots.

Grachev gets a sheet brake test.

The text on the check sheet.

Grachev climbs into the cab of the locomotive.

Grachev in the cockpit, the manometer scale.

Burning locomotive firebox.

Devices for control of pressure and water level in the locomotive cab.

Assistant engineer runs the antifoam.

Fireman before sending the train is watering the coal in the tender.

The green signal semaphore.

The signal for the train departure.

Grachev gives a beep.

The composition of the leaves in the way, Grachev controls the locomotive.

The composition passes through the arrow, railway pointer holds the check box.

Grachev in the cab of the locomotive, view of the railway.

The sequence of actions of the machinist and locomotive crews with movement of the train, fire in the furnace of a steam locomotive.

The types of running of trains, wheel pairs of wagons.

Sequence inspection of components and mechanisms of the locomotive before moving.

The driver of Leontiev and his assistant are checking the technical condition of the locomotive.

Assistant engineer checks the oil system and cooling system.

Leontiev in the cab of the locomotive, a train with a locomotive journey.

View of the railway.

Leontiev lead locomotive, control devices in the cab of the locomotive.

Assistant engineer controls the operation of the engine.

Leont'ev and his assistant in the cab of the locomotive.

View of the locomotive, speedometer scale.

View of the railway.

Face Leontiev.

Types of locomotive and composition, Leontiev lead locomotive.

The train on the way.

Assistant engineer measures the oil level.

Assistant reports to the operator the temperature of the water and oil.

The train overcomes the rise.

Leontiev in the cab of the locomotive.

Railroad workers applauding, sitting in the meeting.

Railway workers during a production meeting in the 1930-ies.

View of the railway.

The engineer in the cab of the locomotive.

Is oncoming passenger train.

The face of the driver, a freight train goes past the station.

The engineer in the cab of the locomotive, control the locomotive.

Running a train with a locomotive.

Fireman throws coal into the furnace of the locomotive, the wheels of the locomotive that overcomes the rise.

The views of the meeting in Voroshilovgrad on the occasion of the transfer of the 1000th locomotive brigade of the Tula machinist Ogneva A. S. in 1936.

Ognev teammates at the engine.

Locomotive Ogneva in the way.

Ognev in the cab of the locomotive of the front locomotive.

Passing train with machines on the platforms.

Trains in transit.

Drivers look out of the cabs of locomotives.

Transportation of goods by rail.

View of railroad tracks, stretching into the distance on the composition.

Calendar: 1936 1955 1970s

Locations: USSR [863] Ukraine [229]

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823]

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