Socio-political and cultural life of the RSFSR (1922-1923)

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Scene №1 Socio-political and cultural life of the RSFSR

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Actors of Moscow theatres open onto the Theater square before the ceremony of laying the monument to the dramatist Ostrovsky on 12 April 1923.

There is a military band, is a column of artists of the Moscow art theatre.

KS Stanislavsky on the square among the actors of the Moscow art theatre, Stanislavsky Face.

Go to the square, actors theatre of Comedy.

From the arch out the artists of the Maly theater, headed by Director of Tetra Uiname A. I. and the people's Commissar of education of RSFSR Lunacharsky A. V.

People gather at the entrance to the architectural exhibition.

The faces of the participants.

Exhibitors gathered together for photographing and filming.

The face of one of the artists.

Panorama of the exhibition hall.

Paintings of Lenin V. I., presented at the exhibition.

Paintings in abstract style.

Different exhibits.

The poster division of the Association of new trends in art, posters, artist V. E. Tatlin

Symphony orchestra plays during a ceremony in Petrograd to the first anniversary of Volodarsky's death in 1919.

Participants of the rally at the obelisk on the site of the murder of Volodarsky.

The panorama of the meeting in Petrograd.

She stands, standing on the platform, the views of the meeting.

A. S. Yenukidze, Karakhan, L. M., in the Kremlin during the reception of the Swedish Ambassador in March 1924.

The faces of the diplomats.

Swedish diplomats out of the Grand Kremlin Palace, sit in the car.

Views of the Moscow Kremlin, is a branch of the red army.

The texts of newspaper articles, calling for industrialization.

The view of the meeting.

People on the street read Newspapers.

The participants of the demonstration in honor of the 5th anniversary of the October revolution on the streets of Moscow.

Decorated facade of the Moscow Union of derevoobdelochnaya.

The protesters in one of the suburbs of Moscow.

Columns of demonstrators with models of the tractor and the cruiser moving through the city streets, for them car rides with the cameramen.

The protesters on one of the squares of Moscow, tram rides.

View of red square during a demonstration.

The kids in the back of a truck on red square.

Is the column of demonstrators.

Rides a truck with kids in the back.


Tatlin Vladimir Evgrafovich -- painter, architect Yuzhin (Sumbatov) Aleksandr Ivanovich -- actor, playwright, theatrical figure Stanislavskij Konstantin Sergeevich -- Director, actor, theatre worker Lunacharskij Anatolij Vasiljevich -- revolutionary, statesman Enukidze Avelj Sofronovich -- state and political figure Karahan Lev Mihajlovich -- state and political figure, diplomat

Calendar: 1919 07.11.1922 12.04.1923

Locations: Moscow [820] Petrograd [959]

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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