The celebration of the 10th anniversary of the October revolution (1927)

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Scene №1 The celebration of the 10th anniversary of the October revolution

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The Chairman of the CEC of the USSR M. I. Kalinin in red square receives a report from the parade commander Voroshilov K. E., cameramen are filming, Kalinin starts to bypass the troops.

Echoes group of Navy commanders salute.

Kalinin, Voroshilov, accompanied by bypass the troops, greeting the red army, the face of the red army.

Military academies are in the parade on red square.

View of the podium at the red square on the podium - the leaders of the party and the state.

Heavy tanks pass through red square, the photographer is shooting.

Are light tanks.

Plays a military brass band.

The orchestra goes from red square past the Historical Museum, followed by the moving column of demonstrators.

Columns of workers go out of Moscow to Red square, the spectators in the stands cheering for them.

The demonstrators carried an effigy of a dragon.

The spectators in the stands watching the demonstration.

Is the column of demonstrators.

The layout of the tram car from the wagon factory workers (hitting).

The demonstrators on the streets of Moscow.

View of the mausoleum and the red square during a demonstration.

The types of demonstrations.

The spectators watching the demonstration.

Sm Kirov from the rostrum of the mausoleum welcomed the demonstrators, stand on the podium I. V. Stalin, L. M. Kaganovich, Khrushchev N. With.

Panorama of the columns of demonstrators and a military band.

The faces of the demonstrators.

On red square are columns of armed workers.

The convoy of employees of the Comintern is on the streets of Moscow to Red square.

Columns of demonstrators take to the streets of Moscow for the route to the Red square.

Flags and banners the demonstrators.

A column of workers "Trekhgornij manufactory" with a brass band moves to the red square, the man looks out the window.

A column of workers textile factory layout bears the emblem of the enterprise.

The types of demonstrators (top) face of the demonstrators.

There is a column of students.

The column layout of the engine on a Moscow street.

The demonstrators in one of the town squares (top).

The columns of representatives of the Moscow enterprises and regions are moving through the city streets, people carried banners with slogans.

View of one of the Moscow streets filled with protesters.

Drove truck with a model "coffin of Russian capitalism."

Trucks with children on the streets of Moscow.

It takes a column of representatives of the republics of Central Asia.

In the column of demonstrators moving truck, people dancing on the go in the back of a truck.

Children in costumes of the Soviet peoples dancing around moving stand with posters behind them is a column of schoolchildren.

Doll representatives of foreign capital, the demonstrators carried a "dragon" with the heads of the capitalists, on stilts are circus performers.

Types of city squares and streets filled with protesters (top).

Wipers sweep the pavement before the October celebrations in Moscow.

Types of streets and squares in the morning in Moscow.

The cavalry passes by the Monument of Liberty, set in the Soviet area.

The movement of cavalry with a machine-gun carts to the Red square for the parade.

Units of sailors promoted to Red square.

Small red army units and columns of military academies go to Red square.

Column foreign workers ' delegation is on the streets of Moscow.

The audience took guest spots on red square.

Collecting composite regiment of the universal military training for the route to the Red square.

Worker checks the rifle.

Armed workers and workers in service before the beginning of the route to Red square.

Cavalry riding on horseback in red square before the parade.

Red face, screaming "Hurrah".

Division soldiers and sailors in the parade on red square.

The face of the Kuban Cossacks.

The places for honored guests.

Panorama foreign workers ' delegations, the faces of the delegates.

A military band played.

Go to Red square a column of military academies, horseback rides ahead of Voroshilov.

The kind of place for honored guests (top), a column of military academies is on the red square.

The orchestra plays.

On red square are missile units of the red army.

Budyonny S. M., I. S. Unshlikht, Muklevich R. A. and senior commanders welcome the troops from the podium of the mausoleum.

Pass units of sailors.

On Red square welcomes the representatives of the districts of Moscow, faces the audience.

On red square are columns of armed workers "universal military training", foreign delegates to welcome them.

Moving column working with the layout engine.

The types of demonstrations in red square.


Kalinin Mihail Ivanovich -- state and political figure Voroshilov Kliment Efremovich -- statesman and politician, military leader Joseph Stalin [842] -- state and political figure Nikita Khrushchev [882] -- state and political figure Kirov Sergej Mironovich -- state and political figure Kaganovich Lazarj Moiseevich -- state and political figure Budennij Semen Mihajlovich -- warlord Muklevich Romualjd Adamovich -- naval figure, military leader Unshliht Iosif Stanislavovich -- revolutionary and politician, associate of the state security bodies

Calendar: 11.07.1927

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

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