Man conquers the sky (1910-1970)

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Scene №1 Man conquers the sky

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Taking off from the airfield the plane.

Mountain and desert landscapes (above).

The pilot in the cockpit of a plane flying over the Egyptian pyramids.

Types of pyramids (above).

Conclusion at the start of the helicopter with the screws of original construction.

A seaplane on the water.

In flight of the aircraft with semi-circular wing.

Twin-screw helicopter landed at the airport during the international air show in Farnborough.

From a helicopter rushes a platoon of Marines.

Landing takes place on the hovercraft.

British fighter with missiles on Board in flight.

The various types of military and civilian jet aircraft.

The flight of aircraft performing aerobatics.

Designer mahalata trying to fly with them assembled mechanism.

Bad start of the glider from the water surface towed by a motor boat.

Biplane "Farman" flies over the airfield.

A plane crash at sea.

Jet airplane with a triangular wing shape in flight.

The face of the pilot.

Test pilots on overload.

Supersonic passenger plane "Concord" in flight.

The rise of the Soviet fighter with variable geometry wings.

Calendar: 1910-1970

Locations: Western Europe [911] USSR [863]

Seasons: Summer [824] Spring [825]

Scene №2

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The rise of the biplane.

Photo VI Lenin, Y. M. Sverdlov and participants of the solemn events, to observe the flight of the airplane 7 Nov 1918 in Moscow.

Airplane flying over red square.

Sturmovik "Il-2" at the airport in winter.

Preparing of airplane for flight in 1920-ies.

Passenger aircraft "Junkers" on the Khodynka airfield.

The plane "An-2" during unloading of products and equipment, delivered to the herders.

Rotating the screw.

The rise An-2 in winter conditions.

Doctors in the cockpit of a seaplane.

Sanitary seaplane flight.

Jet bombers in flight.

Guests of the aviation parade in Tushino on 9 July 1961 watching a flying aircraft, aircraft fly over the airfield.

Jet fighter performs over the airfield aerobatics, Khrushchev N. With. watching him.

Li Brezhnev, AI Mikoyan, Yuri Gagarin from the podium to observe the flight.

The takeoff of a jet fighter MIG.

Khrushchev, Tupolev A. N. watched from the stands for flight of the fighter, Khrushchev gestures expresses his admiration.

Aircraft, agricultural aircraft spraying chemicals over.

The takeoff of a jet airliner.

View of an airplane wing and rotary screw.

Soviet ground attack aircraft attacking ground targets during the great Patriotic war, getting into the convoy.

The pilots of bomber command the aircraft to discuss the details of the upcoming combat missions.

The run bomber winter airfield.

Soviet bombers in flight.

Soviet combat aircraft taking off from airfields in the 1970-ies.

View of the hall design office, employees work at the drawing Board.

The design office staff at work.

The test aircraft model in a wind tunnel.

View of one of aircraft factory shops in the 1940-ies.

Light aircraft with an original design edge in flight.

The start of one of the first Soviet jet aircraft.

Flying a squad of stormtroopers.

Sturmovik "Il-2" in flight.

The aircraft designer S. V. Ilyushin and his colleagues are at work on the project "Il-2".

The scheme of the aircraft.

Interior view of one of aircraft factory shops.

SP Korolev during the air parade in Tushino.

Airbus "Il-86" in flight.

Fighting helicopter flies accompanied by stormtroopers.

Planes of different assignments fly over the Tushino airfield.

Sport plane performs aerobatics.

Airliner in flight.

The crew of the aircraft in the cockpit before takeoff.

Rise of passenger aircraft.

Chassis landed plane.


Nikita Khrushchev [882] -- state and political figure Mikoyan Anastas Ivanovich -- state and political figure Brezhnev Leonid Iljich -- state and political figure Gagarin Yurij Alekseevich -- cosmonaut Tupolev Andrej Nikolaevich -- aircraft Iljyushin Sergej Vladimirovich -- aircraft Korolev Sergej Pavlovich -- designer of rocket and space technology

Calendar: 1920s 1942-1945 09.07.1961 1970s

Locations: Moscow [820] USSR [863]

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824] Spring [825]

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