Foreign newsreels 1980 № 12

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Scene №1

Pakistan - Afghan refugees cross the border while reporting the resumption of the fighting against the Soviet troops.

Scene №2

Япония - Советский посол в Японии Дмитрий Полянский оправдывает ввод советских войск в Афганистан.

г. Токио

Scene №3

France - Soviet physicist-dissident Edward Lozinski, who went to Paris in 1976, declared a hunger strike in support of Sakharov and protest in connection with refusal of permission to leave the USSR for his wife.

Scene №4

Япония - Министр обороны ФРГ Ханс Апель призывает объединить усилия против интервенции Советского Союза в Афганистан.

г. Токио

Scene №5

Portugal - the Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain Lord Carrington proposed his plan of neutrality for Afghanistan.

Scene №6

ФРГ - Афганские футболисты заявляют, что не будут играть дружеские матчи с советской командой (интервью капитана сборной Афганистана).

г. Франкфурт

Scene №7

Vietnam - At a military airfield near the city of Hanoi are on alert units of the air force - Soviet and captured American planes in case of a possible invasion of South Vietnam.

Scene №8

Pakistan - the leader of the Afghan rebels tells about the new Soviet military operations.

Scene №9

Франция - Министр иностранных дел СССР А.А. Громыко прибывает во Францию для переговоров (в связи с вводом советских войск в Афганистан).

г. Париж

Scene №10

Pakistan - Afghan refugees continue transition in Pakistan.

Scene №11

Switzerland - a statement of the USSR on the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, according to Afghan rebels, called for the sole purpose of diverting the success of the resistance movement.

Scene №12

India - members of the Janata party marching to the embassies of Pakistan and the Soviet Union in Delhi (in connection with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan).

Scene №13

France - Communist party Leader Georges Marchais denies his stay in Moscow in 1955.

Scene №14

Pakistan - President Zia ul-Haq meets with parliamentarians of Germany and assistant Secretary of state on the question of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Scene №15

Португалия - Высылка Советских дипломатов из Португалии по обвинению во вмешательстве во внутренние дела страны.

Самолет Аэрофлота.

г. Лиссабон

Scene №16

Syria - the foreign Ministers of Cuba and Afghanistan meet with Syrian President Assad.

Scene №17

India - Iranian students in Delhi protest against the provision in Egypt asylum to the deposed Shah and against the Soviet military presence in Afghanistan.

Scene №18

Tunisia - the head of the Chinese delegation in Tunis condemned the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Scene №19

Pakistan - Minister of foreign Affairs of Cuba brings to Pakistan a letter from President Castro, offering to take on the role of mediation in the peaceful settlement of the Afghan crisis.

Scene №20

Denmark - Demonstration outside the building where the conference takes place women. (Ukrainian women living in the West, staged a 48-hour hunger strike, expressing solidarity with the women of Ukraine are against the war in Afghanistan).