From the history of world sport (1905-1936)

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Scene №1 From the history of world sport

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The start of the race in France in the first decade of the 20th century, cyclists ride near the runners.

The winner finishes.

Rewarding and honouring of the winner.


Pole vault.

The competition in race walking.

The winner after the race with his coach.

Boxing in outdoor ring.

Skating on the skating-ring.

Members of the Cycling club's ride around the flower beds, one of them falls.

Participants of the Cycling "Tour de France" on the track in 1903, car rides with the judges.

A solemn meeting of the winner of the race of Maurice Garena.

Girl performs gymnastic exercises.

French runners at the track stadium.

Competition on tennis among women.

The tennis court during competition on tennis among men.

Episodes of football matches.

View of the stadium during a Rugby match (above).

Fragments of the hockey matches.

The game of baseball in the United States, the faces of the players and the fans.

View of one of the stands (above).

Running races, runners on the paths.

The lifter squeezes post.

Participants will finish the Cycling race "Tour de France" in 1923.

The face of the race winner, Henri Pelissier.

The faces of the participants who took second and third places.

View route "Tour de France" in 1934, the fans on both sides of the road welcomed the participants.

Starts Antonin Manet.

Individuals starting participants of the Cycling race.

The winner of the race in 1938 Gino Bartali on the track.

Participants Cycling on the various sections of the route, villages and mountains.

Fans at the finish with the podium to welcome the winner.

Bartali with a bouquet of flowers makes a victory lap around the stadium.

Boxing competitions.

The face of the French boxers.

The beginning of the next round, the episodes of the battle.

Knocked out boxer can't get up, the opponent is helping him.

The participants of the mass swim jump into the water.

American swimmer johnny Weismuller during training.

The face of the black American runner Jesse Owens.

Owens wins during a regular race during the Olympic games of 1936 in Berlin.

Slalom on the highway.

Fragments of a friendly football match between Berlin and Kharkiv in the 1920-ies.

The German goalkeeper catches the balls, single skips.

Berlin goalkeeper gets the ball from the net.

Pair of figure skaters on the ice.

Winter swimming in the hole.


Garen Moris -- French cyclist Pelisje Anri -- French cyclist Mane Antonin -- French cyclist Bartali Dzhino -- Italian cyclist Vajsmyuller Dzhonni -- American swimmer, actor Ouens Dzhejms Klivlend -- American athlete

Calendar: 1903 1923 1934 1936 1938

Locations: France [77] USA [851] Germany [84] Western Europe [911] Kharkiv [899]

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823]

Scene №2

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The players of the Moscow "Spartak" on the field before the championship match of the USSR in 1936.

Face the Captan of team A. P. Starostin greets the referee and the team captain of the Moscow "Dynamo.

View of the stands of the stadium "Dynamo".

Fragments of the match.

A goal in gate "the Dynamo".

Fans in the stands.

The players play ball, the goalkeeper catches it.

Goal "of"Dynamo".

Competitions in tug of war, jumping, vaulting.

Performing mass gymnastic exercises in the stadium.

The start of the race.

The faces of the fans.

High jump.

The finish of the race, the fans in the stands applauding.

Athletes balloonists in the basket of a balloon of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" before takeoff in December 1928.

The appearance of the balloon.

The aeronauts in the basket of a balloon.


Starostin Andrej Petrovich -- football coach and sports figure

Calendar: 1928 1936

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823]

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