The history of the Soviet cinema (1925-1939)

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Scene №1 The history of the Soviet cinema

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of the auditorium of the cinema.

Projectionist approaches the projector.

Charging the projector.

Human hand pulling the cord.

Recline the seat in the cinema.

Film reel film projector.

Viewers go to the gym.

Recline the seat.

Projectionist at the projector, illuminates the spiral projection lamp.

Orchestra of the cinema begins to play, the faces of the musicians.

The conductor directs the orchestra, film in the drum of the projector.

Waking up homeless, the hand rotates the handle camera.

The camera lens.

A woman sweeping with a broom tram tracks.

The blinds on the window.

Buses leave on a line from the bakhmetevsky bus depot.

Cinema poster.

Girl sleeping on the bench, passing by the tram.

The cameraman shoots the traffic from the car, the car moves off.

Horse-drawn and motor vehicles on the streets of Moscow.

The cameraman shoots the rider in the horse-drawn carriage.

The wheels of the locomotive starts moving.

The cameraman from the car taking pictures of horse-drawn carriages.

Kind of thematic collection.

The view of the artboard.

Film footage.

An employee of the Studio for a light table, rewinds the tape.

The process of assembling newsreel film footage.

Face country girl in the frame.

The installation of the next scenario.

The boy's face in the frames of a film.

View of the town square (above).

Turns governing the motion of the semaphore.

Young couple in the institution.

The text of the marriage certificate in the Ukrainian language.

Kind of cinema, a motorcyclist with a camera on the handlebars, a leading shooting on the move.

View of the square filled with people, tram rides (split-screen).

The wheels of the locomotive on the screen of the cinema.

View of the square filled with people (top).

Tram rides.

Urban and railway transport, urban areas (top).

Car with passengers traveling on the territory of the Leningrad factory "Soyuzkino".

People come to the Studio site.

Workers movie on the city streets during may day demonstrations.

The driver behind the wheel campaign vehicle of the state, sitting next to employees of the state.

The poster "Who went where" production "Sovkino", animations, footage of public transport.

Calendar: 1925-1927

Locations: Moscow [820] Leningrad [848]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Scene №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Camera turns around its axis.

Posters of Soviet films released in theaters in the 1930-ies and released abroad.

Film Director A. P. Dovzhenko talks with the audience.

The young actor talks to the audience.

Army projectionist in the booth red army club, the instructor gives the command to start the show.

Images from x/movie "Chapaev", red army watch movies.

Preparing for the show on a submarine, torpedo kick from the white sheet.

Boat crew in the torpedo room before screening.

Demonstration of x/film "Lenin in 1918", face the audience.

View the projector during the screening of a movie.

Check the quality of the sound.

One of the nodes of the projector.

Girl the projectionist checks the operation of the projector.

Checking lighting at the Studio.

Panorama of the interior of the Studio, installation of lighting, scenery for various films, shooting the scenes.

Shooting another scene sound film.

The work of actors and Directors on the set.

The Director discusses filming the future scenes.

The sign of the all-Union state Institute of cinematography (VGIK).

Students fighting positions during training in creative workshops.

Film Director S. M. Eisenstein conducts classes with students.

Lesson in a Studio.

Shooting plants rapid growing them land plants.

Fish in the aquarium.

Flying a two-seater plane.

The cameraman is shooting from the aircraft.

Mountain landscape (above).

The cameraman on Board a torpedo boat.

Torpedo boat on the combat course.

Preparing cameras for underwater filming.

Cameraman in a diving suit with a camera descends to the bottom.

The wintering in the Arctic cleaning stuff and equipment.

The cameraman is shooting in the far North.

The participants of the expeditions of 1937 equip camp.

Operators of "Soyuzkinorynok" are filming in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian soldiers at the truck "Soyuzkinorynok".

Fighters of Republican Spain thank Soviet cameramen.

Warship Republicans on the roads.

Lifeline of the icebreaker "Georgy Sedov".

The cameraman rotates the handle of the camera mounted on the deck of the icebreaker.

The cameraman is shooting hand-held camera.


Dovzhenko Aleksandr Petrovich -- film Director, writer Ejzenshtejn Sergej Mihajlovich -- the film and theater Director, screenwriter, teacher

Calendar: 1937 1939

Locations: Moscow [820] USSR [863] Arctic [941] Ethiopia [71] Spain [205] Arkhangelsk region [768]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826] Winter [823]

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