Sport of the Courageous.. (1982)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Gekker E.

Script writers: Braslavskiy L.

Operators: Muratov V.


Members of the Central Sport- Parachuting Club of Airborne Troops, parachute-jumpers, world-level masters, world recordsmen.

Temporary description

Members of the Central Sports Club, parachuting airborne troops, sportsmen, parachutists, the master of international class, world record holders: Z. Kuritsyna, E. Brovkin, H. Yusupov, V. Tsupko, V. Alexandrov, Z. Kamratova, S. Shkuropat, Hope and Vladimir Kolesnikov work out the implementation of parachute jumps on the ground, make training jumps from a plane in the air do the figures in the group jump. Parachutists landing on target. Athletes jumpers browsing filming his jump, a cameraman filmed the club A. Mashirov, analyze the stages of jumps. Bulgaria. Traditional soccer friendly armies in parachute jumping. In competitions involving members of the USSR team and the Armed Forces of the USSR, among them: H. Yusupov, V. Alexandrov, V. Buchnev, S. Shkuropat. Planting athletes in a helicopter, jumping from a helicopter; skydivers in the air performing acrobatic figures.

Reel №1

Central athletes sport parachute club Airborne in the sky, land, pass.

Athletes at the museum.

The museum's displays: photos of famous athletes 30s Mashkovsky and Minova, GE Kotelnikov.

The first domestic parachute Nyquist RC-2.


The flag of the club.

Awards, Photos.

International master, world champions: Z. Kuritsyna, E. Brovkin, J. Felix, V. Alexandrov at the stands in the museum.

Skydivers Kamratova Z., W. Buchnev (with a coach), S. Shkuropat, N. and V. Kolesnikov.

Skydivers fold parachutes, board the plane.

Alexandrov, Z. Kamratova, Z. Kuritsyna the plane.

Athletes jump.

Devices that hold jumps, coaches at the instruments, recorded.

Athlete performs "thirty" (single acrobatic jump).

Parachutist in the air, landing goes.

Scoreboard with a score jump.

Coach E. Babkin and others.


Group jump paratroopers.

Trained Z. Kuritsyna and other athletes.

Athletes perform the rebuild in the air.

Reel №2

Paratroopers after a jump, with his children at the airport.

Parachutists in the air, land.

People relax, swim in the river.

Alexandrov photographs.

Paratroopers in the garden, at the table.

Paratroopers with the coach.

A cameraman shoots club Mashiro.

Theoretical classes paratroopers in the classroom, watching photos, video jumps.

Athletes in the landing form.

Major Volkov paratroopers.

Cup teams of friendly armies in Bulgaria.

The emblem of the championship.

Guests championship.

Land paratroopers.

Are members of the Soviet team: K. Felix, V. Alexandrov winning team photographed.

Cup won by the Soviet team.

Paratroopers after the jump.

Coach checks the parachutes.

Landing in a helicopter, the helicopter takes off.

Paratroopers jump from helicopters on the figure of "whatnot."

Paratroopers in the helicopter, at the edge of the hatch on the wing of a helicopter, jump in the air.