Leningrad chronicles № 1 (1966)

Newsreel №86873, 1 part, duration: 0:09:45
Production: LSDF
Director:Uchitelj E.
Camera operators:Afanasjev G., Vinogradskij N., Ivanov A., Kozirev B., Luchinin O., Maslennikov S., Ovsyannikov F., Pavlov A., Simonov G., Aleksandrov Yu.
Other authors:Pugachev D.


A New Year's edition dedicated to various aspects of the life of Leningrad and the Leningrad region.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of the part of the Christmas tree.

The figure of Santa Claus.

Panorama of the foyer of one of the Palaces of Culture during the New Year celebration (from above).

People congratulate each other under the chiming of the chimes.

View of the rally on the occasion of the entry into operation of the Kirishi Oil Refinery (from above).

Cutting the red ribbon.

The participants of the rally applaud.

The train with oil enters the territory of the plant.

The faces of the applauding rally participants.

People greet an oil-loading railway train.

The train with oil at the receiving overpasses.

Connecting hoses to tanks.

Types of the plant.

Completion of the turbo generator assembly at the Electrosila plant.

The face of the foreman of installers.

Installing the rotor.

The gate with the name of the state farm "Detskoselsky".

Preparation of tractors for spring sowing.

The faces of the machine operators.

State farm workers led by an accordion player are walking down the street.

Milk tankers are passing along the street.

Paper for making milk bags.

Automatic packing of triangular bags with milk in metal containers.

Hexagonal boxes with milk bags on the conveyor belt.

The operation of an automatic line for bottling milk into bottles.

The baby drinks milk from a bottle with a pacifier.

The process of making a thermos bag in VNIITVCH im.

Vologda, the faces of the Institute's employees.

Installing milk bottles in a thermos bag.

A pot of hot soup in a thermos bag.

Marriage registration ceremony 75,000 newlywed couples, newlyweds and guests enter the hall.

A couple of newlyweds-Larisa and Alexander Baryshnikov before the start of marriage registration.

Employees of the registry office make a speech.

The faces of the newlyweds.

Relatives and guests congratulate the newlyweds.

The Pesyakovs and their children ride a horse-drawn sleigh.

Women with baby strollers walk along the path of the winter park.

Panorama of the part of the Neva covered with ice.

The face of a passenger of a suburban electric train.

Tourists with skis in the train car.

Tourists after leaving the car.

People with skis on their shoulders go to the place of skiing.

People go down the mountain on skis.

Skiers athletes pass the track during the competition.

Performing ski jumps.

Slalom athletes overcome the track.

View of the territory of the winter sports complex (from above).

Production of soccer balls in the workshops of the "Sport" plant.

The worker uses a compressor to pump the balls with air.

Checking the quality of balls.

Weighing the ball on the scales.

Putting a stamp on the ball.

The image of the "Bronze Horseman" on the ball.

Increasing the number of balls (animation).

The plane is at the airport after landing.

Meeting at the airfield of the artists of the Leningrad Academic Opera and Ballet Theater.

Kirov after their return from Finland.

Relatives meet artists, artists ' faces.

The faces of the ballet dancers Kolpakova I. A. and Solovyov Yu. V.

The artists are standing with bouquets in their hands.

The face of the composer Kiyanov B. P.

Kiyanov accompanies the singer on the piano, performing a New Year's song composed by him.

Glowing windows of residential buildings, views of streets and houses of the night New Year's Leningrad.

Faces of people dancing a New Year's waltz in the hall of the Palace of Culture, a New Year's tree.

Employees of the Leningrad police, driving in a patrol car along Nevsky Prospekt, congratulate the residents of the city on the New Year through a loudspeaker.

View of the part of Nevsky Prospekt.

A tape recorder with a recording of the text of the greeting inside the patrol car.

A police officer at the wheel makes remarks to violators of traffic rules through a loudspeaker.

Passers-by on Nevsky Prospekt.

To a passenger in the airport waiting room.

The millionth passenger approaches the ticket window.

The head of the airport is talking about checking in for the flight of the millionth passenger (synchronously).

The face of the millionth passenger G. K. Agapov.

Presentation of a free anniversary ticket to Agapov.

Ticket stub.

Agapov climbs the ladder of the plane.

Towing the aircraft to the runway.


Kolpakova Irina Aleksandrovna -- ballet dancer, choreographer, choreographer, ballet teacher Solovjev Yurij Vladimirovich -- ballet dancer Kiyanov Boris Pavlovich -- composer

Calendar: 1966

Locations: Leningrad [848] Leningrad region [785]

Seasons: Winter [823]

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