Leningrad chronicles № 38 (1961)

Newsreel №86979, 1 part, duration: 0:10:12
Production: LSDF
Director:A. Minkin
Camera operators:A. Bogorov, V. Valdajcev, A. Dobbeljt, B. Kozirev, S. Maslennikov, F. Ovsyannikov, A. Shafran
Other authors:A. Meljnikov


The issue is devoted to various aspects of the life of Leningrad and the Leningrad region.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of the building of the main building of the Nevsky Machine-Building Plant.

Newsreel of 1958: the production process in one of the factory shops.

An advanced team led by Valentin Tulin during the tests of a new gas turbine, the face of Tulin.

Persons of the team members discussing the production issue.

Tulin's face.

Transportation of the turbine rotor using a crane beam.

Installation of the rotor on the site of the Tulin brigade.

The faces of the advanced brigadiers V. Tulin and N. Dubinin.

Members of Dubinin's team discuss the current issue during the installation of the turbine.

View of the turbine during installation.

The truck leaves the gate of the Kuznetsovsky house-building plant No. 4.

Internal view of one of the workshops.

Automated processes for the manufacture of reinforced concrete panels, the operator at the control panel.

The face of the girl operator.

Mechanized and automated production processes in the workshops of the plant.

Transportation of the plant's products to the construction site using a panel truck.

Panorama of the construction of a residential building.

Lifting the panel by crane.

Brigadier S. I. Tkachev gives signals to the crane operator.

Installing one of the panels.

The face of brigadier A. I. Pikalov.

Installing the next panel.

Types of new residential panel five-storey houses.

Trucks with the products of the plant pass through the streets of the city.

Entrance to the territory of the state farm "Detskoselsky".

View of a street with one-story residential buildings.

A new three-storey residential building in the working village of the state farm, a panorama of the new residential quarter of the village.

The director of the state farm Shinkarev talks to journalists in his office.

Shinkarev talks about the profitability of the state farm, talks about the harvest, future plans (synchronously).

Winter countryside landscape, panorama of peat-compost development.

Enrichment of peat compost with ammonia nitrogen-containing water at the Luga machine-reclamation station using a special device for an excavator.

The driver of the excavator behind the levers.

The work of the machinery of the machine-reclamation station.

Export of enriched peat compost on special shield sledges.

Types of buildings of the Pulkovo Observatory.

Panorama of the new telescope with software control.

View of the metal mirror of the telescope.

Alignment of the telescope.

Engineers Yu. A. Belyaev and V. S. Sumin check the electronic-calculating-solving device developed by them for controlling the telescope according to a predetermined program.

Scales of control devices.

The end of the telescope alignment.

The dome of the telescope pavilion is moving apart.

A telescope aimed at the sky.

Rotate the telescope.

View of the telescope pavilion from the outside.

Meeting of participants of the 5th World Congress of Trade Unions at the Moscow railway Station.

The congress participants get out of the car.

Presentation of flowers and commemorative badges to the participants of the congress.

Exchange of icons.

Participants of the congress are walking along the platform.

The lighthouse on the island of Gogland.

Panorama of the forest and rocks on the island.

Monument to the inventor of radio A. I. Popov on the island.

A picture depicting the rescue of the battleship "General-Admiral Apraksin" with the help of radio communication, which allowed organizing rescue operations.

Portrait of Popov.

Popov's telegraph machine.

Radio antennas above the roofs of houses.

Evening seascape.

View of the Nevsky Prospekt in the evening.

View of the video communication studio with Moscow and Kiev.

The engineer sets up the equipment.

A video call session from Moscow.

A subscriber at the Leningrad video communication point during a session, equipment that provides video communication.

The faces of subscribers congratulating each other on the upcoming New Year.

Calendar: 1961

Locations: Leningrad [848] Moscow [820] Leningrad region [785]

Seasons: Winter [823]

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