Leningrad chronicles № 24 (1959)

Newsreel №87002, 1 part, duration: 0:10:01
Production: LSDF
Director:V. Vasilenko
Camera operators:N. Blazhkov, A. Bogorov, S. Maslennikov, A. Pavlov, R. Shevalje, E. Mezencev
Other authors:V. Rabinovich


The issue is dedicated to various aspects of the life of Leningrad and the Leningrad region.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Arrival of the train at the Moskovsky railway station in Leningrad.

Leningrad residents meet athletes participating in the 2nd Spartakiad of the peoples of the USSR.

Athletes walk along the platform, carry flowers and won cups.

Cups won by the Leningrad team.

The faces of athletes.

Secretary of the Leningrad City Committee of the CPSU Kondrashov delivers a speech from the podium, cups at the foot of the podium.

View of the solemn meeting.

The European record holder in swimming Sorokin V. I. performs.

The participants of the rally applaud.

Athletes with won cups in their hands.

Summer rural landscape, a tanker truck passes along the road.

Ripe ears of wheat on the field of the collective farm.

Lenin of the Gatchina district.

Combine harvester at the harvest.

Combine harvester A. I. Yakovlev at the helm of the combine.

Ground grain in the back of a truck.

A truck with grain drives away from the combine.

Construction of a new economic building on the collective farm.

A concrete mixer is working.

View of the new barnyard.

Chickens at one of the buildings of the new poultry farm.

The poultry woman feeds the chickens.

Collective farm herd on the pasture.

Milking cows in the field.

Draining the frozen milk into cans before loading into the back of a truck, the face of one of the milkmaids.

The building of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Plant Protection.

A sign with the name of the institute.

Employees of the institute are working on creating an artificial climate in various regions of the USSR.

Scientist S. V. Andreev examines the plants.

The face of one of the employees of the Institute.

View of a part of the recorder of one of the devices.

Scientists examine plants.

Research of plant pests.

Operation of equipment for determining the degree of pest infestation of barns and warehouses.

Recording sound parameters on a magnetic tape.

The faces of scientists.

Employees of the Institute at work.

The plane is at the airport after landing.

View of the part of the airport building.

Members of the delegation of the Republic of Guinea descend from the plane.

The leaders of Soviet and party organizations meet the Guinean guests, give them flowers.

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Leningrad City Council N. I. Smirnov makes a welcoming speech.

The faces of the Guinean guests.

The head of the Guinean delegation, Sayfoulay el-Hajj Diallo, makes a response speech.

Smirnov shakes hands with the head of the delegation, everyone applauds.

Shipment of finished products in the winding shop of the Krasnaya Nit combine.

Manual production processes in the workshops of the plant.

The work of a new production line combining six winding machines.

Coils of thread on the conveyor belt.

Receipt of coils with threads to the elevator of the label machine.

Automated production processes at the plant.

View of the bow of the submarine (from above).

Cadets of the training unit of submariners during classes in the classrooms.

Practical exercises on simulators.

Midshipman Mosolov conducts a lesson on controlling the rudders of a submarine.

Training on the actions of the crew in the event of an accident.

Training of divers in a special pool.

A lesson in one of the classes.

Panorama of the city block under construction.

Types of new school buildings.

Finishing works in one of the schools under construction.

The face of the head of the construction site L. N. Chumazov.

Chumazov is talking to the customer.

Cycling of floors in one of the rooms.

View of the new school building.

Painting of window frames and window sills.

Children wipe the desks standing in the yard before entering the classrooms.

Workers bring a desk into the school building.

View of the new school building.

Registration of children in the first grade.

The faces of children.

The internal view of one of the classes.

Future first-graders Yulia Vasilyeva and Misha Zaitsev enter the classroom.

Children are looking at desks in the classroom.

Arrival of the train at the Moscow railway station.

Meeting of participants of the International Film Festival who arrived in Leningrad.

Presentation of bouquets of flowers to the guests.

The head of the city Department of Culture Kolobashkin V. A. makes a welcoming speech.

View of a part of the rally in honor of the arrival of guests (from above).

Italian actress Giulietta Mazina makes a response speech.

Guests go to the buses, among them - the Japanese actress Aoyama Kyoko.

The bus with guests departs from the station.

Panorama of a part of the Palace Square.

Guests are visiting the Hermitage building.

Participants of the film festival during a visit to the halls of the Hermitage.

The face of the Polish artist Maria Chesalskaya.

Paintings on the walls of the Hermitage halls.

Filmmakers from China inspect the exhibits.

Hungarian filmmakers during an inspection of the exhibits of the Hermitage.


Mazina walks past the Hermitage building, responds to the greetings of Leningrad residents.


Smirnov Nikolaj Ivanovich -- state, economic and political figure Sajfulaj elj-Hadzh Diallo -- Guinean statesman and politician Kolobashkin Vladimir Antonovich -- statesman and politician Sorokin Vitalij Ivanovich -- swimmer, coach Mazina Dzhuljetta (Dzhuliya) Anna -- Italian theater and film actress Kioko (Keko) Aoyama -- japanese actress

Calendar: 1959

Locations: Leningrad [848] Leningrad region [785]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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