Leningrad chronicles № 24 (1960)

Newsreel №87003, 1 part, duration: 0:10:14
Production: LSDF
Director:N. Komarevcev
Other authors:A. Meljnikov


The issue is devoted to various aspects of the life of Leningrad and the Leningrad region.

Reel №1

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View of the Smolny building (from above).

A newspaper report about the plenum of the Leningrad Regional Committee of the CPSU.

Materials of the plenum published in the newspaper.

An exhibition of fodder crops organized for the participants of the plenum.

The participants of the plenum consider the samples of forage crops presented at the exhibition.

Director of the state farm "Myslinsky" I. A. Yakovlev tells the participants of the plenum about the achievements of the state farm.

The face of one of the participants of the plenum.

Panorama of the corn field of the state farm.

The car of the director of the state farm passes through a field clearing.

Link V. D. Novozhilova shows the management of the state farm corn grown on the site of her link, the person of Novozhilova and the chief agronomist.

Combine harvester for harvesting feed corn.

The trailer rotates the handle of the feed drum.

Export of the harvested crop on a tractor cart.

Grazing ducks and pigs.

Panorama of a herd of cows on a pasture.

A cow at the drinking trough.

Summer rural landscape.

Ships at the berths of the Leningrad Commercial port.

Crane operator I. V. Kuznetsov passes along the pier.

Kuznetsov greets his workmates.

Kuznetsov talks about a trip to Moscow, the course of the socialist competition between the districts of Leningrad and Moscow (synchronously).

The faces of the port workers.

Kuznetsov climbs into the cabin of his crane.

Kuznetsov in the crane cabin during operation.

Unloading of one of the vessels.

The trolleybus departs from the stop.

Trolleybus on the streets of Leningrad.

Passengers in the trolleybus cabin.

Views of Nevsky Prospekt, city transport on the avenue.

The face of the trolleybus driver A.V. Petukhov.

A trolleybus is traveling along a city street.

Panorama of a part of the new city block (from above).

Market sale of vegetables on one of the streets of Leningrad.

The seller serves customers.

View of the building under construction of the new market of the Nevsky district of Leningrad.

Indoor view and panorama of the indoor market under construction.

View of the covered market of Vasilievsky Island.

A new pavilion built on the market.

Indoor views of one of the indoor markets.

Panorama of the vegetable counter.

Children run to the playground of young animals in the Leningrad Zoo.

The scheme of the zoo.

Giraffes in the zoo pen, the faces of children.

Cubs splashing in the water, laughing children.

Cubs on the playground of young animals.

Visitors on the paths of the zoo.

Hippo in the pool.

The child is in the mother's arms.

A lion and a lioness with cubs in a cage.

The binturongs are in a cage.

Children sit on the shoulders of their parents.

An elephant in an elephant house.

Carnival of peoples 'Friendship in the pioneer camp "Druzhba".

Participants of the carnival in costumes of the peoples of the world walk and dance around the site.

Riding on swings and carousels.

Children in costumes of literary heroes sit down at the tables, start eating pancakes.

Performance of a gypsy dance by one of the participants of the carnival to the accompaniment of an accordion.

Girls dance Ukrainian hopak on an open stage.

Preschooler Misha Lazarev performs a solo part in a dance.

The audience applauds the young artists.

Participants of the rowing competitions are nominated for the start.

The crew of the "deuce" consisting of Yu.

Tyukalova and A. Berkutova at a distance.

Tyukalov and Berkutov land on the shore.

Tyukalov talks about participating in Olympic competitions in Australia and winning gold medals, about his sports prospects, future rivals (synchronously).

Installing boats on a truck for transportation.

Strengthening of boats on a special frame.

Transportation of boats by trucks.


Tyukalov Yurij Sergeevich -- rower, rowing coach, architect, artist Berkutov Aleksandr Nikolaevich -- rower, rowing coach

Calendar: 1960

Locations: Leningrad [848] Leningrad region [785]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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