Leningrad chronicles № 2 Komsomol spotlight (special edition) (1964)

Newsreel №87038, 1 part, duration: 0:10:10
Production: LSDF
Director:Yu. Ryabov
Other authors:D. Pugachev


The issue is dedicated to the activities of the Komsomol Searchlight to identify shortcomings in the industry, construction and agriculture of Leningrad and the Leningrad Region.

Reel №1

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Production processes in the workshops of one of the enterprises of the Leningrad Sovnarkhoz.

Young workers of Komsomol brigades at the machine tools.

Identification of marriage by members of the factory "Komsomol searchlight".

Issue of the next issue of the wall newspaper "Komsomolsky Searchlight", indicating the shortcomings.

Battle sheets of the Komsomol Searchlight.

The sign of the plant "Reducer".

Internal view of the lathe shop.

The face of the turner.

Processing of the part on the machine.

Workers replace each other at the machines.

Idle equipment in one of the plant's workshops.

Industrial waste in a landfill.

Panorama of the landfill.

A man collects scraps of leather and substandard shoe insoles thrown into the landfill by the Voskhod factory.

Photo cans thrown in the landfill.

Unprocessed waste dumped in a landfill.

Scrap metal in a landfill.

People collect industrial waste for personal use.

A wooden box is burning.

Panorama of a part of the landfill.

Unloading waste from dump truck bodies, falling money.

Bulldozer rakes waste.

The duty officers of the control post of the Komsomol Searchlight return the truck with waste to the enterprise.

The truck leaves the landfill.

Samples of products made from waste.

The building of the grocery store on Moskovsky Prospekt of Leningrad.

The sign of a grocery store.

Panorama of the trading floor, the faces of the deputy head of the department Skvortsova and Gavrilova, guilty of illegal sale of products.

The seized packages with cereals, the face of the detained packer Ganyushkina.

The face of the detained locksmith of the pasta factory Serov.

Packs of pasta brought out by Serov from the factory.

Serov gives evidence during the interrogation.

Type of residential building.

The driver of the bakery Alekseev gives evidence about the theft committed by him.

A sign with the name of the bakery.

View of the fence of the bakery.

The driver of the van sits in the cab.

Alekseyev answers the investigator's questions, confesses what he did, and promises not to steal again (synchronously).

The face of the loader of the bakery Ilyin.

Products of the bakery, taken out by Ilyin.

Ilyin takes out the meat he stole from the barn.

Ilyin feeds the piglet.

Ilyin is in the attic of his barn unloading bread from sacks.

Ilyin is under interrogation.

F. E. Pinchuk goes home after the end of the working day.

Pinchuk's house, Pinchuk runs to the gate.

The dog is in the doghouse.

Rabbits in cages.

Pig in the fence.

The face of Pinchuk's wife.

The pig eats from the feeder.

Pinchuk goes home after work.

Cows from the state farm "Progress" in the snow.

The sign of the State construction trust No. 104.

The head of the trust Popov considers the project of the animal farm.

Panorama and views of the frozen construction of the barnyard and cowshed.

One of the construction managers, Neretin, is sitting on Ana's couch and reading the magazine "Crocodile".

Cows in the snow eat hay from briquettes.

Popov is sitting at a desk in his office.

Cow hoof dials a phone number (staged).

Popov picks up the phone, puts it back on the hook.

Members of the "Komsomol Searchlight" produce a wall newspaper.

Combat leaflets with a description of shortcomings in production.

Calendar: 1964

Locations: Leningrad [848] Leningrad region [785]

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823]

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