Newsreel of the great Patriotic war (1941-1945)

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Scene №1 Newsreel of the great Patriotic war

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Infantry units of the red army during the retreat in the fall of 1941, the faces of the soldiers and commanders.

The tail of a downed German plane got stuck in the roof of the dilapidated building.

Soviet machine gunners firing from the Windows of the building.

Soviet troops are fighting street battles in Hungary and Germany.

Care for the wounded.

Panorama of the streets of Berlin during a street fight, the cameraman is shooting.

Machine-gun and artillery crews firing at the enemy during the street fighting.

Gunners pull a weapon up a mountain road.

Film Director A. P. Dovzhenko is speaking from a tribune.

Crossing the pontoon and the artillery, the red army pushed the pontoon.

Soviet infantry on the March during the spring thaw.

Overcoming of water obstacles during the liberation of Ukraine in 1943.

The cameraman, standing waist-deep in water, taking pictures of the crossing.

Crossing artillery on the pontoon across the Dnieper.

Soviet tanks are going to attack.

Soviet troops are fighting in the streets.

Flamethrower change position.

Preparation of divisions of heavy artillery to open fire, the barrels of the guns rise up.

Gunships and bombers to attack ground targets.

The attacking infantry runs past burning German tanks.

Artillery calculations occupy firing positions during combat in urban environments.

Soviet and Polish soldiers set the national flag of Poland on the roof of the building.

Soviet tanks on the March.

General of the army I. Kh.

Bahamian receives a report of the chief of the communication of the 1st Baltic front.

Radio operator at work.

Manoogian reads the text on the Telegraph tape.

General of the army I. D. chernyakhovskiy during the development of the next operation.

Army General KK Rokossovsky at the command post.

Marshal GK Zhukov takes place, accompanied by generals.

Wrecked and burning German tanks, the dead body of a German tanker.

The face of anti-tank.

German soldiers go to the counter.

Soviet artillery crew opens fire.

View of the battlefield through binoculars.

Flying story of the Soviet attack planes.

Dropping bombs on enemy positions, the results of the bombing (above).

Soviet tanks and self-propelled guns attacking through the woods.

Lined in the summer of 1941 Soviet tank.

Soviet infantry in defence and attack.

The explosions of bombs and shells.

Broken and abandoned German military equipment.

German tankove unit prior to nomination for the position, the face of the tanker.

Soviet artillery ammunition finally lead to a curb view.

Carriage of mountain guns on pack horses.

The rise of artillery in the mountains.

The division of the climbers during ascent on a rock.

A different kind of red army troops in the offensive.

Is Konev observe the battlefield.

Soviet infantry attack supported by tanks.

Lights lined the German armored vehicles, the corpse of the tanker on the armor.

Stunned German artillery sits at the broken gun, his head in his hands.

The view of the battlefield near Moscow.

Soviet forces liberate one of the towns in Moscow region.

The German soldiers emerge from the cellar and surrendering.

German artillery, covering his head with his hands.

Soviet troops are fighting in the streets.

German soldiers sitting with guns.

The guerrillas attacked the village to gather the captured weapons.

Guerrillas tear and burn the orders of the occupation authorities.

A German soldier with the broken gun.

The guerrillas are fighting in the woods.

The corpse of a German soldier.

Medical orderly helping the wounded.

Soviet troops are fighting in the streets of Berlin.

View of the square in front of the Brandenburg gate.

Soviet artillery fire at the enemy.

The infantry in the trench changes position.

The orderly pulls out the wounded from the battlefield.

The gunners are firing.

Torpedo boats are to the goal.

The landing of Soviet naval infantry.

Sailors fighting on the outskirts of Sevastopol.

Sailors rise to the attack.

Soviet soldiers with a red flag run to the Reichstag.


Isaac's Cathedral during the siege of Leningrad anti-aircraft gun into position at the Cathedral.

The firing of one of the districts of Leningrad.

German heavy artillery shelling of Leningrad.

Of hit of shells in houses, fires in Leningrad.

The face of a German pilot.

The removal of the wounded after the shelling.

View of the living room, injured in the shelling.

The corpse of the girl on the floor.

Soviet troops are fighting in the summer of 1942.

Soviet bombers dropping bombs.

The removal of the wounded from the battlefield.

The commander speaks on field telephone.

Gunners firing.

Flying Soviet planes.

Infantry attacks supported by tanks.

Night air battles over Moscow.

Trails of bullets converge on enemy planes caught by searchlights.


Dovzhenko Aleksandr Petrovich -- film Director, playwright Bagramyan Ivan Hristoforovich -- warlord Chernyahovskij Ivan Danilovich -- warlord Rokossovskij Konstantin Konstantinovich -- warlord Zhukov Georgij Konstantinovich -- warlord Konev Ivan Stepanovich -- warlord

Calendar: 1941-1945

Locations: USSR [863] Ukraine [229] Moscow [820] Leningrad [848] Leningrad region [785] Moscow region [788] Hungary [100] Germany [84] Berlin [821] Poland [177]

Seasons: Summer [824] Spring [825] Autumn [826] Winter [823]

Scene №2

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Caucasian women hand over their jewelry for the war effort.

Samples of commissioned jewellery.

Surrender citizens of valuables and jewels for the war effort, the military thank one of the women.

Jewelers estimate put the jewels.

The silverware and cigarette cases, commissioned for the war effort, women's faces.

A woman takes off her wedding ring hand, passes it to the evaluator.

Letting women family jewels, faces of women.

Jewels, handed to Soviet citizens for the war effort.

View of the meeting in honor of the opening of the monument to the girl-the underground fighter who was killed by the Nazis (above).

Photo girls.

Photography war.

Photos of the rally after the transfer of the red army tank column "Fighting friend".

Photos of female soldiers.

Comrades buried dead girl-sniper.

Red face.

Girl-servicemen are on the balls of awards of the deceased.

Funeral a volley of rifles.

Children sit on the sites and suitcases at the railroad tracks waiting for echelon to evacuate.

The faces of refugee children.

The kind of emergency level (the top).

A doctor in the hospital examines a boy with an amputated leg.

Nurses lay in bed the girl with burns of the face.

The children on the beds in the hospital ward.

Foster parents in one of the republics of Central Asia take to his adopted orphaned Russian children.

A woman takes away from the orphanage adopted her baby.

Foster parents are washed in the trough of an adopted son.

Orphans in foster care with their new parents.

People in the excavation.

The arrangement and form of a tent camp.

Old house in one of the rear cities of the RSFSR.

The adopted child in the adoptive family.

Film Director Sergei Eisenstein on the film "Ivan the terrible".

Fragments x/film "Ivan the terrible".

The types destroyed in the fighting settlements and

the industrial enterprises.

View of the ruined factory floor.

The smoke from the fires.

Sledge convoy of grain for the front rides through the village street.

Nurse Pat in the hospital along with the wounded selects phonograph records to listen to.

The faces of the wounded, listening to the music.

The nurse in the hospital helping the wounded to wash.

Nurses are bandaging the wounded, put injections and fed with a spoon.

Giving blood for the wounded, ampoules and vials filled with blood put.

The woman's face who donate blood.


Ejzenshtejn Sergej Mihajlovich -- film Director, teacher

Calendar: 1942-1943

Locations: USSR [863]

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823]

Scene №3

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Infantry units of the red army over in echelon to send to the front in 1941.

Soldiers waving goodbye from the passing cars.

Infantry in camouflage attacks supported by tanks during the counter-offensive near Moscow in December 1941.

Fly airplanes.

Generals L. M. Dovator and KK Rokossovsky, sitting, studying a map of hostilities.

Dovator cavalry attacks along the forest.

The corpses of German soldiers.

The crew takes a position during street fights.

Infantry attacked along the street.

Fighting in the streets of a town in the Moscow region.

The captured German soldiers.

Fighting Soviet troops during the counter-offensive near Moscow.

The orderly pulls out the wounded from the battlefield.

The face of the artillery commander.

Artillery firing at the enemy.

Attack infantry, heavies, changing the firing position.

The installation of the mortar to the firing position.

The calculation expands the instrument.

Photos military everyday life of the red army.

Burning of a village house.

Faces of people crying.

Residents of one of the liberated settlements of the Moscow region meet the Red army.

The girl's face.

She treats sitting in a truck of the red army.

Infantry attacks supported by tanks.

Tank breaks the wire fence.

Soviet and German artillery firing.

The gap shells.

Trains with equipment and weapons sent to the front.

View of a train with tanks on the platforms.

Tanks and self-propelled guns are going to attack with air support.

Attacking enemy cavalry.

Infantry goes on the attack.

The girl's face-the orderly, tie up the wounded on the battlefield.

Stretchers with the wounded and brought into the tent hospital in the winter forest.

The operation in the field.

Academician Burdenko N. N. in the Kremlin talks with Caninum I. M. during the award ceremony in 1943.

Presentation Burdenko medal "Hammer and sickle" and the order of Lenin, the military helps to strengthen the awards on his tunic Burdenko.

Awards Burdenko.

Face Burdenko.

Types streets of Moscow in the summer of 1941.

The Moscow citizens digging anti-tank ditches.

Record volunteers in the Red army.

The woman makes the sign of the cross passing of the red army during the counter-offensive near Moscow.

People with Christmas trees on the streets of Moscow at the end of December 1941.

Carriage decorated Christmas tree in the back of a truck.

Face Rokossovsky.

Meeting of the train with the warriors-winners in the summer of 1945.

Warriors-winners parade along the square, one of the soldiers takes his hands of his son, kisses him.

Soldiers with family and friends out of the area.

Girls on the square handed flowers to veterans.

Buildings in Moscow, decorated for Victory Day.

The view of red square during a parade in celebration of the 28th anniversary of the October revolution.

Artillery on red square.

View of the podium of the mausoleum.

G. M. Malenkov, V. M. Molotov, L. P. Beria on the podium of the mausoleum.

Artillery units move along red square, people on the stands.

War on the podium of the mausoleum.

Stalin's portrait and the slogan in honor of the Victory.

Performances on one of the squares of Moscow.

Gala ball in honor of the victory in the great Patriotic war.

Victory salute over Moscow.

Restoration and repair of city buildings, improvement of streets and squares.

The ceremonial meeting in the hall of columns in honor of awarding the order of Lenin Komsomol for his services in the war

The speaker on the podium, the audience views.

The pioneers made the hall of red flags.

Mi Kalinin and A. N. Kosygin. applauded.

The pioneers welcomed the participants, people in the audience applauded.

Kalinin congratulates the participants of the meeting and the military, all applaud.


Burdenko Nikolaj Nilovich -- surgeon, scientist Dovator Lev Mihajlovich -- warlord Rokossovskij Konstantin Konstantinovich -- warlord Malenkov Georgij Maksimilianovich -- state and political figure Beriya Lavrentij Pavlovich -- state and political figure Molotov Vyacheslav Mihajlovich -- state and political figure, diplomat Kalinin Mihail Ivanovich -- state and political figure Kosigin Aleksej Nikolaevich -- state and political figure

Calendar: 1941 1943 1945

Locations: Moscow [820] Moscow region [788] USSR [863]

Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825] Summer [824]

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