Serve my Homeland 30.10.2005 (2005)

Telecast №87177, 1 part, duration: 0:26:02
Production: VID
On request: Pervij kanal
Anchor:Boris Galkin

Reel №1

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The plot of the joint Russian-Indian military exercises.

Video news: a Russian officer gives a command on the radio.

Russian and Indian units during an exercise at a training ground in the Thar desert, Rajasthan.

The release of airborne troops and military equipment.

Attack and defeat of the camp of conditional terrorists.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov, along with the Indian military, is watching the exercise.

Types of landfill, air landing drop.

Sergei Ivanov talks about the growing threat of international terrorism, about pre-emptive strikes on terrorist camps, according to the Russian military doctrine, about anti-terrorist cooperation between Russia and India, and about the combat tasks of the Russian navy


Russian paratrooper units descend by parachute.

Ivanov, along with the Indian military, watches the landing of the troops.

Transfer of parachutes by Russian paratroopers to Indian colleagues.

Indian paratroopers in formation with Russian parachutes.

Ivanov among the Indian military after the ceremony of handing over parachutes.

An Indian paratrooper speaks positively about the Russian parachute.

Indian fighter jets at the airfield before takeoff.

MIG aircraft of the Indian Air Force during a training flight.

Types of ships of the Indian Navy (top).

Visitors at the exhibition of samples of Russian weapons and equipment.

Indian amphibious company commander Nitin Gulta talks about the training of Indian paratroopers (synchronously).

Gulta sets the task to his subordinates.

People on the streets of an Indian city.

The face of a Russian paratrooper.

Indian military at the command post.

S. Ivanov goes along with the Indian military.

Indian general awards Indian and Russian military personnel, the face of Ivanov.

Ivanov among the Russian and Indian military posing for a photographer.

A Russian officer monitors the exercise.

Ivanov watches demonstration performances of Russian paratroopers.

Landing of a Russian paratrooper with the flag of the Russian Federation.

The plot of the sports competitions of service dogs.

Video news: competitions of service dogs at the training ground near Novocherkassk.

Training of the dog to detain the violator.

A competition to stop a dog's attack on an object.

Cynologist Sergey Shipilov talks about the methods of training service dogs (synchronously), releases it on a conditional violator.

Dog handlers with dogs on the parade ground.

The story of the dog Destrida, who discovered caches and warehouses with weapons in Chechnya.

Performance of tasks by dogs included in the all-around program.

The teacher of the Department of Cynology of the Perm Military Institute, Sergey Bochkarev, talks about the tasks assigned to the dogs participating in the competition, about the uniqueness of the competition (synchronously).

Trainer Eduard Prostikhin works with the German Shepherd Jack, tells the story of Jack, talks about his habits and service qualities (synchronously).

Prostikhin together with Jack overcomes obstacles.

The chief judge of the competition Rim Minnigalin speaks about the qualities of female dog handlers taking part in the competition (synchronously).

Awarding the winners of the competition and their dogs.

Congratulations to the winners of the competition.

The plot is about the training of the Marine Corps in hand-to-hand combat.

Video chronicle: an instructor conducts a training session in the gym of the Training Center of the Marine Corps of the Black Sea Fleet.

Combat sambo instructor Viktor Glebov talks about the goals and objectives of hand-to-hand combat and combat sambo, demonstrates various techniques, explains the actions of the fighters.

Video chronicle: a service at the Orthodox Church of St.

John the Baptist on the Greek island of Corfu during a visit to the island by the large landing ship "Azov".

The crew of the ship takes part in the procession.

The Governor of Corfu, G. Mahimaris, delivers a speech dedicated to the memory of Admiral Ushakov.

Russian sailors lay a wreath at the monument to Ushakov, a gun salute thunders.

Fragment of the x / movie "Ships storm the bastions".

Seascape, view of the fortress on the island.


Russian Marine Corps parade in Corfu.

Historian V. Ganichev speaks about the personality of Admiral Ushakov (synchronously).

View of the fortress in Corfu.

Fragment of the x / movie "Ships storm the bastions".

Discussion at the international forum "Russian National Doctrine".

Forum participants during the next meeting.

Russian Russian Doctrine "guest in the studio - Deputy head of the administration of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug V. I. Sarafanov talks about the reasons for the appearance of the "Russian Doctrine", the creation of a national model of the state, the main idea of the doctrine, the revival of national spiritual values, the work on the" Russian Doctrine " and its content.


Ivanov Sergej Borisovich -- state, political and military leader

Calendar: 30.10.2005

Locations: Moscow [820]

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