To die in Madrid (1963)

Documentary №87218, 9 parts, duration: 1:21:48
Production: Misc
Director:Frederik Rossif, Aljber Nobler
Screenwriters:Frederik Rossif, Madlen Shapzalj
Camera operators:Zhorzh Barski
Composers:Moris Zharr
Anouncers:Syuzann Flon, Zhermen Montero, Rozhe Mollen, Zhan Vilar
Sound producer:Rene Reno
Other authors:Syuzann Baron, Mari-Sofi Dyubua


The film tells about the political struggle and Civil war in Spain in the period 1931-1939.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The peasants on mules going to the field work.

Spanish countryside, panorama of a field with sheep grazing on it.

Farmers plow the land on their plots.

Houses and other structures in a Spanish village in the early 1930s.

List of Catholic churches and monasteries.

Demonstrations and street processions in Spanish cities during the 1931 elections and the abdication of the king.

Triumphant participants of the demonstration.

Panorama of the rally in the city square (top), the speaker speaks from the podium.

Faces of rally participants listening to the speaker.

Speeches by representatives of various political parties at rallies, participants of rallies applaud the speakers.

Meetings in rural areas and industrial enterprises.

Dispersal of demonstrations in cities of Spain and Catalonia, mounted police push back demonstrators, police beat with batons.

Detention of a demonstrator in Seville.

A search of the detained participants of demonstrations.

Troops on the streets during the Asturian uprising in 1934.

Falangists and civil guards in position.

Fights with miners for Oviedo and Chiron.

Artillery bombardment of the rebels by troops.

Consequences of shelling, broken buildings.

Panorama of the residential quarter after the shelling.

Interior view of the destroyed Church.

The face of General F. Franco.

Election posters of the People's and National front on the walls of buildings.

Voting at polling stations.

Types of solemn demonstration on the occasion of the victory in the elections of the Popular front.

Demonstration of supporters of the Popular front.

Faces of participants in the demonstration.

Entrance to a Church damaged by an explosion as a result of a terrorist attack.

Rallies at damaged churches and destroyed newspaper offices.

Bonfires and fires in the streets of cities.

The regimental priest blesses the soldiers.

Soldiers during the sermon.

A Catholic Bishop speaks to supporters of The Spanish phalanx.

Women kneeling and praying.

Portrait of the leader of the right-wing faction in the Spanish Cortes Calvo Sotelo.


Franko Fransisko -- Spanish military and statesman

Calendar: 1963

Locations: Spain [205] Madrid [873]

Seasons: Summer [824] Spring [825]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Portrait Of Calvo Sotelo.

Panorama of the meeting room of the Spanish Parliament-Cortes.

Photograph of the corpse of Calvo Sotelo.

Residents of Madrid sit on benches near trees (above).

View of an empty street cafe in Madrid (top).

Republican militias receive weapons after the announcement of the Franco mutiny on July 18, 1936.

Republicans in position on the barricade.

The soldiers of the Republic's police are gun fire from behind the barricades.

Street fights between Republicans and Falangists.

Falangists lead a captured Republican.

Gendarmes and Falangists conduct captured Republicans through the streets of the city.

Supporters of the Falangists are being shot.

Photo of the shooting.

Corpses of the executed.

View of the area littered with corpses (top).

Women weep over the bodies of relatives who were shot.

Landscapes of Granada, fountains and trees in the Park.

Trees bend in the wind.

Portrait of the executed Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca.

Spanish peasants in a field near straw huts.

Views of a Spanish mountain village, a shepherd drives a herd up the road.

Everyday life of Spanish peasants, women are engaged in farming.

People from the balconies of houses greet the Republican division passing along the city street.

Men and women walk along the road, holding hands.

Women in the back of a passing truck.

Views of the ancient fortress on the hill.

Panorama of part of the fortress wall.

Interior view of the fortress.

Franco and falangist officers proclaim slogans at rallies in Seville.

Residents of Seville welcome the Falangists.

Faces of women supporters of the Spanish phalanx.

Adults and children raise their hands in a Nazi salute.

The procession of the Phalangists.

Faces of the soldiers of the gendarmerie of the guard.

Night Catholic procession in the streets of the city in support of the Spanish phalanx.

Robes and masks on the faces of the participants of the procession.

Pass the participants of the procession in white cassocks, masks and pointed caps.

Participants in the procession carry a crucifix.

Faces of men carrying the statue of Christ, types of statues.

Dolores Ibarruri speaks at a rally.

Participants of the rally welcome Ibarruri.

Types of meeting (top).

Demonstrations and demonstrations of Republicans in Madrid and other cities of Spain.

Participants in the demonstrations go with their hands raised and clenched into a fist.

The Phalangists kiss the flag.

Units of Falangists and Moroccans March through the streets of Seville.

Republican militias are undergoing military training.

Faces of adults and children during exercise.

Training in combat techniques with weapons.

Faces of the Republican army soldiers.

Armed Republicans on trucks and buses pass through the streets of Madrid.

Units of the Republican army in trucks follow in a fighting position to pass Somosierra.


Franko Fransisko -- Spanish military and statesman Ibarruri Gomes Dolores -- the Spanish political activist and revolutionary

Calendar: 1963

Locations: Spain [205] Madrid [873]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The shield on the road with the name of the pass Somosierra.

Republican artillery is firing at the enemy.

Panorama of the area in the shell bursts (top).

The Republican infantry is attacking.

Marines climb to a height, a view of the height.

A Republican unit is attacking the hill.

Rifle divisions conduct rifle and machine-gun fire.

Panorama of rocks on the pass.

Republicans are firing at the enemy, the faces of the Republican militia.

Rifle units are on the attack.

View of the battlefield on one of the sites.

Children sit on the bare ground.

Republican militia fighters shoot back from behind a stone wall in the area of Badajoz.

The Republicans and the Falangists are fighting for Irun.

Refugee women and children run across the bridge to the French border to escape the shelling.

Panorama of the beach in Biarritz.

tourists look at the Spanish side through a telescope.

The panorama of the burning of the settlement.

Men's faces.

A phalanx unit passes through the locality they captured.

Falangists celebrate the victory, the faces of soldiers and officers.

Panorama Of Toledo.

View of the fortress in Toledo.

Soldiers of the fortress garrison at combat posts.

View of the Tagus river from the fortress.

Republicans fire from behind barricades and stone fences during the battle for Toledo.

The arrows take up a position on the tiled roof.

Grenade throwers throw bundles of grenades from a sling at the enemy, a view of a burning city block.

Faces of Republican fighters.

Sappers break through a brick wall with pickaxes.

Officers at the command post.

The explosion of the Alcazar.

Street fighting in Toledo and in the Alcazar area, soldiers in positions among the ruins of houses.

Conducting artillery fire on the strongholds of the nationalists and Republicans.

View of the dilapidated Alcazar.

Soldiers of Franco's army at the walls of the Alcazar, freed from the siege.

Franco congratulates the defenders of Alcazar on September 27, 1936.

Spanish flag over the ruins of the Alcazar.

Map of the fighting in Spain in July-September 1936, territories occupied by francoists and Republicans.

Portrait of Franco on the facade of a building in Burgos on October 1, 1936.

Franco comes out of the city Cathedral, responds to greetings.

Franco welcomes the rally participants from the balcony.

Franco shakes hands with officers and officials.

Franco at the table during a meeting in the mayor's office of Burgos.

Parade of Italian troops going to Spain to help General Franco.

Meeting a Soviet ship with military cargo on the approach to the port.

View of the aft part of the steamer "Zyryanin".

A flag with the inscription "Karl Marx" is flying.


Franko Fransisko -- Spanish military and statesman

Calendar: 1963

Locations: Spain [205]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Condor Legion bombers are on a mission.

View of city blocks (top).

View from the Navigator's cabin during landing at the airport.

Italian soldiers in the ranks at the airport.

The arrival in Spain of the International brigades fighters.

A battalion of one of the International brigades is moving along the road to Madrid.

Panorama of the center and neighborhoods of Madrid (top).

A banner with the slogan "Will not pass!" over one of the streets of Madrid.

Construction of defensive structures and firing points on the streets of Madrid.

The people of Madrid to dig trenches.

Soldiers of International brigades occupy one of the trenches.

Republican army soldiers in a trench waiting for the enemy to attack.

Interior view of the trench with the commander's dugout.

Watchman on duty.

Republican infantry and cavalry units are moving into position.

A column of buses with the personnel of the Republican divisions passes by.

A convoy of troops of the francoist General Mola on a city street before the start of the offensive on Madrid.

Officers at the command post.

Francoist artillery in the firing position, waiting for the command to open fire.

The artillery of Franco's troops begins artillery preparation, firing at the Republican positions near Madrid.

Republican and francoist troops are fighting near Madrid, types of battlefield.

The infantry is attacking.

The Republicans are firing guns at the enemy.

Episodes of the battle.

Types of University campus.

One of the fighters of the International brigades took up defensive positions in the University building.

Francoists and Republicans are firing.

Conducting artillery fire on the destroyed building.

Residents of Madrid in queues in the rain.

Refugees are driven through the streets of the city carts with property.

Evacuation of children.

Faces of children being evacuated.

Mothers say goodbye to their children at the train station.

People on the streets of Madrid hear an air RAID alarm.

People are running to bomb shelters.

Trams abandoned by passengers.

View of an empty street in Madrid.

Views of Madrid's neighborhoods during the air RAID (top).

Adults and children in bomb shelters, the faces of women and children.

Extinguishing fires after the end of the air RAID.

Types of burning buildings.

People are fleeing from fires.

Removing the wounded from the rubble.

Children leave the ruins of their home.

Pilots and air shooters take their seats in the aircraft.

Air battles in the sky of Spain, burning planes fall.

Calendar: 1963

Locations: Spain [205] Madrid [873]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Soldiers of one of the International brigades are marching through the streets of Madrid to battle positions.

Faces of the fighters.

Francoist troops are moving to positions in the Hurama valley.

The battalions of the International brigades begin a counterattack Franco's divisions.

The infantry takes up firing positions.

Attack is a strategic height.

Dashes on the battlefield.

The machine-gun crew of the Republicans takes a position, opens fire.

Machine gunners are firing at the enemy.

A lonely tree on a rock in the valley of Khuram.

Landscapes of the Khurama valley.

View of the Republican-controlled part of the road to Madrid.

Francoist armored vehicles and artillery make a March during a detour on March 8, 1937.

A platoon of cyclists passes by.

Italian motorcyclists make a March.

Italian Legionnaires go on the attack.

Fighting in the front under Guadaljara.

Marines of Enrique Lister's Republican division in trucks go to the front line.

A tank unit under the command of General Pavlov D. G. makes a March.

Armored vehicles are moving to the line of attack.

The international brigade attacks with the support of tanks.

Episodes of combat operations, the attack of the Republican infantry.

View of the valley after the battle with the Italians near Guadalajara.

Faces of captured Italians.

A column of captured Italians is moving through the streets of the city.

Diplomats gather for a meeting, enter the building.

Leon Blum speaks from the podium during a meeting of the League of Nations.

Hitler A. welcomes the participants of the rally from the balcony.

Demonstration in the USSR, Stalin I. V. welcomes the participants of the demonstration.

President of the United States Roosevelt F. D. in a chair on the lawn in front of the house playing with a dog.

B. Mussolini speaks at a regular rally in Rome.

Participants of the rally greet Mussolini.

The Prime Minister of great Britain N. Chamberlain lying down on the porch of the building.

Participants in the meeting of the Committee to resolve the Spanish issue go to the meeting.

View of the area around Seville (top).

View of the road with the advancing troops of the francoists (top).

Italian troops on the March.

Franco conduct artillery fire on strong points of the Republicans.

General Franco's troops are moving through the streets of Seville.

Capture of one of the Republican fighters.

Rally of Franco's supporters in Seville.

Francoist car patrols on the streets of Seville.

View of the deserted streets of Seville.

Three men are leaning on the parapet, looking into the water.

Faces of elderly women and men.

Parade of Franco in Seville.

Photos of the Spanish philosopher, rector of the University of Salamanca, Miguel de Unamuno.

Panorama and views of the fascist rally at the University.

Photo Of Unamuno.


Blyum Andre Leon -- French statesman and politician Joseph Stalin [842] -- statesman and politician Gitler Adoljf -- German statesman and politician Ruzveljt Franklin Delano -- American statesman and politician Mussolini Benito -- Italian statesman and politician Chemberlen Artur Nevill -- British statesman and politician

Calendar: 1963

Locations: Spain [205] Madrid [873] Berlin [821] Rome [874] London [870]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826] Spring [825]

Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Photos of the Spanish philosopher, rector of the University of Salamanca, Miguel de Unamuno.

Mountain landscapes of the Basque Country (panorama).

Units of the national police of the Basque Country are held in front of President Aguirre.

Ski battalion on parade.

The Basques during the field mass.

Construction of a tree-earth defensive structure (DZOS).

Transportation of ammunition in a cart drawn by oxen.

Basque Republican units are fighting against the francoists.

The infantry occupies one of the villages.

Basque Militia units are advancing under enemy fire to new lines of attack.

Panorama of the village during the battle.

Francoist troops make a March.

The bombers of the Legion Condor dropped bombs.

Fires as a result of air raids.

Putting out fires.

Panorama and views of burning buildings and industrial enterprises.

People who lost their homes on the street.

Monument to the victims of the bombing of Guernica on April 26, 1937.

Trees and landscapes in the vicinity of Guernica.

Fascist planes over Guernica.

People on the streets of the city.

Victims of the Guernica bombing.

Panorama of the ruined quarter of Guernica.

Buildings that were completely destroyed during the air RAID.

Corpses of adults and children.

People on the platform at the station.

Parents kiss their children goodbye before evacuating.

The children go along on the platform.

The parents behind the fence look after them.

Long-term defensive structures at the front in the Basque Country.

Panorama of part of the fortifications in the Bilbao area.

Francoist heavy artillery is firing at Basque positions.

Clouds of shell bursts on the Republican positions.

The fighting between the departments of Franco and the Basque Police.

Machine gunners are firing.

Shooting tracer ammunition.

First aid to the wounded.

Evacuation of the wounded to the rear.

Views of the destroyed neighborhoods of Bilbao, the Republicans change their positions.

The bodies of Basques who died in battle and lying in the trench.

Photo of a solemn prayer service in honor of the francoist victory over the Basques.

Basque prisoners are led to execution (photo).

Crucifixion in one of the Catholic churches.

Moroccan units on the March.

Italian soldiers walk through the streets of captured Santander.

Moroccans on the streets of gijón.

View of the destroyed building.

Rural landscape.

Tiled roofs of houses.

Republican fighters in position.

Republicans repel the francoist attack.

Fighting in the forest.

Francoist artillery is firing, the Republican unit is retreating.

The francoist infantry is advancing towards the locality.

Panorama of the part of the village that is being fought for.


Agirre Hose Antonio -- Spanish Basque politician

Calendar: 1963

Locations: Spain [205]

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824]

Reel №7

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Houses damaged by street fighting in Brunet (panorama).

Views of city streets with destroyed buildings.

The Republican troops are retreating in the direction of the fortress of Belchite.

Republican soldiers walk along the side of the highway.

Views of the Belchite fortress from the car window.

Installation of artillery pieces in firing positions.

Soldiers of the International brigade are moving through the streets of the city they occupied.

Sign of the Spanish phalanx on the wall of the house.

Wounded and captured francoists walk through the streets of the destroyed Belchite.

Members of the Republican government arrive for a meeting in Valencia.

Persons of members of the Council of Ministers.

Speeches by members of the government from the rostrum, view of the meeting room.

General Miaha at a rally in Madrid.

President of the government of Catalonia Companis during the rally.

President of the Basque country Aguirre among the military at the car.

Republican soldiers are being driven and herded sheep.

The soldiers of the Republican army in the agricultural and in the classroom for literacy.

A man writes on a blackboard with chalk.

A young man writes a slogan in paint on the door.

Entrance to the headquarters of the party of the left.

Soldiers read Newspapers.

Types of meetings and marches of anarchists.

Pass the participants of the demonstration of Communists and socialists.

Types of Communist rally in Madrid, speakers speak from the podium.

People in the streets greet the Republican army soldiers who are going to storm Burgos.

Republican tanks and infantry in winter conditions March and advance to positions before attacking Teruel.

The infantry is rifle fire.

Franco go to the counter.

Snow-covered guns and corpses of soldiers killed in battle.

Republican tanks on the mountain road.

Fighting at Teruel, panorama of the battlefield in January 1938.

Soldiers lying down on a flat place, firing.

Fighting on the streets of the city.

Panorama of Teruel occupied by the Republicans.

The infantry and tanks of the Italian troops are regrouping for a new offensive on Teruel.

Street fighting in Teruel, soldiers dashing to change positions.

View of the Catholic Church destroyed in the fighting.


Agirre Hose Antonio -- Spanish Basque politician Kompanis Luis -- Spanish and Catalan politician Miaha Hose -- Spanish military commander

Calendar: 1963

Locations: Spain [205]

Seasons: Autumn [826] Winter [823]

Reel №8

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama of Teruel captured by the francoists.

Francoist banner on the bell tower of the Catholic Cathedral in February 1938.

Map of Spain with the designation of areas of combat and territories occupied by the francoists and Republicans (animation).

Retreating units of the Republicans.

Francoist troops March on Vinaros.

Soldiers of Franco's troops go to the seashore, stop, raise their hands in a fascist salute, standing in the water.

Panorama of the walls of a broken building with empty window openings.

A farmer harvests manually with a sickle.

Faces of the fighters of the International brigades.

Fighters of the International brigades in the ranks.

Republican cavalrymen in the saddle.

International brigades and Republican units are sent to the front for an offensive in the area of the Ebro river.

Republicans take boats and carry them to the water.

Crossing the river by Republican divisions.

Type of crossing.

Artillery bombardment of francoist positions, shell bursts.

Republican attack through wire fences.

Dead soldiers fall.

Units of Enrique Lister's Republican division occupy a bridgehead on the river Bank and attack in the direction of Gander.

The destruction of wire entanglements.

The Republicans are firing machine-gun fire.

The machine-gun crew is in position.

Infantry attacks the enemy under fire.

Storm the heights.

View of the stormed height.

Republican infantry attack.

Tanks come to the line of attack, panorama of the front section.

Tanks are going to attack.

One of the tanks breaks off from a sandy ridge and turns over.

Wrecked tanks of the Republicans.

Faces of soldiers of International brigades standing in the ranks.

View of the rally on the occasion of seeing off the soldiers of International brigades before leaving for their homeland (top).

Views of the Avenue in Madrid, along Which international brigades are moving (above).

Pass women and children with flowers in their hands.

Spaniards see off the fighters of International brigades, women kiss the departing fighters.

Seeing off at the station, the faces of Spaniards.

The train passes by the stations, people at the stations greet the departing internationalist fighters.

Landscape outside the car window.

Drill review in one of the units of the francoists.

Training in drill techniques and shooting called up to the troops of the Franco reservists.

Loading bombs into the plane's bomb Bay.

The air screw rotates.

View of the bridge over the river (top).

The collapse of the bridge spans after the explosion of an air bomb.

Bombs exploding on the positions of the Republicans.

Aircraft bombed the town and the position of the infantry.

Frankish cavalry gallops to the attack, out on the plain.

Cavalry cross the bridge during the fighting in Catalonia.

The citizens of Barcelona welcome the incoming troops of Franco and passing officers and generals.

Rally in Barcelona in honor of the victory of Franco's troops.

Calendar: 1963

Locations: Spain [205]

Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825]

Reel №9

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Disarming Republicans captured in the fighting in Catalonia, prisoners stand at the wall with their hands raised.

Faces of captured Republicans.

The Republicans are under the arms of the wounded and exhausted comrades.

Columns of Republican prisoners are being escorted.

View of one of the columns of prisoners.

Women and children, fearing reprisals from the francoists, leave their homes.

Refugees go to the French border.

People walk on snow-covered paths in the Pyrenees, carrying bales of things, children wrapped in blankets.

Exhausted and frozen child warms up by the fire.

A man warms the girl's feet.

Faces of women and children.

Francoist units March along the roads.

Francoist division on the Spanish-French border.

Distribution of bread and canned food to people from the truck.

Women and old people stretch their hands.

Old people get bread.

Catalan children in the dining room pray before lunch.

Children eat while sitting at tables.

Children get up after lunch and raise their hands in a fascist salute, turning towards the portrait of Franco.

The remnants of the Republican army are marching in trucks.

The faces of Franco soldiers walking along the road.

Residents of Madrid welcome Franco's troops entering the city on may 27, 1939.

People raise their hands in a fascist salute.

Panorama of the building, people standing on the balconies.

Panorama of one of the squares of Madrid, filled with people greeting the francoists.

Franco on the podium.

Military parade in honor of the capture of Madrid.

View of the parade (top).

Hitler, Goering and von Richthofen bypass the formation of the Condor Legion.

Panorama and view of the square in Paris with built-in it for the parade of German troops in 1940.

Empty streets and houses of Spanish villages and cities.

Views and panorama of the cemetery.

Spanish landscapes, trees in the fog.

A peasant is walking along the road with a hoe on his shoulder.


Franko Fransisko -- Spanish military and statesman Gitler Adoljf -- German statesman and politician Gering German -- German statesman and politician Rihtgofen Voljfram fon -- German military commander

Calendar: 1963

Locations: Madrid [873] Spain [205] Paris [850]

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824]

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